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Operation Lifesaver at Not Just the Unborn

Operation Lifesaver is working to reduce railway fatalities. Over 350 people are killed a year in train mishaps. Don't let yourself or somebody you know be one of them.

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On-the-spot Reporting is for web sites and blogs that dedicate themselves to keeping tabs on a particular abortionist or facility. So far there's only ONE there, people! This isn't hard to do, and I'd be glad to help you. A blog is a spectacularly easy web site to run, for example.

Then there are some quizzes over at FunTrivia. The abortion-related ones are mine, but there's a great one on population control hysteria and another on sorting out false arguments.

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Then I have the Cemetery of Choice section, with a link to Cemetery of Choice, a randomized abortion death summary, and pictures of women and girls who lost their lives at the hands of abortionists.

I've expanded "Recommeneded Reading" to include recommended viewing as well, with the addition of the Christi's Choice video. Christi was 18 years old when Planned Parenthood referred her for a safe-n-legal abortion that left her in a vegetative state for the rest of her life. Everything there is there for a reason, not just because I like making the links over at These are really good books, folks.

Then come pictures and links for those who survived prenatal attempts on their lives.

Last but not least are three online books everybody interested in abortion should read.

I'm also open to suggestions as to what to add to the sidebar.

Cross-posts to Not Just the Unborn

I created the Not Just the Unborn blog for two reasons:

1. To show that prolifers do care about born people; prochoicers are just unaware of these concerns because they tend to only encounter us in abortion-related settings.

2. To bring people's attention to the issues in question.

So I'm gonna start posting a notice here when there's a new post at NJTU. The most recent posts:

What Happened in the Sago Mine

Clear thinking on physician-assisted suicide

Take your fingers out of your ears, people!

And another blow - literally - for "tolerance" and "diversity"

Assaulted While Protesting Abortion
Rose Mawhorter was viciously assaulted while protesting abortion across the street from Vancouver's most notorious abortion clinic. Although the story was covered by LifeSiteNews a few days after the April 7 incident, Rose has just released a video of the attack.

You can view the video here, but you might want to make sure your kids aren't in the room because the language is nasty.

This woman is in a lot of pain, but she's blaming the wrong people. Her pain was caused by the liars that told her abortion was simple, easy, and painless, and that she'd not be hurting afterward.

Why is it that so many of these women blame the people who are trying to stop others from feeling the pain they feel, instead of blaming the people who actually hurt them?

Friday, April 28, 2006

Vital Signs Blog: Pro-Abortion Vandals Finally Charged

Vital Signs Blog: Pro-Abortion Vandals Finally Charged
Dr. Sally Jacobsen, the pro-abortion English lit professor at Northern Kentucky University who led several of her students in destroying a pro-life display on the campus lawn has finally been charged with misdemeanors in the case. Six of the students have also been charged by Campbell County Attorney Justin Verst. Argues Verst: "The property was damaged... the crosses and the sign. They were thrown in the trash can. They were taken and vandalized. To me, it's pretty clear cut that's a crime."


Jacobsen and the students were all charged with criminal mischief and theft by unlawful taking, plus Jacobsen was given a third charge of criminal solicitation for inciting and leading the students in destroying the pro-life display. The theft charge is a class A misdemeanor and punishable by up to one year in jail and a $500 fine while the criminal mischief and criminal solicitation charges are class B misdemeanors and could result in 90 days of jail and a $250 fine.

Jacobsen's lawyer indicated that she intends to plead "not guilty" because she doesn't see that she committed a crime.

I guess it's unrealistic to expect any kind of remorse for vandalism from somebody who doesn't think killing an unborn child warrants remorse. If you can advocate killing with a clear conscience, not much can strike you as wrong.

Somebody was looking for jeffrey paul moskowitz eastern women's center abortion

As executive director of Easter Women's Center, Moskowitz was a co-defendant in a suit on behalf of Venus Oritz, who was left in a vegetative state after a 1993 abortion, apparently by Dr. Lieber. Venus never recovered, and died in 1998 at the age of 29.

A suit by Sally N. alleged that she underwent an abortion by Moskowitz on January 7, 1992, along with a chorionic villi sampling which seemed to be done for experimental purposes, at Eastern Women's Center. Eastern's records indicate they were aware this was Sally's 6th abortion. Sally called Eastern's hotline on the evening of January 7, reporting pain and inability to urinate. Eastern staff assured her that this was normal. Sally got angry and hung up. Later she went to a hospital, where her perforations were detected and surgically corrected through an abdominal incision. The surgical report found 200 cc of old blood and clots in Sally's peritoneal cavity, 200 cc of old blood and clots in Sally's uterus, two 1cm uterine perforations that were persistently bleeding, and a 1 cm laceration of Sally's broad ligament. Sally called Eastern's hotline after her hospitalization and told staff that as a result of their negligent care of her, and the expenses she incurred, she and her three children lost their home. Sally was left unable to care for her children and had to send them to live with different relatives. (New York County Supreme Court Index No. 105512/39)

More info on murdered abortionist

This Week in Gang Land

Police are again investigating an unsolved murder for hire, possibly contracted by retired FBI agent R. Lindley DeVecchio. Former abortionist Eliezer "Eli" Shkolnik, 52, was shot to death December 3, 1980 in the vestibule of a building his parents owned. Shkolnik had been shot in the head, and his killer left behind $1500 in cash and Shkolnik's expensive gold jewelry. The former abortionist was evidently serving as an informant in an IRS investigation into gangland activities.

Shkolnik's license had been revoked in 1976 due to conditions at his Central Women's Center. Health officials closed the facility due to allegations of flies in the operating rooms, soiled and blood-stained equipment, dirty oxygen masks and unclean recovery rooms.

Shkolnik either re-opened his facility or he had another one. Lili Dajani, a former beauty queen, had been Shkolnik's business partner and had worked as a nurse/receptionist at an abortion clinic Shkolnik had run, both before and after he'd lost his license. The two of them became lovers, and at some point, Shkolnik had transferred full ownership of the clinic to Dajani.

Dajani was also having an affair with gang boss Gregory "The Grim Reaper" Scarpa. There was evidently some sort of financial tug-of-war over the abortion clinic as well as jealousy over Dajani.

Some time before the murder, Shkolnik, and Shkolnik had moved in with his parents. Shkolnik spoke on the phone with his son, saying, “I’m finally going to get the business back.”

Other sources:

Anybody want to organize a donation campaign?

Downi Creations: These beautiful dolls can be used to educate people about Down Syndrome. Downi Creations is asking for donations so that these dolls can be donated to families with a child with Down Syndrome, or so that the dolls can be provided to medical professionals or schools.

Personally, I'd like to have one of these dolls in the arms of somebody outside every abortion clinic in America, so that women considering abortion of a child with Down Syndrome can be given a preview. Not to mention every CPC in America should have one.

Band of Angels also sells products celebrating the special beauty of children with Down Syndrome. I'd like for there to be a selection of products in every CPC and in the hands of sidewalk counselors. Band of Angels requests donations to give a packet to parents who've just learned that their child has Down Syndrome.

Band of Angels also sells beautiful developmental milestones books specific to children with Down Syndrome, with a boy version and girl version. And though they're out of stock right now, they also carry a line of baby announcement cards specific to a boy or a girl with Down Syndrome.

Please consider supporting one of these fine organizations. When I get back to Korea, I'll start a challenge to see if we can get these products into CPCs and outside the abortion mills.

Somebody was looking for Ester Pimentel

Ester Pimentel was one of the physicians sued for standing around doing nothing while Diane Watson went into cardio-respiratory arrest during an abortion.

Pimentel and her husband, Henry, were arraigned on charges of allowing a non-physician to practice medicine on public aid patients. A former employee also said that Henry Pimentel would perform surgery but sign it off as being performed by Ester for billing to public aid, including 7 abortions performed while Ester was in the Philippines. (Channel 5 News at Ten WMAQ-TV Chicago, 1989; Chicago Tribune 7-28-90, 2-8-91)
The Illinois Department of Professional Licensing has disciplinary actions on file against both Ester and Henry. Esther was put on probation in 1994 for "Alleged fraudulent billing and lack of quality of care rendered." Henry's license was suspended in 1991 for "Performed several operations in which he signed another doctor's name to the Public Aid forms because, at that time, he was not eligible to participate in the Medical Assistance Program. In addition, for approximately seven Years, he prescribed controlled substances on a non-renewed license. On May 11, 1990, he pleaded guilty to vendor fraud in Cook County." His license was restored on probation in 1994.

Blog Roundup - Bodily integrity, et al.

This one comes via LTI Blog via Jivin J: Git yer damn hands off my body, philosophically speaking

The argument the posting blogger is putting forth is nothing new. But one of the comments, by Paul W. is provocative:
My position is this: if a fetus is a person, the right of a woman to voluntarily get pregnant and her right to not give birth can’t both be absolute—or at least, she can’t have a very general, entirely absolute right to control of her own body that includes those things and other similar things.

