Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inside the Abortion Mill: Video for those with strong stomachs


What happens inside an abortion mill? This video was evidently intended to generate great sympathy for the women and for the abortion staff but it shows something that you'd never expect to see from such a video -- the aborted baby. You can clearly see a hand, an arm, a leg and foot, and the baby's mangled face. The doctor holds the foot against a measure to verify gestational age. Often the final cost of the abortion is based on the size of the baby's foot.

So look at the results of an abortion. What is worth buying at this cost?

And listen to the women. These women ended up on the abortion table because they made very bad choices about sex. And then what? An abortion to return them to the same dismal, unsatisfying, dead-end relationships? Where's the great victory in that? What is there to celebrate in any of this?

What you see in this video is what people are marching to CELEBRATE when there is a "prochoice" rally. Miserable, demoralized women having their babies pulled out in bloody pieces. Ain't choice great?

And for those of you who say, "Well, that particular fetus was a 20-weeker! Most abortions are done earlier!" I have two things to say:

1. Notice that the woman's reason for ending up on an abortion table at 20 weeks is "the age that I am and the things that I still need to do". Not grave health problems. Not a baby that's got severe health problems. Just the same reasons women give for having those nice, palatable 8-week abortions.

2. Go check out these pictures of embryos and fetuses of the more palatable, "It's just a blob of tissue" stage of pregnancy. Is shredding them when they're smaller really less nasty?


army_wife said...

Hmm, the video was removed due to "terms of use violations" apparently. Isn't that convenient? It actually shows what abortion really is, so I guess it is so politically incorrect that it must go. Wasn't it actually a PRO-abortion video though? That's unusual. I would expect a pro-abortion video to stay posted.

Sarah said...

what was it called, where was it originally broadcast?