Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Not pregnant? No problem! We'll still abort you!

Twenty-four-year-old Synthia Dennard went to the notorious Biogenetics abortion mill in Chicago for a safe, legal abortion and tubal ligation on September 7, 1989. The surgery was performed by Inno Obasi.

Synthia began to hemorrhage during the surgery. A medical investigation later found that Obasi had "failed to summon help in a timely manner; refused to allow trained and skilled paramedics to attend to Synthia; refused to allow paramedics to transport Synthia to a hospital in a timely manner" and otherwise "allowed Synthia to bleed to death."

Synthia's survivors had to file a court order to keep the facility from destroying her records. An autopsy revealed that instead of removing a section of Synthia's fallopian tube, Obasi had removed a portion of an artery. The autopsy also revealed that Synthia, mother of two, had not been pregnant at the time of her abortion.

Arnold Bickham, one of the most infamous of the Biogenetics abortionists, actually had his medical license revoked at one point for performing abortions on women who falsely believed themselves to be pregnant. One Biogenetics patient told the Chicago Sun-Times that in the middle of performing an agonizing abortion on her, abortionist David Aberman screamed at a nurse, "This lady is not pregnant!"

It makes it a bit difficult for the abortion lobby to insist that women only submit to abortions they "need" when some of the women in question aren't even pregnant.

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