Here’s the thought experiment: suppose that a woman could get pregnant, and stay pregnant indefinitely, while the fetus inside her did develop into an actual person. Perhaps a physically dwarfed person, the size of a baby, but developing the basic kinds of cognition and emotions that children and adults have.


Suppose this physically dwarfed, stunted person lives in its mother’s belly for decades, fully aware of who it is and where it is—it is trapped in its mother’s belly. Suppose it wants to get out and live something like a normal life, but she won’t let it. She says “it’s my vagina, and I don’t have to let you through it.”

Suppose, even, that the woman chooses to do all of this on purpose, because she likes the idea of having a helpless small person stuck inside her body for its entire life. She lives to a ripe old age of 90, at which time the person inside her has lived a full 70 years of fully aware helpless misery—and then she dies and her 70-year-old “child” dies with her—because right up to the end, it’s her body and that’s how she wants it.

In that scenario, the child is the mother’s slave—its bodily autonomy is overridden by her rights, and it lives a miserable existence its entire life at her whim.

Supposing a woman had the ability to do that, would she really have the right to?

I really don’t think so. You do not have a right to voluntarily create a person and then refuse to grant that person human rights, to the point of creating a helpless slave and keeping it in that situation indefinitely.


Again, thanks to Jivin J, I've been alerted to a great post by The Raving Atheist, CPCs and JFJs
Rep. Maloney couldn't round up any of the countless victims of CPC trickery for her press conference announcing the legislation. Apparently the ones who escaped with their lives were all busy at home abusing their unwanted, crib-bound future felons. That, or all the NARAL volunteers who had their sensibilities offended while pretending to be pregnant in prank phone calls to CPCS were in the middle of midterms.


Maloney's site still boasts the ACLU's backing. At this point, however, that information may be a little untruthful and inaccurate. The endorsement apparently wasn't vetted by the organization's full board, and looks to have been withdrawn after an outcry by civil libertarians.

But you're allowed to be untruthful and inaccurate if you have all the best of intentions, i.e. if you are supporting the abortion lobby.


The Evil CPC post is still making its way around, though it belongs on an Urban Legends site. Planned Parenthood is behind the story, and, just as a reminder of what PP does not consider worth bothering about, let's remember the women and girls who died because they trusted Planned Parenthood. Go here to remind Snopes that this is one story that needs to be investigated. If the story is true, PP supporters will be vindicated, and prolifers will crack down on the CPC in question. If it's false, maybe prochoicers ought to crack down on PP for lying.


charm1ne brings a great collection of quotes by Mother Teresa. Some of the best:
"The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between."

"We are all pencils in the hand of God."

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."


Sprucegoose lets us know that Minnesota may end public funding of abortions. Public funding of elective abortions is linked with a higher rate of complications for abortion complications in Medicaid-eligible women.

This is straight from a study from the Centers for Disease Control. They were hoping to find a rash of amateur-abortion hospitalizations and deaths:
We found no significant change in the number and proportion of publicly funded hospitalizations for complications of illegal or spontaneous abortions, but we did find a marked decrease in publicly funded hospitalizations for complications of legal abortions, from 19 (38%) to 2 (6%). (Centers for Disease Control Abortion Surveillance, 1978)


Here's a good one, from somebody who is admittedly pro-abortion: Abortion, Hubris, and Moral Trust.


Mary over at Abortion in Washington has a great post on Your Friendly Neighborhood EC Certified Provider. There's way too much to duplicate here. Go read it!

Chula Vista abortionists update

Operation Rescue - Blog Archive - Two More Abortionists Leave Troubled CA Abortion Chain
Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy ... has lost two more abortionists, leaving her troubled abortion business struggling amid scandal and legal problems.

Convicted sexual predator and abortionist Laurence Reich permanently surrendered his license ... after the Board of Osteopathy filed charges against him for sexual misconduct with patients, conviction of crime, and gross negligence. ....

Troubled abortionist and drug addict John Ramon Rivera, Jr., voluntarily quit the abortion business after a Chula Vista pro-lifer befriended him and encouraged him to stop killing. ....


The former abortionists were replaced by George Flanigan, another abortionist with a history of malpractice and other accusations.

Other abortionists associated with the clinic over the years are likewise guilty of crimes and quackery. Read the entire story.

Amateur abortion death on this date: "Daisy" Roe

In Chapter 4 of Lime 5, Mona ghost-wrote of the death of a 32-year-old California woman I'll call

We learned of Daisy's death by ordering a database run of all deaths in California that met the ICD codes for abortion. We then ordered death certificates and, where possible, autopsy reports. Daisy's death certificate is No. 90-079380. Her autopsy report from the San Bernadino County Coroner's office is number 90-2384.

Daisy was not a poor, ignorant woman. To the contrary, she was a systems analyst for a defense contractor. Daisy knew that abortion was legal and readily available. She had an appointment to abort her second-trimester pregnancy scheduled for April 30, 1990, at a local abortion clinic.

But for some reason, Daisy didn't wait for her appointment. On April 28, she allowed her boyfriend to insert a plastic tube into her uterus in a home-abortion attempt. Daisy died of complications of that abortion.

Safe-n-legal anniversary: Julia Rogers

Survivors of Julia Rogers, age 20, alleged that she underwent an abortion by Theodore Roosevelt Mason Howard at Friendship Medical Center in Chicago on April 21, 1973.

Julia's death certificate states that her death April 28 at Tabernacle Hospital was due to "bronchopneumonia and generalized peritonitis complicating extensive necrotizing endometritis and myometritis with sealed perforation."

In other words, she'd developed pneumonia complicating peritonitis; the muscle tissue of her uterus had begun to rot after a perforation.

Evelyn Dudley and Dorothy Brown also died after abortions at Friendship Medical Center.

Looking for information on murdered abortionist

Ex-FBI Agent Is Probed In Murder of a Doctor - April 27, 2006 - The New York Sun - NY News
Authorities are investigating new allegations linking a retired FBI agent, R. Lindley DeVecchio, to another gangland-style slaying carried out by Mr. DeVecchio's top echelon informant, Colombo capo Gregory Scarpa.

This killing is a little different, however, than the mob rub outs already charged to the gangster and his G-man associate. It involves a former abortion doctor who was shot to death in Queens on December 3, 1980, Gang Land has learned.

This teaser is all I can get access to. Does anybody else have any information?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Safe-n-legal anniversary: Sandra Milton

On April 27, 1990, 23-year-old Sandra Milton underwent an abortion, performed by Dr. Carl Armstrong at Toledo Medical Services in Ohio. (Armstrong is John Roe 67 in Lime 5.)

Sandra's abortion was performed at 10 a.m., and she was discharged shortly thereafter for the 90-minute drive home.

The babysitter stayed with Sandra and her three children for three hours as the young mother slipped in and out of consciousness and suffered pain and abdominal swelling. Twice the alarmed babysitter called the clinic, but was told that the symptoms were normal. The third time the babysitter called the clinic, she got no response at all, and summoned an ambulance.

Sandra was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PP verified as source of "Evil CPC" story

violettak at progressiveU blogged that she got the story from PP, and she links to a PP generate-an-outraged-email site.

I used their outraged email template to send the following message instead of the one they provide:

Stop Planned Parenthood from Deceiving Women

Planned Parenthood is currently spearheading a deceptive campaign to generate alarm against prolife pregnancy centers.

Meanwhile, PP ignores the deaths of women in their own facilities:

-- Diana Lopez, age 25, was 19 weeks pregnant when she went to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion on February 28, 2002. Before the day was over, Diana had bled to death.

-- Holly Patterson, age 18, died September 17, 2003, from sepsis caused by a fetus incompletely expelled in a chemical abortion. Holly got the drugs for the fatal abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Hayward, California, on September 10.

-- Vivian Tran was 22 years old, and died December 29, 2003, six days into the abortion process. She'd been given abortion drugs on December 23 at the Costa Mesa Planned Parenthood facility.

-- Twenty-two-year-old Nicole Williams was the third patient known to have died of abortion complications under the dubious care of Dr. Robert Crist. The others were Latachie Veal and Diane Boyd. Nichole submitted to an abortion at a National Abortion Federation member facility operated by Planned Parenthood.

We need to start holding Planned Parenthood accountable for the lies they tell and the women they kill.

Either their auto-mailer will send out the email for me, or the person who screens them for content will be exposed to something I bet he or she had never considered before: The idea that not all is sweetness and light at PP.

How AGI defines "success"

HT: Imago Dei

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate issued a press release ironically titled, Guttmacher Institute Rates California Number One in Preventing Unintended Pregnancies

You'd think that to rate #1 in preventing unintended pregnancies, you'd have, well, the fewest unintended pregnancies. But California's abortion rate is #1 in the nation, not #50.

