Wednesday, September 07, 2011

1996: Just one victim of habitual quackery

Tanya Williamson is referred to as "Patient A" in medical board documents pertaining to her abortionist, Moshe Hachamovitch. By cross-matching details with outside sources, I was able to identify her by name.

The Cemetery of Choice page about Tanya's September 7, 1996 death provides all the sordid details: the failure to properly document risky medications, lack of proper monitoring of this anesthetized patient, failure to adequately staff the recovery room, failure to respond promptly and appropriately to signs that the patient was suffering life-threatening complications and to the subsequent cardio-respiratory arrest, use of broken and useless equipment in attempts to resuscitate her, failure to use vital and fully functioning equipment that actually was available, administration of the wrong drugs to address the emergency, and so on.

The board suspended Hachamovitch’s license, and added probationary requirements that he was to be supervised by an anesthesiologist who had no conflict of interest, that Hachamovitch maintain ACLS certification, and that he maintain at least one staffer in recovery who is ACLS certified.

Tanya was not the only victim of Hachamovitch's lackadaisical practices. Other victims I'm aware of are:
  • Luz Rodriguez, allowed to bleed to death in 1986.
  • Jammie Garcia, age 15, died a horrible death after her safe, legal abortion at one of Hachamovitch's facilities in Texas.
  • Christina Goesswein, brought to his office at 4 a.m. to treat grave complications.
  • Lisa Bardsley, bled to death on the way home from her safe, legal abortion at one of Hachamovitch's facilities in Arizona.
  • Lou Anne Herron, pleas for help unheeded as she bled to death in Hachamovitch's Arizona abortion clinic.

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