Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who would hate a mother and child?

Myah has had to take down her email address at her blog about her baby, Faith, because of hate mail. It seems that just as Sarah Palin's love for little Trig unleashed a torrent of "How dare a mother lover her child unconditionally! Mother love is a disease! Abortion cures it!", Myah has been subject to the same sort of abuse.

I want to hunt these people down, one by one, and publicly expose them for the hateful scum that they are.

It seems that there is one hate crime the hardcore pro-abortion folks love: Attacking mothers who love their children no matter what. And there's one kind of prejudice they're proud to have: Prejudice against people with disabilities. And there's one kind of diversity they can't tolerate: People who make them uncomfortable.

And if you want an idea of the kind of hate Myah encounters, check this out. You have to be in a dark place when love brings out that kind of ugly in you.


Kathy said...

This is horrible!

It's bad enough for these people to think this stuff, or to say it to others, but to have the extreme gall to email Myah to make sure she knows of their hatred is unspeakably vile!

I've emailed her through f/b, to let her know that she does have strangers who are friends -- that not everyone she encounters thinks so badly about her and her baby.

When I posted about this on my blog, a L&D nurse responded that mother and child were "amazing", and expressed surprise that the baby had lived as long as she has. It saddens me that this experienced nurse did not realize that some of these babies do survive the neonatal period, but I trust that she will use this knowledge to help other mothers down the road who may have this diagnosis.

Amy said...


I'd like to find her on FB as well...but I never e-mailed her previously and don't know if I can find her.

I can't believe this. I see nothing but a mother who wants to love her child, and a baby doing remarkably well despite the odds.

The hatred our society has for people who aren't perfect is disgusting. People aren't disposable.

And I thought abortion was a MOTHER'S choice...Myah chose not to abort and to spend her time and energy loving and caring for a daughter who's been given an uncertain amount of time. But time nonetheless.

All those people are despicable, and I feel nothing but pity for them because they clearly are so miserable in their own existence they have to cut down the joy and happiness of others.

Kathy said...
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Amy said...

Okay...thanks, Kathy.

GrannyGrump said...

I removed Kathy's post because it gives Myah's last name -- I don't want to risk her attracting hateful people from here. But here is Kathy's post the last paragraph taken out. If anybody wants Myah's FaceBook profile, they can email me and I'll judge based on comments here if you're safe to refer. She's getting enough grief!

Kathy said...
Yes, it is hateful comments like those I've read about this that make me realize that many so-called "pro-choice" people are not truly pro-choice, but are only pro-abortion, or are only "pro-choice" if others make the same "choice" they would have made for themselves.

army_wife said...

Those hateful comments make me sick. I can't believe that people could be so barbaric, hateful, disgusting. SCUM is the right word for people like that. Those are the Hitlers and Ted Bundy's of the world. I can hardly believe people could be so cruel. If anyone can not be considered a real human it is these digusting dirtbags.

GrannyGrump said...

The thing I try to focus on -- for we are told to pray for our enemies, and unless I focus on this I can't do it -- is how dark and sad it must be to be them, if they recoil so violently from the sight of love.

Katie said...

Awful. Shame on them.

Lilliput said...

Cery interesting post Christina thank you - I really enjoyed reading about Baby Faith. I too am a little surprised to hear about all the backlash however I imagine their concerns are about the fact that they are not comfortable for limited resources to be spent on a child who is likely to die while other living children are in such need.

My questions to the mother wouldbe the following:

If Faith had to survive to adulthood - would she be able to support her with her 24/7 needs and what would be her quality of life?

Was she working before giving birth and does she have insurance or medicaid? This is something that readers of this blog seem to be completely against - so I don't know why they find it suitable for this occasion?

If she is such a religious Christian, where is her husband?

Maybe you guys know the answers as you are friendly with her?

GrannyGrump said...

Lil, I say we judge a society by how we treat the weakest and must vulnerable among us. We spend billions of dollars a year on candy. What does it say that some of those gum-chewing chocolate-munchers begrudge a baby some medicine?

Amy said...

I imagine their concerns are about the fact that they are not comfortable for limited resources to be spent on a child who is likely to die while other living children are in such need.That's such a straw man argument. They're not concerned with other children "in need" - for they think other kids "in need" should end up the same way as Baby Faith...aborted. There's so much wasteful spending in government, so to argue that Baby Faith is a "waste" of resources is a weak argument, at best.

If Faith had to survive to adulthood - would she be able to support her with her 24/7 needs and what would be her quality of life?"Had to survive"? Why is this even a question and why is it WE feel that "quality of life" is more important than life itself? It's clear her mother is willing to raise her...she's not making YOU, or anyone else, spend time with her child, so what is it of YOUR business if Myah is willing to devote her life to her child?