Then how did California, with its astronomical abortion rate, manage to rate #1 in "preventing unintended pregnancies"?
The study, Contraception Counts, rated states on service availability, laws and policies, and public funding to determine which states make the greatest efforts at preventing unintended pregnancies.

So the AGI gives an A for effort, not for results. So, based on the AGI's standards, the states that are best at "preventing unintended pregnancy" are 1. California, 2. Alaska, 3. South Carolina, 4. Alabama, and 5. New York.

The lowest ranked states were: 51. Nebraska, 50. North Dakota, 49. Indiana, 48. Ohio, 47. Utah.

Let's look at how these states rank in abortion rates (abortions per 1,000 live births, a good measure of what proportion of pregnancies were intended versus unintended.) I use the CDC rankings because they're more recent, and also because they count abortions among residents, including those who travel out-of-state for their abortions:

California is -- #1. Alaska is #35. South Carolina #29. Alabama is #28. New York is #2. Average ranking: 19

So of the states that AGI thinks are best at preventing unintended pregnancy, none of them are even in the top ten of lowest abortion rates! And the two states with the highest abortion rates get ranked #1 and #5 at "preventing unintended pregnancy"!

Nebraska rates #42 in abortion rate, North Dakota #46, Indiana #38, Ohio #17, and Utah #49. So four of the states ranked "worst" at "preventing unintended pregnancy" were in the bottom 20 for abortion rates, three of them in the bottom 10, two of them in the bottom 5. Average ranking: 38

So, the worse the state is at "preventing unintended pregnancies," the lower the abortion rate.

Tell me that makes any sense.

To my thinking, the five states that are best at preventing unintended pregnancies are Colorado, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, and Arizona. These are the states with the lowest abortion rates. The states worse at preventing unintended pregnancy are California, New York, Florida, DC, and Delaware, the states with the highest abortion rates.

Would somebody please explain to me the logic that rates the state with the highest abortion rate the "best at preventing unintended pregnancies"?

Clearly, the AGI's idea of "success" is some strange, new usage of the word which I'd previously been unaware of, to paraphrase Arthur Dent.

Most Americans don't understand Roe

HT: Power Blog

A new poll measures Americans' understanding of Roe vs. Wade, from a Real Women's Voices press release:
A national poll released today ... shows that while 65 percent of Americans say they are familiar with the 1973 landmark abortion case, Roe vs. Wade, only 29 percent are able to select an accurate description of the ruling.

A breakdown of how those who claimed familiarity with Roe perceived Roe:
  • 29% Made abortion legal in essentially all circumstances throughout pregnancy
  • 18% Made abortion legal but only in the first trimester
  • 17% Made abortion legal but only in limited circumstances
  • 15% Made abortion legal but only in the first and second trimesters

So 71% of those who thought they knew what Roe did really didn't know, and 35% of those who thought they understood Roe have a major gap between what they think it is and what it actually is.

My brain hurts. Can anybody do the math and see what percent of Americans don't understand Roe, and of those, how many at least know they don't know, versus how many don't know but think they do.

(N.B. James Davison Hunter, in his meta-analysis of polls, found a strong link between confidence in one's misinformation about abortion and a strong prochoice stand. Interesting, no?)

The poll results are available here.

Welcome, S!

S made a nice long response to another post, with so much food for discussion that I decided to post it here in full. I'll break it down into paragraphs for ease of reading.
While I always been prochoice (virtually, no restrictions), I am tightening the window I think should be available, perhaps 14 weeks, although I have not finally defined my position.

I can tell you that when I went to PP for birth control (Depo, of which I took only 1 shot of) I was incredibly naive. At the time, I had no idea what the security guard was for (I was 18 and a virgin, even though prochoice, I was oblivious to clinic violence). I now realize, I guess that location performed abortions.

So, to some extent I do think abortion is an issue that people form an opinion about at a young age and stick with that opinion. Whether they are impressed by the idyllic images of championing for women's rights or the unborn, either might seem appealing.

I know that my opinion has not changed until recently, possibly as a result of being older and realizing that I don't always have to take an extreme opinion on an issue. As a teen, I saw middle ground- if it is okay for the brutalized rape victim, then it should be okay for anyone for any reason. It was only a few years ago that I realized abortions were performed after 14 weeks. It just wasn't an issue I was informed on or saw a need to be informed on.

I would very likely never get an abortion, although I have considered instances of severe defects- but I realize, if were pregnant again I likely would never consult to an ultrasound or other testing that might determine that type of thing because I am not entirely convinced of the safety of those procedures, yes even including ultrasounds, and also because say, in the case of mental retardation- I can't control or be assured that one of my already living relatives will not have an accident that might severely alter them and result in such a condition, and I certainly wouldn't advocate euthanizing them personally, so I don't think I could do it on the uterine level either.

First, welcome aboard, S!

Now to get the discussion started.

First Topic: You said, "While I always been prochoice (virtually, no restrictions), I am tightening the window I think should be available, perhaps 14 weeks, although I have not finally defined my position. .... It was only a few years ago that I realized abortions were performed after 14 weeks. It just wasn't an issue I was informed on or saw a need to be informed on."

Did you see no need for restrictions simply because you didn't realize that they were done after 14 weeks? And why 14 weeks? Do you see this as a change from not wanting a limit, or just not seeing a need for a limit?

How about other prochoice folks here: Is there a cutoff point in your thinking? If so, how did you decide on that point? Is it an absolute cutoff, or do you just want restrictions after that point?

Second Topic: I'm guessing you went to PP for Depo because you were planning to lose your virginity. How did you pick PP and depo, rather than something OTC or another provider? I lost my virginity at 18, too, but we used condoms which were available just at the corner grocery store. I think the convenience was the main selling point for OTC for me. I'd been intending to stay a virgin until marriage, but there was just too much opportunity and nobody had taught me how to "build hedges," as the saying goes, to help me to live out my convictions. I'm very regretful in retrospect. How about you?

Third Topic: You said, "As a teen, I saw middle ground- if it is okay for the brutalized rape victim, then it should be okay for anyone for any reason." I'm wondering -- did you see abortion as okay for rape victims because of anything specific that led you to believe that abortion was beneficial to rape victims, or was it just that you absorbed the freefloating "rape and incest exception"? This is a puzzler for me as to how such large portions of the prolife movement came to embrace a "rape and incest exception" when nobody had ever done any research indicating that rape and incest victims particularly wanted or benefitted from abortion. Rape and incest, I learned, was a wedge issue selected by those favoring abortion on demand as a way of first establishing in the public mind the idea that abortion was beneficial, then pointing to the rape and incest victims and saying, "Why only allow them to benefit?"

Since I came to the prolife position due to outrage over how women were being lied to and betrayed, there never was a "rape and incest" exception in my mind, because if something is bad for women in general, why would I abandon the most vulnerable and hurting women to the dubious ministrations of the abortion industry? The rape or incest victim is undergoing even more intense stress than other women, so her decision-making is even more compromised. It just strikes me as even more cruel to turn her over to abortionists when she's still reeling in shock and horror over what she's already endured. In my mind, it'd be like taking somebody who just got some crushing news -- that their child had died, that they have cancer -- and making them an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian. We have an obligation to nurture people who are vulnerable and have been battered by life. To me, a "rape and incest exception" sounds like the worst kind of abandonment of the very women and girls who need us the most.

Fourth Topic: You bring up abortion for fetal indications. I had a pregnancy scare in college that really brought this home for me in an unusual way. The whole story is here. But in a nutshell, I thought I was pregnant, and that because of the rubella vaccine I'd just had, a series of pelvic x-rays I'd just undergone, and the medications I'd been taking, that it was absolutely certain that the baby would be horribly disabled as a result.

This was back in the day when you had to wait two weeks after a missed period to get a pregnancy test done, and I thought I was pregnant because the radiologist said my uterus was enlarged, before my period was even late. So I had weeks of agony, wondering what I was going to do. I didn't want to kill a baby, but I didn't want to "inflict a horrible disability on a child." During those two weeks of sleepless nights, something occurred to me in a flash -- Failing to abort was not inflicting a disability on a child. It wasn't like taking a healthy embryo and deliberately causing him or her to be harmed. It was simply allowing an existing child to live out whatever life he or she had. It hit me that it made no sense to see rejecting abortion as "inflicting a disability". After all, if a baby is born disabled, or if a child becomes disabled due to illness or accident, we aren't "inflicting" it on him or her. It's something that happened. And our responsibility to the child is to help him or her to live the best and fullest life possible. So I decided that if the pregnancy was confirmed, I'd make an adoption plan, since my then-boyfriend and I were already so poor we were eating ice cubes just to have something to chew on. I figured I couldn't afford to care for a child with expensive medical needs, but I was so relieved to realize that I could place the child in a home where he or she could be cared for.

The whole thing turned out to have been just an exercise in thought, since the "enlarged" uterus was just a tipped uterus. But it served to make things real to me that would have been just theoretical, namely how much anguish we put women through with the message that they ought to abort a disabled or ailing child. I would never wish that kind of anguish on anybody! And I'm very angry that we as a society do it routinely.

