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Quick write ups.

I've been digging through online newspaper archives of Library of Congress, adding to the Cemetery of Choice. In the interests of expediency, I'm going to just jot summaries here so that they can be added as I get more information.

Doctor Held on Illegal Operation Charge - The Day Book (Chicago, Ill.), January 16, 1915

A secret tip to the coroner resulted in the arrest of Dr. C. A. Erickson of 6556 S. Green st., charged with performing an illegal operation on Miss Margaret Jennickes, 264 W. 24th st., which resulted in her death.

Mourners over the girl's body were surprised by a visit from Coroner's Physician Springer. He performed an autopsy and changed the death report from dilation of the heart to peritonitis.

Erickson when arrested denied he had performed the operation. An inquest will be held Jan. 20.
More on Margaret's death is found here.

The beginning of what might be a lengthy investigation into the death of Edna Ruth Frederickson is here.

An investigation into whether the death of Marie Lucas was due to an illegal abortion is here.

A teaser article about an anticipated crackdown on criminal abortionists, mentioning the death of
Molly Quinby, is here.

Another Illegal Operation Ends in Tragedy -- The Day Book, October 5, 1915

Another of those love affairs ended yesterday when Miss Viola Wilscan, 22, of Valparaiso, Ind., died under ether in the office of Dr. John B. Matheson of 3526 Grand blvd. The coroner's office gives an illegal operation as the cause.

Her sweetheart, Morris Cautrill, was by the bedside when Miss Wilscan passed away. Dr. W. G. French, 4401 Jackson blvd., was aiding in the operation. All three are held by the police.
The first page about a raid on a Pittsburgh criminal abortion hospital is here.

A snippet here says that Mrs. G. W. Williams was declared dead of a self induced abortion.

This summary and this one of news from Chicago say that Hazel Carr and Hazel Wilcox died from abortions. This page notes the deaths of Mrs. A. E. Engler and Mrs. Emily Broghn. The death of Mary burns is mentioned here. This page mentions rumors that Sophia Wilson died from an abortion. Other short snippets noting abortion deaths are here, here, here, and here.

Information about the apparent abortion death of Nellie Slow is here, in an article about licensing doctors and midwives to stamp out the abortion scourge.

This story of corruption involves the abortion death of Miss Termmerling.

A mystery here -- an unfrocked priest executed for the murder of Anna Aumeuller; he said she'd died from an abortion, and that this was why her body was cut up and tossed into the sea. Another creepy mystery here surrounds the death of a woman and her 15-month-old child.

The coroner's report of Chicago deaths, including illegal abortions, starts here.

This page notes that a United Presbyterian minister in Pittsburgh was convicted of performing a fatal abortion on a stenographer.

Woman Dies: Hold Doctor -- The Day Book, January 14, 1915

Dr. Arthur L. Blunt ... was held to the grand jury on a murder charge yesterday. mrs. Beulah Rehm, former moving picture actress and wife of a Blue Island brewer, told a story of an illegal oepration before she died at the Wesley hospital

Recently the woman became ill and her husband sent her to the Wesley hospital. Here the physicians becamse suspicious and, after she named Blunt, detectives were put upon the case.

Blunt was brought to her bedside just before her death and was pointed out as the guilty one.

He denies even knowing the woman.
Bed time. More to follow.

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