Was she working before giving birth and does she have insurance or medicaid? This is something that readers of this blog seem to be completely against - so I don't know why they find it suitable for this occasion?Again, there are justifiable applications for government aid. As Christina said, a society's civility is measured by how we care for those most in need. This does NOT mean aborting/euthanizing those who are disabled, but providing resources for them and their families.

If she is such a religious Christian, where is her husband?What a BS question. I believe she converted while pregnant...

It's real easy to not have moral failings when your moral bar is set really low. Myah made a mistake in having a child out of wedlock, perhaps, but now she should compound that by aborting her child?

What a load of hooey.

Lilliput said...

Amy, I guess I just don't understand what's actually going on in America today. You've got a President Obama who thinks exactly like you do ie We need to take money off of these chocolate eaters to give to less privaleged chocolate munchers - yes they might not do it as efficiently as your Christian Charity - but at least they do it. And again government is less bias then Christian Charities in terms of what "justifiable applications" of this money is ie how about financially helping a mother of three or four who decides to have an abortion because she cannot emotionally and physically cope with another pregnancy and having her tubes tied for free?

As for quality of life - Amy, I tell you in no uncertain words and I promise you that I'm not the only one - if I am in a situation where I am brain dead, have lost all my functionality and I cannot even communicate - please put me out of my misery. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to somebody.

I never for one moment thought that she had converted or was reborn during her pregnancy - from all the talk about Satan, spirits and evil in her recent posts she seemed a long time Christian. It isn't a stupid question at all and of course may explain her wanting to keep this baby.

My question to you would be: would you have as much compassion for a woman who had rationally decided that she didn't have the strength to complete a pregnancy and care for a baby that has very little chances of surviving and wrote a blog about her abortion?

GrannyGrump said...

Lil, she said she was baptized last Easter. So she evidently became a Christian right about the time she became pregnant -- no doubt there was a lot of turmoil in her life and she turned to God.

And the whole idea that Myah somehow inflicted Faith on the rest of us:

1. Many of us consider Faith to be a blessing. We find the unconditional love of her family and her medical team to be balm to our souls. We bless Myah for sharing this with us. The knowledge of Faith's existence, the pictures, the videos, fill us with peace and joy.

2. Faith's anencephaly is nobody's fault. Myah's choice not to kill her is not the same as a choice to inflict anencephaly on the child. My nephew, for example, looked as good as dead when he wrecked his pickup truck. Did the medics who extracted him from the wreckage instead of just shooting him like a horse with a broken leg inflict a spinal cord injury on him? No. They just responded with compassion to a man in trouble, just as Myah responded in compassion to her baby in trouble.

When the world gets to the place where the "proper" response to a sick baby is to shout, "Kill it!" then I'd say it's time for Jesus to return.

Wickle said...

Tell me again that "no one is "pro-abortion," that they just support "the right of women to control their reproductive options" or whatever ...

People are sick. I find that the internet just makes the profound sickness of people more and more obvious.

army_wife said...

As far as "wasting the government's resources" is concerned, Myah lives in Canada. Their health program is nationalized. The baby (and Mom) would have gotten government-funded health care whether the mother worked or not, and whether the baby were healthy or ill. So there should be no other "children in dire need" in Canada whom Faith is "stealing medical resources" from.

I despise the attitude that children must be killed for the convenience of their parents or because they are ill. I was born in the early 80's -- three months early. Should the doctors have left me to die because my father was a broke college student who couldn't afford to pay for my care? I sure am glad they didn't! My father loved me enough to take out loans to care for me. The doctors had enough love in their hearts to donate time to take care of me. My father finished college and paid on my medical care until I was a young teenager. Growing up knowing these things, I am shocked, disgusted, and flabbergasted at the attitudes of some in this country about premature babies (they cost too much to save, so let them die!) and "inconvenient" babies (I'm a broke college student and this will wreck my life, so abort the baby!).

And you know what? Maybe I made my dad's life more challenging. But I didn't RUIN his life. He's a highly intelligent and successful man in a very demanding field. I am proud of my dad and how hard he worked for me and I will forever be grateful that he gave me life. Apparently many dads in his situation would not have allowed their child to live, sadly.

Kathy said...


Thank you for writing this! It's the same thing I think, but it has much more power coming from you.

Lilliput said...

Army wife - your Dad is a very rare superstar - there are a lot of men who don't have any contact with their children never mind financially support them.

I bless Mayah and Faith too and wish them the best - just like I would bless and wish the best for another Mom who decided to terminate her baby because of a fatal condition. I would mourn with both of them as both will have lost a child - thats being non judgemental - and if we were all a bit more like that then I believe your Jesus will come.