As my life went on, I came to work with folks with disabilities and I started to realize what profound and deadly prejudice there is against people with disabilities, so now I oppose "fetal indications" from both the standpoint of the needless anguish inflicted on the mother and the cruel prejudice against the disabled.


Those are the four major areas for discussion I culled from your excellent post. Thanks so much!

Call for information on Tyrone Malloy

An email was forwarded to me with a request for information:
We are looking for anything on Dr. Tyrone Malloy. He is a late term abortion specialist and owns Old National GYN and is the Medical director and main abortionist at Atlanta Surgi Center. If anyone has anything on him please email me and please keep your ears open other wise. We have heard he has been doing illegal 2nd trimester abortions at his abortion clinic Old National in College Park. BTW, all 2nd trimester abortions are illegal unless they are done in a licensed ambulatory surgical center. About half of all abortions performed in the State of Georgia and performed in unlicensed facilities! They also are not subject to the new Women's Right to Know Bill! Only licensed ones are, how's that for making your blood boil?

I have nothing in my files about Malloy, but plenty on Atlanta Surgi Center. Catherine Pierce underwent her fatal abortion there in 1989. It's a National Abortion Federation facility.

State officials alleged "serious problems" after Catherine Peirce was injured. They cited the facility for administering the same anesthesia dosages to patients whose weights ranges from 107 to 167 pounds, inadequate record keeping, and inadequate supervision of patients. A news article states that after the state raided the facility to seize records, Atlanta Surgi-Center alleged the raid was "political harassment" due to the fact that an anti-abortion activist had complained to the state about the facility. But the facility had failed to file appropriate state-mandated documents after Catherine's cardiac arrest, and staff admitted to refusing to allow investigators to access files. The staff said that this was because the officials had only showed their badges and did not have a subpoena at the time.

The articles also say that an investigation found discrepancies between the number of fetuses sent to the disposal lab and the number of abortions. For example, in 1989 Atlanta Surgi-Center sent 155 fetuses to be legally disposed of, but did 1748 abortions; in 1988 sent 301 fetuses of 2774 abortions, and in 1987 sent 306 fetuses for 1104 abortion. The investigation into fetal disposal had been initiated after pro-lifers claimed to have seen hundreds of fetuses in dumpsters. (AP 9-20-89, 9-22-89; Atlanta Constitution 9-21-89)

I have nothing on Old National GYN.

The Georgia medical board site notes that there is a public board order on Malloy, but at this time it can't be accessed. His Physician Profile page, however, indicates that he was fined and reprimanded for "unprofessional conduct." Malloy allowed his Maryland license to expire in 1981.

Sad anniversaries

In January of 1902, Abraham Conheim promised marriage to 19-year-old Harriet Larocque. According to her father, Harriet was "previously chaste and of good reputation." With the promise of marriage, Harriet became sexually involved with Conheim.

In April of 1902, Harriet discovered that she was pregnant. Conheim reneged on his promise of marriage, and instead arranged a criminal abortion for her. Harriet took ill after the abortion, dying on April 25. Her father sued Conheim for seducing and debauching his daughter, impregnanting her, and causing her death.


On April 25, 1932, 17-year-old Mrs. Frank Lee, a University of Oklahoma co-ed, became the next in a string of abortion malpractice deaths by doctors J. W. Elsiminger and Richard E. Thacker.


On April 25, 1997, twenty-two-year-old Nicole Williams became the third patient known to have died of abortion complications under the dubious care of Dr. Robert Crist. The others were Latachie Veal and Diane Boyd.

Nichole submitted to a first-trimester abortion at Reproductive Health Services in St. Louis, Missouri, that day. Reproductive Health Services, a National Abortion Federation member facility, is operated by Planned Parenthood of St. Louis. Crist serves as medical director.

During the abortion, Nichole began to have difficulty breathing. Crist completed the abortion, then had staff summon an ambulance. Nichole was rushed to Barnes-Jewish Hospital. She died later that day, leaving behind three children.

Nichole's death was officially attributed to disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC). Hers is the only case I've ever read of linking DIC with first-trimester abortion. Local prolifers remain sceptical about the reports of DIC, and say that they believe Nichole's uterus was ruptured.

Just as Nichole was the third death I've identified for Crist, she was also the third death I've identified for RHS. Diane Boyd's fatal abortion had been performed there, and fourteen-year-old Sandra Kaiser committed suicide after a 1984 abortion at RHS, performed without her mother's knowledge or consent.

Monday, April 24, 2006

From Life News - Abortion poll results

A new CBS News poll has again found that more Americans take a pro-life than pro-abortion view on the issue of abortion. Asked about their personal feeling on abortion, 47 percent took a pro-life position opposing all or most abortions. Some 33 percent said abortion should only be legal in the rare cases of saving the mother's life or rape and incest while 14 percent said it should only be legal to save the mother's life.

Meanwhile, 46 percent took a pro-abortion position saying abortion should always be legal (29 percent) or be permitted but subject to greater restrictions than it is now (17 percent).

What I wanna know is, did these people know exactly how available abortion currently is? Did that 29 percent know that abortions are legal on-demand through the second trimester, and for varying indications after that? Or were these folks who think that abortion is only legal on-demand for the first trimester and for varying indications afterward? So are they really supporting the status quo, or are they supporting what the MSM presents the status quo as being?

Two illegal abortion anniversaries

Doctors J. W. Elsiminger and Richard E. Thacker were suspected in a string of criminal abortion deaths in the Oklahoma City area in 1932.

Elsiminger was an osteopath. He alone was the suspect in the abortion death of Virginia Lee Wyckoff, a 21-year-old student at the University of Oklahmoa. Virginia died April 24, 1932. Elsiminger was charged with murder in her death.

That same day, a Mrs. F. S. Roach died of suspected abortion complications. Both Elsiminger and Thacker were suspected in the case.

The real hate speech

My choice, His life: His life is worthless?

I'm cross-posting the entire entry, because I can't get Blogger to let me comment on the original post. I want people to be able to discuss this where they can read the whole thing. But do click and go see the picture of this precious little boy.
This is Holden, he is "deformed". He was born prematurly with IUGR (growth restriction) and has a minor cosmetic birth defect. During the pregnancy they thought he had chromosomal abnormalities as well. By the grace of God this turned out to be false, but I know how it feels to decide to parent an "abnormal" child.That is why reading the following nearly crushed me.

This mom goes on to quote one of the most blistering examples of true hate speech I've ever encountered:
I would never ever consider giving birth to something deformed.

Something? Excuse me! Holden and other disabled children are not things. How hateful can you get, to call somebody's child a "thing"!
(and if denied termination i would probably try to stab it to death or use other unsafe methods)

How much more hate can you have, than to prefer risk of serious self-injury to letting your own child live? Let's restate that: This woman hates disabled children so much that she would sooner risk serious injury herself than to allow one to survive to birth.
I frown upon anyone who does but i would not shun them for it. It IS a waste.

A waste! Who could look on a child and sneer that allowing the child to draw breath is a "waste"? Substitute "homosexual" for "deformed" and you can see exactly how full of hate this woman is for children who don't live up to her standards. Who set her up as judge, to decide which lives are a "waste" and which aren't?
All that energy and sustenance you put into it just so it can die?

Hello! Every single one of us dies eventually. Somebody in perfect health today could drop dead from an undiagnosed aneurism tomorrow (like a co-worker's husband did). A healthy child can develop meningitis. Can get hit by a car. Is it as "waste" to bring your child to term, love him, nurture him, only to lose him to crib death? After all, you put all that "energy and sustenance" into him, and he just died.
No, unless the fetii i concieve are perfect and will outlive me once born, i would not hesistate to terminate it.

Only perfection is good enough! Cleft lip? Death to you, Junior! Missing a finger, or have an extra toe? Death to you, Junior! How much must this woman hate the disabled, that only the "perfect" deserve to live?
(of course i would terminate it if i was not in the position to care for it too)

So even a presumably "perfect" baby would get snuffed if she "was not in the position to care for it." And since only perfect health is good enough, I'd bet only perfect "care" is good enough. "Well, it doesn't look like we could afford to send Junior to Harvard Medical School. He gets flushed."
If something happened to it later on AFTER it was born then i would care for it for aslong as i can.

Well, thank God for small favors! Once her kid's out the chute, she'll let him live even if he's imperfect. But can't you imagine how attentive she'd be? I can almost hear her saying, on a daily basis, "If I'd have known you'd lose an eye in a fishing mishap, I'd have aborted you."

"Feel the love," as my brother-in-law would say.

Where do people learn this kind of hate?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Can anybody substantiate this?

Taking things too far.

Supposedly there's a prolife center right next door to a Planned Parenthood that lures the hapless, pitiful, vulnerable women in:

1. They take all the woman's information.
2. They set up an "appointment" for her, directing her to show up at the real PP.
3. When she gets there the cops are waiting.

