Friday, August 29, 2014

Hijack PBS Celebration of Late Abortions

HT: Jill Stanek

Your tax dollars are at work as PBS airs a documentary, After Tiller, celebrating four abortionists falsely identified as the only four in America willing to snuff a baby after viability. (We know there are more; they're just not being openly celebrated -- I'm guessing because they reek a bit too much of Kermit Gosnell.)

The move is no doubt intended to turn the tide of opinion and try to undo the growing support for a ban on abortions after 20 weeks by presenting these abortions as all "tragic" but "necessary" due to maternal or fetal health problems.

So we're hijacking. Let's not let them paint killing babies as anything worth celebrating. Here are some suggested tweets based around various themes.

Theme One: Late abortions are only done under dire circumstances:

Hear Tiller say it himself: 92% of his late abortions were on healthy babies.

Theme Two: The kindest thing to do to a woman with a sick unborn child is to abort the baby

Fetal indications abortion = $$$$$ from tragedy. Perinatal hospice offers love, not exploitation.

Let the world  be one of perintal hospice, not prenatal execution.  trumps

 offers no hope. Find hope. Perinatal hospice means love. Every. Precious. Minute.

Theme Three: Lethal injections

Late abortions use the same killing drug as executions -- without the anesthesia.  
Why is lethal injection only wrong when it's done to a murderer?  

Shouldn't a sick baby get at least as much mercy as a convicted murderer?

Theme Four: Dismemberment

They show you the doctors. They don't show you what they DO.  

Read Carhart describe what he does, then tell me if he's a hero.  

Carhart testified he pulls arms off living unborn babies  

Read Carhart's own words before calling him a hero.  

Theme Five: Dehumanizing

You do know those late abortion babies are delivered into a toilet, don't you?  

NOW! Let's counter their cheerleading for abortion with cheerleading for LIFE!