Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Updates: 40 Days for Life, Adult Stem Cells, and more

Latest 40 Days for Life Pro-Life Campaign Ends, Abortion Centers Close as Result: "During this campaign, 40 Days for Life received reports of 389 babies whose lives were saved from abortion. "There are undoubtedly others that we don't know about as well and we're aware that many appointments were canceled when several clinics closed unexpectedly on days when abortions are normally scheduled," Carney explained. Abortion centers in Austin, Texas and Kalispell, Montana either cut back hours or closed for entire days during the campaign. In other cities, the number of women seeking abortions declined sharply. This time, the 40 Days campaign also included an effort to help women who are suffering from past abortions."

For Patients Seeking Cures, Adult Stem Cell Research Industry is Blossoming: "Non-controversial adult stem cells hold great hope for successful treatments and potential cures. In recent years these cells have provided therapeutic benefits to human patients for 70+ diseases and conditions. .... Stem cells as commercial products have demonstrable therapeutic value in 15 medical markets, according to Young’s analysis, such as heart muscle repair, nerve regeneration and diabetes treatment. .... Dallas Hextell ... was diagnosed at eight months with cerebral palsy, which has no known cure. ... He was accepted in a clinical trial at Duke University in July 2007 and was among the first in the country to be intravenously infused with his own cord blood stem cells to induce healing in his brain. Soon after his procedure Dallas’ parents began noticing improvements. Today, with the help of therapists, Dallas is doing things no one thought possible. He runs, he laughs, and he’s beginning to talk."

Pregnant Teens May Get Private Care, ND House Says: "Legislation in the North Dakota House gives pregnant teenagers the right to get limited prenatal medical care without telling their parents. .... The measure says a pregnant girl who is younger than 18 may get prenatal care during the first three months without getting permission from her parents. One private prenatal visit is also allowed when the teenager is in the second or third trimester of her pregnancy. The legislation does not allow a young girl to get an abortion without her parents` consent." (On the one hand, it's bad that we're moving more and more toward shutting parents out. On the other hand, it's refreshing that we're giving girls some option other than abortion without involving their parents. This will at least buy the girls some time while they work up the courage to tell their parents. But I'd prefer some provision that refers the girls to counselors who will help them spring the news, rather than just providing secret care.)


Kathy said...

Re: pregnant teens -- I see this as a tremendous help for girls whose parents may pressure them into having an abortion! While I wish all parents would forbid their daughters to have abortions, and make it difficult if not impossible for them to kill their babies/grandbabies, you've posted enough stories in the past few months of parents who have coerced or forced their daughters (or sons' girlfriends) into having an unwanted abortion to make me realize that it is not an isolated phenomenon.

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Anonymous said...

The 40 days for life has been a great success.