As if in any lifetime a CPC would instruct a woman or girl to walk into a Planned Parenthood or any other abortion facility!

Where did this story get started? Is there any underlying truth to it? (Like the Becky Bell story did have a pregnant teenager who died while keeping the pregnancy secret from her parents, but built a false edifice of a coathanger abortion on top of this foundation of reality.) Or is it just made from whole cloth?

If there's any truth to it, the CPC needs to be shut down for lying to patients, breaking confidentiality, not to mention for instructing somebody to go to an abortion clinic for any reason other than to pick up their medical records for a lawsuit. But this just defies belief, like hearing that PETA activists were instructing people to go to Outback and order a steak.

A language proposal

Chuffing Tiger suggests taking the "ZEF" term used by abortion rights advocates to dehumanize the unborn entity, and using it as an adjective: "ZEF people".

Personally, I think just "ZEF" is fine. It covers all stages of prenatal development, it doesn't drag any sentimentality in, and it doesn't reduce the unborn to a consumer good the way "product of conception" does. (Though really, we're all ultimately products of conception. If anybody out there isn't notify the New England Journal of Medicine and the National Enquirer.)

After all, how many arguments bog down over just trying to come up with an exceptable term to label the entity destroyed in an abortion? Even the word "entity" gets you into debates with ardent abortion advocates who insist that until the uterine occupant draws breath, it's just a freefloating collection of cells.

What Media Bias?

Choose Life License Plate Production Halted

Here's how they cover a court decision to block production of plates that say, "Choose Life":
A federal appeals court decision will delay Tennessee’s production of an anti-choice specialty license plate while the American Civil Liberties Union seeks U.S. Supreme Court review of a ruling upholding the plate as constitutional.

Since when is suggesting one of a pair of options anti choice? When you don't consider that option to be an acceptable choice, I guess.

The story also said that abortion advocates tried unsuccessfully to get their own plate, but doesn't explain why their bids were rejected. Does anybody know? Since states love specialty plates -- they generate revenue -- the abortion advocates would have to have been breaking the specialty plate rules in some way, perhaps by putting the funding toward something political.

In fact, I don't know that anybody has managed to come up with an abortion-advocacy plate to challenge the "Choose Life" plates in any state. Is the problem that they can't come up with anything pithy that sums up their stand? Choose Choice? Nonsensical. Choose Abortion? Yeah, it's what they mean, but they can't come right out and say it. Protect Choice? Why not? Have the money go to some fund to pay for abortions.

Why can't they manage to get a plate through?

I think it's because they're more interested in silencing the message "Choose Life" than they are in putting forth their own message, because they know that "Choose Life" will win in the public mind every time.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stop PP Funding

Sick of seeing your tax dollars go to fund the promotion of heartbreak, disease, and death? Join the petition drive to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Stop Planned Parenthood Funding dot com

Disgusting anniversary: Ronald Tauber sex charges

April 22: Abortionist arrested for sexual assault on underage girl

On April 22, 1982, Dr. Ronald Tauber was arrested and charged with 'indecent exposure, assault with intent to commit kidnapping, and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration of a female minor in Birmingham, Michigan.'

Tauber admitted that on December 7, 1981, he 'engaged in masturbation in his car while children were exiting Cody High School.'

On July 14, 1980, Tauber allegedly kidnapped a girl under the age of 13, and while he had her in his car, 'did engage in sexual penetration with said victim.'

The Michigan medical board moved to revoke Tauber's license after his 1982 conviction on first degree criminal sexual assault and second degree sexual misconduct. Tauber had been charged on November 10 of 1981, and filed a motion of insanity on March 15 of 1982. Taube was to undergo an examination regarding the insanity claim, but after he was arrested the board dropped the proceedings against him because he would be incarcerated beyond the expiration of his license.

Other pervert abortionists include:

  • Milan D. Chepko: caught with pornographic videotapes involving children as young as four years old.
  • Richard Ragsdale: Caught with pornographic photos of foster daughter
  • George Elliot Kabacy: former Planned Parenthood and Lovejoy Surgicenter aboritonist pleaded guilty to child pornography charges - including bestiality and bondage
  • Friday, April 21, 2006

    More slipshod news coverage of Christin Gilbert's death

    Abortion Death Investigation

    I wrote and asked:
    Why is nobody asking the obvious questions about Christin Gilbert's death?

    1. Christin's autopsy report showed that aside than the infection that killed her, she was in otherwise good health. What was the alleged health problem that justified performing a late-term abortion four weeks past fetal viability?

    2. If Christin did have some health problem that required that her pregnancy be ended, why drive her all the way to Kansas for a three-day outpatient procedure where she spent most of her time in a motel with only her parents caring for her? Any number of hospitals in Texas could have safely ended Christin's pregnancy with a routine c-section within an hour. What health problem could possibly have been severe enough that the pregnancy needed to be ended, but not be severe enough to warrant medical supervision?

    Christina Dunigan

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Yet another further different blow for tolerance and diversity

    The Daily Princetonian - Vandals tear down Pro-Life flag display
    In a presumed instance of politically-motivated vandalism, the Princeton Pro-Life flag display in front of Frist Campus Center was destroyed early Thursday morning.

    ����The 347 flags on the north lawn were meant to represent the lives of students who might have become members of the University's Class of 2010 had abortion not been legalized.


    ����The pink and blue flags were pulled out of the ground and there were "strewn coat hangers all around," Haine said.

    ����In addition, the sign in front of the display was trampled and signs were put in place that read "support smaller class sizes: support abortion" and "347 rusty coat hangers were saved from mangling and mutilation."

    1. So much for "tolerance and diversity"

    2. The vandals display their ignorance by strewing coathangers. Roughly 90% of illegal abortions were performed by physicians.

    3. As for the rare coathanger abortion, prochoicers are the ones wielding the coathangers. Every woman who ever died of a botched abortion died at the hands of a prochoicer. What other movement kills its own members, then blames the deaths on the opposition?


    JivinJehoshaphat: "Access"
    Why is it that according to the CDC, residents of South Dakota ( ranked 44th overall by the AGI) had an abortion rate of 6 (per 1,000 women aged 15-44) and an abortion ratio of 94 (per 1,000 live births) in 2002 when New York residents (5th overall by the AGI) had an abortion rate of 30 and an ratio of 462 in the same year? The last year the CDC records abortion statistics for California is 1997. At that time California (occurrences not residents since the resident statistics are basically non-existent in 1997) had an abortion rate of 38 and an abortion ratio of 525. California, by the way, was ranked #1 overall by the AGI. I'm sorry but with results like those, I don't think South Dakota is going to be running to New York and California for advice on lowering abortions.

    Good point. If "access" to contraception prevented abortion, NY would have a low abortion rate and women in South Dakota would be keeping far more than a single lonely abortion facility afloat with their custom.

    But you gotta take lamentations about "access" with a grain of salt. Planned Parenthood lamented that women in DC lacked "adequate access" to abortion -- when DC had the highest abortion rate in the nation. And that's even taking into account that roughly half of the abortions performed in DC were sold to out-of-state women.

    What the heck would they consider "adequate access"? Mobile abortion vans with some sort of radar that could home in on women considering abortion and would pull up in front of their house to perform an on-the-spot, government-funded abortion as soon as the idea entered her mind?

    Cop ought to be Bobbitized

    Daytona Beach News-Journal Online -- News

    Among other shortcomings of the Daytona Beach police, they had a 15-year veteran who stepped way out of line:
    The 37-year-old officer is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl, impregnating her and then getting her an abortion, a report shows.

    What really burns my toast is that to far too many people, this man did nothing wrong, neither in seducing an underage girl nor in covering up his crime by eliminating the evidence.

    New random links codes

    Thanks to Naaman for his help with this!

    If you scroll down the sidebar, you will find three new random links. One lets you click and go to a random page at RealChoice, one gives you a random interesting fact with a link to more information, and one gives information about a random woman who lost her life to abortion with a link to her story.

    If you want any of these codes to put on your page -- it's a simple cut and paste -- just shoot me an email at

    Safe-n-legal anniversary: Brenda Benton

    Brenda Benton's survivors sued Biogenetics after her death, claiming that Dusan Zivkovic and/or V. Perez had performed an abortion on her on March 13, 1987. She was placed under general anesthesia for the abortion.

    After she was discharged, Brenda developed fever, chills, and back pain.

    The suit says that 35-year-old Brenda returned to Biogenetics to report these symptoms on March 27, and that Zivkovic examined Brenda and performed a D&C before transferring her to Martha Washington Hospital.

    There, Brenda's survivors say, Zivkovic called in other doctors for a consult. They then transferred Brenda to Rush-Presbyterian St. Luke's hospital on April 6. She died there on April 20.

