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Another collection from LOC archives

The day book March 24, 1917: "Probes Girl's Death -- Coroner Peter M. Hoffman started investigation today following death of Margaret Connors, 33 Waverly ct., telephone operator for Chicago Telephone Co. Miss Connors died at the County hospital from the effects of an alleged illegal operation."

I got a bit more information on the death of Pauline Hill.

January 6, 1916, notes the abortion death of Mrs. Nancy Hunt, 35, at Rhodes Avenue Hospital. January 6, 1917, notes that 16-year-old Agnes Groja died "supposedly of illegal operation" at St. John's Hospital. September 15, 1915 notes that the inquest into the death of Mrs. Anna Mauch continued, with evidence pointing at midwife Emilie Sarb as the abortionist. February 2, 1916, notes that police were searching for the midwife who performed the fatal abortion on Mrs. Anna Berman.

May 29, 1916, noting an investigation into the suspicious death of Mildred Hoffman of Milwaukee at the Chicago home of Miss Blanche Curley. Drs. W. J. Wick and W. D. Pennington were called before the inquest. June 12, 1916, noting the suspicious death of Jennie Aablinien. December 16, 1914, noting the suspicious death of Mrs. E. Hilliger. December 19, 1914, suspicious death of Mrs. Agnes Schaffner at Washington Park Hospital from blood poisoning.

November 28, 1913, notes the suspicious death of Mrs. Henry Bloug, with Mrs. Anna Kleckner suspected of performing the fatal abortion, and Miss Anna Gold at Englewood Hospital. The very next day, Anna's name is changed to Rose (unless sisters named Anna and Rose, living at the same address, died at the same time of illegal abortions), and Dr. C. S. Salmon is being held for manslaughter in her death. (See how much of a pain it can be to sort these things out?)

"Chance for Abortion Body to Do Some Work," September 30, 1915, wants a committee of aldermen to get to work on stamping out the abortion scourge. It also notes:

Yesterday the coroner's jury decided to continue the inquest over the body of Roselle Rockhill, an Indiana schoolgirl, who died in the Ravenswood hospital from an illegal operation. Roselle was deserted by her lover when she came to Chicago to be married. She could not face the disgrace. A midwife finished the job and the coroner's office holds the records of another tragedy.

The police are hunting for the mysterious midwife who accomplished a double murder for $35.

The man who ran away is Wilbur Swank of Bremen, Ind.
This case in the December 5, 1914 issue, is about an abortion-and-betrayal case I want to look into some more.

December 9, 1914, holds a sordid story about a doctor who arranged or performed a fatal abortion for Ruth Merriweather (apparently in Denver) while he was secretly married to a woman in Watseka, Illinois.

While we're weaving tangled webs -- December 24, 1914, George Hall was arrested on charges of extortion when Dr. W. M. Burroughs reported him for threatening to "state publicly that Burroughs caused death of wife by illegal operation."

Okay, folks. I think that's enough for one day.

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