Monday, September 05, 2011

Three children motherless and one child dead.

Today's anniversaries are all of the safe, legal variety. Click on each woman's name for more information on her death.

Jacqueline Reynolds, age 22, left a 6-year-old son motherless when she died due to inadequate oxygenation during a safe and legal abortion at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta in 1986.

It's unclear which of three abortionists is responsible for the 1987 abortion death of Iris Velazquez, age 20. She left two children motherless. One of the abortionists had been
successfully sued for the 1982 abortion death of Darlene Wood.

Deanna Bell, age 13, died of a massive Brevitol overdose in 1992 at Edward Allred's Albany Medical Surgical Center in Chicago. Her abortion was performed at a National Abortion Federation member facility by Steve Lichtenberg, a frequent presenter at NAF Risk Management Seminars. The referring hospital got a thank-you note from Lichtenberg for referring Deanna, saying that the abortion that killed her was "uneventful."

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