    Her death was due to infection and "overwhelming septicemia." Brenda's family said that Zivkovic failed to failed to determine that Brenda had had an adverse reaction to drugs he'd given her, and failed to detect and respond to her medical emergency. An expert opinion on the case attributes Brenda's death to inappropriate follow-up, and septicemia leading to fatal complications. Brenda's death certificate attributed death to hepatic necrosis due to toxicity reaction to abortion anesthesia.

    Other women who died after abortions at Biogenetics include:

    The original owner of Biogenetics, Kenneth "Creepy Kenny" Yellin, was gunned down outside his clinic in an apparant gangland slaying in 1979.

    Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Another escort conversion story

    Naaman's story of his converstion from clinic escort to pro-life advocate is here. (Update: The post is currently missing. Read the bulk of Naaman's story in a reprint here.)

    After re-reading it, I remember when I was Feminists for Life's Pennsylvania contact person. I got a call from a fledgeling prolifer in Philadelphia.

    Up until recently, she had been a clinic escort. The volunteer coordinator at the clinic had instructed all the escorts to take away any pamplets that the prolifers gave the women. This woman wanted to know why. Weren't the women adults, able to take in information and make up their own minds? Isn't that what choice was all about?

    The volunteer coordinator explained that the pamphlets were all full of lies, and that the vulnerable women needed to be protected from the lies.

    So the escort dutifully collected the pamplets from the women. But instead of throwing them away, she took them home to do research so she could effectively counter the lies.

    She learned, she told me, that everything in the pamplets was true.

    She went to the volunteer coordinator and pointed out to her that there was nothing false at all in the pamplets. In fact, she said, much of what the clinic and prochoice activists were putting out were demonstrably false.

    None of that mattered, the volunteer coordinator said. The important thing was to keep the pamplets out of the women's hands.

    Instant convert.

    Well, the now former escort still had the contact number from the reporter at the Philadelphia Enquirer that the clinic always contacted when they wanted to put out a story. The former escort made an appointment to meet with the reporter and his editor. She showed them the pamphlets the prolifers were putting out, and the pamphlets the abortion supporters were putting out. She brought in the independent source material that showed that the prolifers were telling the truth, and that the prochoicers were lying. The editor and reporter thanked her for her time, told her it was all very interesting, and kept her materials.

    She was very angry, telling me about it. "They just keep on printing the lies!"

    I was laughing. She wanted to know what was so funny.

    "Did you really think anything was going to change," I asked her, "just because you, personally, caught on?"

    She was silent for a moment, then gave little chuckle. "I guess you're pretty used to it."

    I think of her once in a while, and I think of the scene in The Last Unicorn, when Schmendrick the Magician says that Mommy Fortuna should never have meddled with a real harpy, or a real unicorn, "because the truth melts her magic. Always."

    We can only hope.

    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Question, primiarily for Naaman

    Naaman, is part of the appeal of facilitating abortions the feeling of accomplishment? If you identify the pregnancy as the problem, and then you facilitate the abortion, you can feel like you've solved a problem. Like, "Good job!"

    And do the escorts see the women leave the clinics? Or do they, like the prolifers, tend to skedaddle once the last patient is in the door?

    Judicial victory for Kansas perverts

    Operation Rescue - Blog Archive - Federal Judge Creates New Protections for Child Rapists
    Wichita, KS -- Federal Court Judge J. Thomas Marten ruled yesterday that the reporting of sexual activity in girls aged 15 and under should be discretionary, and prohibited enforcement of the mandatory aspects of a Kansas child rape reporting law.

    The ruling came in the Aid for Women v. Foulston case brought by Kansas abortionists and other pro-abortion social workers and health providers asking for exemption from reporting child sexual abuse in underage girls, in the interest of protecting their "privacy".

    In other words, it's up to the abortionist who is making money from the girl's continued abuse to decide whether or not to report it.

    I have this in my files on Aid for Women, the abortion facility that won the judge's favor:

    K.P. alleged that she underwent an October 29, 1992 abortion by Knarr at his Aid for Women. Knarr failed to complete the abortion. K. experienced pain and bleeding. She submitted to a second abortion by Knarr on November 5 but continued to suffer pain and bleeding. K contacted Knarr 12 days later, and was advised to seek care elsewhere. A third physician K visited in January of 1993 noted discharged, and a multiple bacterial infection. This doctor admitted K to the hospital, where an ultrasound revealed "a foreign object in the uterine cavity." The doctor removed the object. Articles indicate that because Knarr had lost hospital privileges over the Toby C. case (below), he was unable to perform a laparoscopy and treat K himself. (Topeka Capital-Journal 6-93; Kansan 6-25-93; Topeka Capital-Journal 6-22-93)

    Toby C., age 20, alleged that she submitted to an abortion by Joseph Walter Manley May 10, 1991 at Aid for Women. She suffered a lacerated uterus and cervix, causing hemorrhage. After an unnecessary delay, Aid for Women staff arranged a transfer to hospital by ambulance. Toby underwent follow-up surgery by William Malcom Knarr, who ran Aid for Women, at the hospital; she was transfused with 22 units of blood. Knarr reportedly observed Toby 2 hours after surgery, then "at the urging of nurses in attendance" transferred Toby to the ICU, and left the premises. Toby's condition worsened, but the hospital was unable to contact Knarr for 8 hours. Finally they contacted an associate of Knarr, who referred Toby's care to the hospital's Ob/Gyn consultant. This was fortunate for Toby. The consultant discovered that Knarr had sewn Toby's cervix shut. Sadly, Toby required an emergency hysterectomy. Knarr reportedly denied culpability, saying "I didn't perform the abortion. I didn't perform the hysterectomy. My actions had nothing to contribute with the outcome in that case." Knarr reportedly indicated that he failed to obtain an Ob/Gyn consult due to fear of litigation. Toby's suit faulted Knarr and the clinic with failure to properly supervise and train Manley. (Topeka Capital-Journal 3-22-92; Topeka Capital-Journal 6-19-93; Wyandotte County District Court Case No. 93C2142)

    Am affidavit of a former employee states that a16-year-old girl's mother called "in tears" after the girl's abortion, stating that Knarr had "torn up" the girl's uterus and that as a result she suffered fever, hospitalization, and sterility. (Affidavit of S.M. dated 10-22-92)

    Is Knarr still running that show? I have more on him. And by the way -- prepare to be shocked -- Knarr was listed as a member on the National Abortion Federation 1991 Annual Report.

    O Brave New World of Tolerance and Diversity!

    Roe Meets a Brave New World
    Four months pregnant with her first child, Lisa and her husband went to her doctor for an amniocentesis, a prenatal test to determine genetic or chromosomal abnormalities.

    The test results were life-altering. Lisa's son would be born with Down's syndrome. .... Lisa and her husband agonized for three days. .... In the end, they were swayed by their doctor. If they chose to birth him, the doctor warned, their son would be "their shadow for the rest of their lives." The doctor was right, Lisa told the Blitz, but not in the way she originally thought. "Our son," she said, "is still our shadow."

    Is a child with Down syndrome really such a hideous tragedy? Hardly. Where is our culture of "tolerance" and "diversity" when we are encouraging women to abort babies because they'll look different and their minds will work a little differently?
    Lisa's tragedy is not uncommon. She is one of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands, of women who have had a "therapeutic" abortion.

    There's a special spot in Hell for whoever coined the oxymoronic term, "therapeutic abortion." First of all, it's never therapeutic for the baby, who ends up dead. And judging from the growing Silent No More movement, a whole lot of the supposed beneficiaries don't consider it to be all that therapeutic for themselves, either.
    Pro-choice advocates .... like former Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, celebrate the new "freedom." In 1990 the Clinton-appointee praised the "important and positive public health effect" abortion had in reducing "the number of children afflicted with severe defects."

    Again, there's tolerance and diversity for you. If they don't look like us, think like us, sense like us, eliminate them.
    Former Washington Post reporter Patricia Bauer ... is disturbed by the eugenics-styled arguments of many pro-choice advocates. "What I don't understand,” she wrote, "is how we as a society can tacitly write off a whole group of people as having no value."

    It's "tolerance" and "diversity" in action, Patricia! Your daughter is a tad too diverse for some people's liking.
    A report from Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital revealed over 80 percent of pre-natal diagnoses of Down’s syndrome led to the termination of the pregnancy. That’s not much less than a 1991 study of 14 hospitals in southeastern states. Researchers in that study concluded that such pregnancies were terminated 90 percent of the time.

    Tolerance and diversity. If you won't meet our criteria for "normalcy," you must be eliminated.
    Bauer .... relayed the story of an Ivy League ethics professor who, while seated next to her at a dinner party, opined that it was "immoral" not to terminate children pre-natally diagnosed with disabilities.

    Tolerance and diversity. If you won't meet our criteria for "normalcy," you must be eliminated.
    People with Down's syndrome are now living independently.... A primer from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development notes that people with Down’s syndrome are now living "fuller, richer lives than ever before as family members and contributors to their community."

