Sunday, September 04, 2011

How Dr. Hagenow Got Away With Murder?

I've been speculating about how notorious Chicago abortionist Dr. Lucy Hagenow was free to ply her trade, despite her penchant for killing her patients. Now, thanks to Library of Congress, I might be on to something.

"Grand Jury Investigation" is the headline in the Bemidji Daily Pioneer, May 25, 1907.

Said Chicago Police Protect Certain Doctors and Midwives

The grand jury has begun an examination into sensational charges that midwives and doctors had paid thousands of dollars "protection money" in connection with illegal surgical operations. Incidentally the jury indicted Dr. Lucy Hagenow in connection with the death of Lola Maddison of Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Hagenow was indicted on this charge a year ago, but the indictment was found technically faulty. Later Dr. Hagenow was called before the jury to testify to an interview credited to her, but later denied, that she, in common with others, had escaped trial for years by the use of "hush" money paid to a regularly organized clique of politicians and police.

More to follow as I find it.

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