Saturday, April 11, 2009

Affordable adoption? How about FREE?

It's often been said that those of us fortunate enough to have given birth couldn't afford to have adopted our own children. Well, the state of Arkansas wants to match the kids in foster care with loving families.

FREE Adoptions!!?!:

1. Contact your local CALL office, or DHS office (if the CALL is not yet set up in your county).

2. File a background check and begin filling out the adoption/ foster packet, completing all tasks listed.

3. Attend Foster/ Adopt Pride classes through local CALL (2 weekends) or DHS (1x per week for 10 weeks).

4. Attend CPR/ First Aide training class. (1 Saturday)

5. Let your local CALL or DHS know you are ready for your homestudy.

Now you are ready for DHS to match you with a waiting child!!

There are approximately 500 children in Arkansas foster care (all range of races and ages) right now, ready for adoption.

If this works to get Arkansas kids out of foster care and into loving families, maybe, God willing, other states will follow suit. Adoption shouldn't be limited to those families with funds enough to pay tens of thousands of dollars for the process.


Anonymous said...

It seems outrageous that it should cost so much to adopt a child. It should be free.

Rachael C. said...

Indeed, there are some who would compare adoption to selling children, for the outragious cost of the adoption process and to adopt the child. There are also some, who find the potential adoptive parents well-intentioned, paying for the car of the birth mother during pregnancy to be comparible to bribing her. How do we respond?

Katie said...

Free adoption would be wonderful. Adoption is something my husband and I would like to pursue in the future, but the cost is just too much for working class families.

And, the pro-aborts want free abortions, why can't we have free adoptions?

Lauren said...

This is great! Do you have to live in Arkansas to qualify?

David said...

your news and writing here is a blessing. Thank you for your time spent here

army_wife said...

That sounds like a great program! I also hope other states will follow. It is rediculous that adoptions cost so much. I know that lawyers have to make a living, too, but perhaps some of them could donate a little time to help out? It would be a great help to the children if the doors were opened for regular folks (as opposed to the well-off) to adopt.

I am also interested in whether you have to be an Arkansas resident to qualify for the free adoption program. Does anyone here know the particulars of that situation?

Amy said...

I was always a proponent of funneling money from Planned Parenthood into making adoption affordable.

But this seems so much more sensible. I want to adopt, would adopt, if we didn't have to plunk down 10K plus to do so.

L. said...

Isn't Arkansas the state that bars single people and unmarried couples (and of course gay couples) from fostering/adopting children?

Arkansas only wants to match the kids in foster care with certain kinds of loving families.

Mistress Noire said...

Would be nice to adopt for free exp for those of us are unable to have kids of our own because of infertility, there is so many kids who need homes

Mellissa Radtke said...

My husband and I can't have children and cannot afford the costs of adoption either. We both love and want children desperately. It feels like something is missing from our lives without a child. I would like to adopt an older child especially since I grew up feeling unloved and unwanted and really understand the plight of the older kids. (My husband grew up in terrible children's homes in east Berlin too after being abused and neglected by his parents.) After so many years go by without being chosen by a family they begin to feel hopeless and worthless. 15 years later and I still remember...