    Nevertheless, it asks too much of the "tolerant" to have them wandering about at large.
    Meanwhile, waiting lists for adoptions of children with Down's syndrome continue to grow. As reported by the Associated Press in early February, it takes interested couples up to three years to adopt a child with Down's syndrome.

    I wonder how many women facing a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome are told this? I'd bet that it's hovering at around 0%.
    Though there are no national statistics available, the Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati might serve as a sample case. Started in 1983, the DSAC placed three children with Down’s syndrome with new families in its first year. Today, they place three to five children a week.

    Are women told this when considering aborting a child with Down syndrome?
    It is things like these that give hope to Lisa. As society seems to inch closer towards acceptance of "therapeutic" abortion, these small groups are fighting back in their own small ways. Lisa does her part to help, offering testimonials on pro-life websites and spreading information to mothers in the same confusing situation she found herself in eleven years ago.

    In the end, she told the Blitz, she has just one goal for her activities. "Honor my son," she said. "Just honor my son."

    And maybe, just maybe, the proponents of "tolerance," "diversity," and "choice" will start to listen to women like Lisa, and to people with disabilities who are sick to death of getting lip service given to how much they have to contribute by a society that advocates weeding them out in the womb.

    Five tragic anniversaries

    Hughretta "Etta" Binkley was an unmarried woman about 34 years old. She lived in a boardinghouse owned by George H. Lilly, where she shared a room with Lilly's daughter.

    At lunchtime on April 1, 1898, she went to the residence/office of Dr.Belle Howard, aka Belle Shotwell, about four blocks from the boarding house. After work the following day, at about 6:30 PM, she returned to Dr. Howard's house and was sent to a room on the second floor. Etta had a bag packed with a nightgown, robe, fountain syringe, and a bottle containing about two ounces of ergot.

    According to Ida Kennedy, Dr. Howard's nurse, at about 10:00 the next morning, Etta went into the doctor's office where she remained about 20 to 30 minutes. She then went upstairs to her room, in Ida's care. Etta was in pain, and bleeding heavily vaginally. At around 4 or 5 in the afternoon, Dr. Howard visited her in her room, then had her come back downstairs to his office where she again remained alone with her for between 20 and 30 minutes. Again, Ida took Etta to her room.

    Soon after returning to her room, Etta suffered from rapid pulse and a copious discharge of blood and clear fluid. Etta remained at Dr. Howard's house, attended by the doctor and nurse, until the evening of Saturday, April 9. At that time, Dr. Howard drove Etta in her buggy back to the boarding house, where she left her alone on the porch. Mr. Lilly found her there as he was locking up for the night. He discribed her as being in "a very helpless and distressed condition."

    Mr. Lilly brought her into the house, where she went to her room and retired to her usual bed with Lilly's daughter. (It was not uncommon at that time for adults to share a bed in a boarding house, purely as roommates.)

    The following morning, at about 9:00, Etta went to the nearby Cottage Hospital, where she was immediately admitted. Staff physician Otho B. Will was immediately summoned to care for her. Dr. Will found Etta to be trembling, breathing rapidly, suffering a pulse of 140 and a fever of just over 102 degrees. She was frequently vomiting. Dr. Will examined her and performed surgery to remove decaying and fetid retained portions of placenta.

    Etta remained hospitalized under Dr. Will's care until April 19, when she died of septicemia. Her body was sent to her parents in Dublin, Indiana, for burial, but then exhumed on the 23rd for an autopsy. It was then confirmed that the septicemia had been caused by an abortion. Experts estimated that Etta had been four to five months pregnant.

    Immediately after Etta's death, Dr. Howard fled the state and had to be captured and returned for face trial. Dr. Howard maintained her innocence and insisted that she was merely treating Etta for complications of an abortion performed either by Etta herself or by some other party. The prosecution said that up until her arrival at Dr. Howard's house, Etta had been in good health and had performed her duties at work. However, Miss Lilly reported that Etta had not seemed to be in her usual health just prior to the 2nd of April, and that she had observed bleeding that she took to be Etta's period. Ida Kennedy, the nurse, also testified that on her way to her room on the 2nd, Etta left drops of blood on the floor.

    Dr. Howard was convicted of manslaughter in Etta's death. A Fred Patee was also charged in the death, but my documents do not make it clear what his role was.


    In February of 1933, a 22-year-old unmarried store clerk discovered that she was pregnant. I've been unable to determine her name, so I'll call her "Nina" Roe.

    Nina informed her boyfriend of the pregnancy, and he got her some pills supposed to cause an abortion, but they didn't work. In March, the boyfriend got a drug called duray. Nina took some in March and the rest on April 3 or 4, but this still didn't produce the desired abortion.

    Nina's co-workers and friends didn't know that she was pregnant, and they later testified that she'd been in good health except for a headache and indigestion some time between April 7 and 10. On April 8, Nina went to a nursing home operated by a nurse to ask about an abortion. The nurse informed the woman and her lover that Dr. E. T. Martin or another doctor would be able to perform an abortion.

    On April 11, Nina's boyfriend went to Dr. Martin's office and consulted with him. On Dr. Martin's instructions, Nina's boyfriend brought her back the next morning, a Wednseday, for an examination. Nina was in Dr. Martin's office for about half an hour. Dr. Martin then told Nina's boyfriend that the total fee, including a stay at the nursing home until Saturday night, would be $75. He then instructed the boyfriend to take Nina to the nursing home, which he did that afternoon.

    On Friday the 14th, Dr. Martin performed a curettage on Nina to remove the fetus. The nurse claimed that she had no idea what Dr. Martin was planning to do. She testified, "I understood he was going to use a hot antiseptic wash. I didn't understand he was going to remove the fetus of a child. I would not have permitted Dr. Martin to remove the fetus of a child without calling in another physician to certify or find the necessity of it. Dr. Martin did not tell me what he was doing. If I knew that the girl had been pregnant and there was a fetus in the uterus, and there was to have been a curettement, I would have insisted on calling another doctor before I allowed a curettement to be done in my place."

    After the D&C, Nina became alarmingly ill. Dr. Martin said that he himself was not in proper physical condition to care for the patient, so he summoned a Dr. Templeton. Dr. Templeton evidently cared for Nina at the nursing home until April 19, a Wednesday, when he advised staff to transfer Nina to Virginia Mason hospital. She died the following morning.

    It was alleged that Dr. Martin and the nurse told Nina's boyfriend to say that Nina had been suffering from cramps, had fallen, and had begun to hemorrhage. Dr. Martin, with some corroboration from the nurse, said that Nina already had a rapid pulse and fever when she first consulted with him. He also said that she was bleeding vaginally already. Dr. Martin said that Nina had told him she'd missed three periods, taken abortifacients, had fallen, and had a chronic bowel condition.

    Dr. Martin testified that he'd recommended hospitalization, but that Nina wanted to avoid the possible publicity surrounding a hospitalization. It was then that he'd decided to send her to the nursing home instead. He also testified that she'd been bleeding from the 12th until the 14th, when he'd performed a curretage. He said that this curretage was necessary to treat her fever and bleeding. Dr. Martin was convicted of manslaughter in Nina's death, but the nurse was acquitted.


    On April 17, 1940, Mrs. Josephine Williams and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Adele H. Sassen, were sentenced to prison for an illegal abortion resulting in the death of a Long Beach woman. The abortion had been performed on April 16, 1939, and the woman died three days later.


    Mary Paredez was 26 years old when she underwent an abortion at San Jose Hospital on April 19, 1977. During the procedure, Mary's uterus was perforated. She began to hemorrhage. Less than seven hours later, she was dead. The autopsy found 2500 cc of blood in Mary's abdomen.


    Twenty-year-old Gloria Aponte went to National Abortion Federation member Hanan Rotem in Stamford, Connecticut, for an abortion on April 19, 1986. A few hours after the abortion, Gloria was declared dead from hemorrhage at a nearby hospital.

    Rotem claimed that Gloria had died from an amniotic fluid embolism. An investigation by health officials found that Rotem had failed to perform necessary blood tests, and had permitted a receptionist with no medical training to administer anesthesia.

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    There's a word for people who do this

    The Dawn Patrol
    Did you just pay your state and federal taxes? Good for you! Thanks to taxpayers' generous funding, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate can afford to make an MTV commercial depicting a young girl going down on her boyfriend under the sheets.

    There's a word for people who show sexually explicit materials to children in order to lower their inhibitions: Pedophiles

    Okay, in theory PP's doing it just to bring in customers, and not because they get off. But you're gotta have a bit of a twisted mind to have your mind that much in a teenagers' crotch.

    Safe-n-legal anniversary: Barbara Lerner

    Life Dynamics lists 30-year-old Barbara Lerner on their "Blackmun Wall" of women killed by legal abortions.

    LDI notes that Barbara was found dead early in the morning of April 18, 1981. She had developed blood poisoning, which had killed her. The CDC investigated Barbara's death and designated it as due to legal abortion.

    Monday, April 17, 2006

    Tragic suicide anniversary

    "Sandra" was 18 years old when she underwent a first-trimester abortion procedure in New York.

    Three days later, on April 18, 1971, Sandra killed herself. Before her death, she had expressed guilt about having "killed her baby."

    Tragically, nobody had contacted Sandra to give her the results of the pathology report on what had been removed from her uterus. There had been no embryo. Sandra had not actually been pregnant.

    Sandra's needless death highlights three problems: post-abortion anguish, lack of proper follow-up care and pathology reports, and the failure of some abortionists to verify that the patient is actually pregnant before selling her an abortion.

    Abortion and suicide:

    Abortions sold to women who aren't pregnant:

    Lack of pathology reports:

    Sunday, April 16, 2006

    Kilgore Trout, where are you?

    WorldNetDaily: Suicide-clinic entrepreneur:
    Depressed? 'We never say no'

    The founder of Dignitas -- a Zurich, Switzerland, clinic that assists those with illnesses end their lives -- says he wants to open a chain of 'suicide clinics in other countries to give everyone, including the mentally ill, the 'the choice of a choice.'

    Which book was it, Breakfast of Champions?, in which Kurt Vonnegut had Kilgore Trout write a story about safe, clean suicide clinics where people could go to die?

    And this is just taking the abortion mentality to its logical conclusion. If you have a right to choose death for somebody else, surely you have the right to choose death for yourself, right? And we start with "hard cases", then move to just "the right to choose" for one and all.

    Tragic safe-n-legal anniversary: "Julie" Roe

    "Julie" Roe
    was only 14 years old when she underwent an abortion in New York on March 26, 1972.

    Julie had retained fetal tissue, which doctors tried to remove with additional procedures. During one of these attempts to complete the abortion, Julie's uterus and bowel were perforated.

    Julie underwent a partial resection of her bowel and drainage of an abscess. But despite these procedures, she developed septicemia and peritonitis, dying on April 16.

    Saturday, April 15, 2006

    Books you wish people would read

    Nominate a book you wish your side would read, and one you wish the Other Side would read. And tell why. Optional: One for "mom and pop", the great undecided public.

    My own side: Won by Love, by Norma McCorvey

    I think we need to argue less and love more. This is a sort of how-to manual for reaching out to the prochoice.

    The Other Side: In Necessity and Sorrow, by Magda Denes

    This is a prochoicer's account of the inside workings of an abortion hospital. The only thing that's really changed is that the saline wards are gone. I think that if most prochoice people knew more about how abortion is actually practiced they'd be revolted. We'd have more achromics!

    "Mom and Pop": This is a tough one. I guess I'd have to say Lime 5.

    This ought to revolt them enough to turn them into prolifers. Or at least into moderates like achromic.

    So - how about the rest of y'all?

    The Lime 5 Story

    Annie, God bless her, was praising Lime 5. Annie thinks that the modest improvements in informed consent that a few women have been reporting from abortion clinics recently may be in part of the degree to which Lime 5 raised people's awareness of the problem.

    I'd like to think it made a difference.

    How did it all happen?

    Shortly after I went to work at Life Dynamics, Mark Crutcher poked his head into my office and told me that somebody from Henry Hyde's office had called, asking for a report on abortion malpractice. I was to get to work on it and have it ready in 30 days.

    I can't even remember what I'd been working on at the time.

    I started pulling documents from our files and sorting them, trying to get an idea of what we had. After I'd sorted them into individual cases, Tom Cyr, Scott (His last name escapes me!), and I started writing up summaries.

    Within a few days, I went to Mark. "We don't have a report here. We have a book."

    He told me, "So write a book."

    Since clearly the project was going to take more than 30 days, Tom and Scott returned to their usual duties. I'd been hired as a writer, so writing up all of the cases fell to me.

    Early on in the project, all I did was write summaries of the information in the documents. We had held a meeting and agreed that we would only include a case if we had a secular source. A pro-life source would be considered a good lead, but not enough to include the case in the book. Mona Passignano was assigned the task of tracking down secular sources for cases that were mentioned only in pro-life sources.

    Mark put out a call to everybody on our mailing list: "Send us dirt on abortionists." He asked for anything: malpractice, deaths, tax evasion, you name it. Documents came flooding in. Mark reimbursed people for copying expenses. One man sent us so many boxes of documents from his years of research that Mark had to reimburse him thousands of dollars in copy and shipping costs.

    I gave Mona every clue that could possibly lead to more information. Mona would go to work, ordering court docket searches, obtaining death certificates and autopsy reports, and becoming a detective of sorts. When the documents arrived, Marco Medina would enter them into the filing system and turn them over to Mona. Mona would track which documents she's requested had arrived, and then she'd put them in the huge pile in my office.

    The pile was seldom less than three feet high.

    The cycle continued. I would read the documents, highlight the important facts, enter the information into the computer, and either give the document back to Marco for filing, or pass it back to Mona with new leads flagged.

    Along the way, I started cross-checking malpractice cases against National Abortion Federation member lists. I alerted Mark to the fact that a lot of the malpractice was being done by NAF members. The abortion-industry cover-up chapter grew out of that.

    And still I read the documents, highlighted them, wrote summaries, passed leads on to Mona. Mona did searches and kept the pile of documents full.

    I noticed that there was a lot of sexual misconduct among abortionists. I alerted Mark, who subscribed to a clipping service to search for more up-to-date cases nationwide. More documents came in.

    Mona was frustrated by state laws on which documents were public record and which were not. And I noticed that the CDC had a "see no evil" attitude toward abortion. In fact, they seemed enamored of the practice. (Mona had ordered a complete set of CDC Abortion Surveillance Summaries early on, then obtained copies of all the articles they cited.) Another meeting was held, and Mona and I each got a new task on top of what was already keeping us so busy. Mona was to compile a list of CDC employees and see how many of them were active in abortion activism or practice. I was to learn how abortion morbidity and mortality data were collected and reported.

    So while the documents continued to flood in, I set about contacting every state vital records office and health department. Some folks were helpful, some stonewalled me. New leads opened up. Mona compiled her list and went to work delving into people's backgrounds. She also researched exactly how it was that the Centers for Disease control were monitoring abortion in the first place.

    From time to time Mona and I took a trip to a university library in Arlington, where Mona would copy journal articles and I would copy pages and pages from National Center for Health Statistics data books. And as we found more evidence of patterns of injury and death, I'd be off to the university libraries in Denton. ("Don't be running down rabbit trails," Mark would admonish me. "Go get what you're there to get.")

    Just for good measure, we bought the complete archives of Studies in Family Planning and Family Planning Perpsectives, and Mona and I combed these for more information.

    As we looked at the bizarre behavior of some abortionists, Mark set a task to Dzintra Tuttle (then Dzintra Brughman): to look into what it was like to be an abortion worker. A chapter grew out of that.

    Life Dynamics was working hard on the abortion malpractice litigation support program at the time, and from this arose the chapter on barriers to women seeking justice.

    The abortion/breast cancer link was breaking news. A chapter on that was added.

    Acting on some deadline I don't recall, Mark started winding everything down. He hired three women as fact-checkers to help Lisa Dodson go through the chapters Mona and Dzintra had written, and my abstracts of malpractice and sexual misbehavior. Point by point, fact by fact, the checkers would go to the files, pull the documents, and verify each and every piece of information.

    When the fact-checkers were finished, I printed out one more copy of my abstracts of malpractice cases, and Lisa Dodson and I were set to sorting them for Mark so he could assemble Chapter 1. I had wanted to sort the cases as had Anne Saltenberger had done for her book: by themes people could related to, such as teen abortions, maternal indications, innocent bystanders being caught up in cases, and so forth. Mark decided to go with type of injury.

    The whole experience was very intense and draining for all of us. There were times Mona and I cried over what had happened to the women and girls who had trusted abortionists and been injured, raped, or killed. There were long days, late nights, and meetings to hash out issues: Should Mark be listed as the author, or all of us who did the writing? We decided that it was best if one person took responsibility for the content of the entire book. Should we name names? We decided not, for reasons Mark explains in the book.

    And how did the book get its strange name? You can read about that here.

    This is an abbreviated version, of course, and told from the perspective of just one of the team members. We all worked hard. We all had high hopes. We all got together in the break room and put together a mailing so that every single state senator and state representative in the United States got his or her own copy of Lime 5. Mark arranged with a member of congress (I'm sorry, I forget who) to have copies hand-delivered to each and every US Senator and Representative.

    And at first there was outrage. At first, people really seemed to care. At first, it even looked as if there'd be a Congressional investigation of the CDC's appalling conflicts of interest in their abortion surveillance activities. At first. Ten years ago this month, when we released Lime 5, we thought we'd really make a difference.

    I look around today, and it seems like it's just the same old same old. It doesn't feel as if anything has changed.

    But some women are reporting improvements. Small ones. And sometimes you have to take what you can get.