Thursday, July 31, 2008

Icky Ricke resurfaces

I check nearly every day to see what searches brought people to my blog, and what other web sites they found on those same searches. Well, somebody had been looking for P. Scott Ricke. I found this page about his exploits since 2001. Evidently our boy has turned away from abortion and has instead taken up non-surgical cosmetic procedures, running the Institute for Aesthetic Medicine at 9339 Genesee Avenue in San Diego.

On the one hand, it's good to know he's no longer sticking sharp things into women's wombs. He's not likely to get his hand stuck in a patient when he's injecting her with Botox. (I lost my notes for this case. Does anybody have the details?) Nor is he likely to end up sending her to the emergency room in a private car with most of her aborted baby protruding from her vagina.

On the other hand, this is a guy with a history of having sex with his patients. Women seeking cosmetic services -- who are coming to this guy thinking they're not beautiful enough -- are going to be easy prey for somebody who considers his patient load to also be his dating pool.

His old web page, archived here, states:

Our Medical Director has over 25 years experience in the area of helping women look and feel beautiful. He will always make time for you to come in and talk about the wonderful procedures that are available to you.

No comment. Though I'd welcome your thoughts!

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Blind artist blows people's minds

A blind sculptor I could imagine. A blind painter tosses most of what we thought we knew about vision straight out the window.

The unethical practice of delivering live babies

Dems attack Sen. Coburn for delivering babies for free

In May, [GOP Sen. Tom] Coburn received a strongly worded “final determination” memo threatening him with a Senate censure if he did not stop delivering babies for free….

Jill Stanek nailed it when she commented, "Were Tom Coburn aborting babies free instead of delivering them free, there would be no investigation; there would be an awards ceremony."

And Leftists wonder why people think they hate babies.

Here the guy is, providing free medical care, which is supposedly an entitlement, and it sticks in their craws because the guy's doing it of his own volition without any government mandate. Suck it up, Dems! Private charity is not dead.

HT: Pro Ecclesia

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What are they ashamed of?

The discussion over at Jill Stanek's Weekend Question is very interesting. Let me highlight what jumped out at me:

.... I have heard a LOT of women say that they aren't ashamed of their abortion but they're ashamed of being pregnant in the first place -- and the abortion, obviously, signifies that you were pregnant at a time when you did not want to be. So I think a lot of women are ashamed about that. .... Alexandra

This was a familiar theme to me as well. (Please submit examples! I trip all over them when I'm not looking for them, but now they're eluding my efforts to find them via search engines.)

Alexandra went on to clarify that it's a matter of getting pregnant at the "wrong" time, but still, something struck me.

If you're ashamed that you're pregnant, you're ashamed that you have a perfectly functioning female body.

Talk all you will about it being the "timing". Your body knows nothing of savings account balances and investment portfolios and mortgages and educational plans. You have sex, you get pregnant. One follows the other naturally. It's only when we introduce artificial contraception -- when we start throwing chemicals and gizmos into the mix -- that this perfectly natural thing becomes in and of itself something to be ashamed of.

It's only when you start to think that somehow you should be something other than what you are -- a healthy young woman -- that pregnancy becomes this horrible, hideous shame, a shame to hide in an abortion that you are not ashamed of except in that it reveals the shameful pregnancy.

In the past, a woman might have been ashamed of having had illicit sex. The pregnancy was shameful only as evidence of that. But in the era of "Sex and the City", the modern woman is only ashamed if she's NOT having sex. It signals prudishness, backwardness, or -- Gasp! -- not being "hot" enough to get somebody into bed with her, if only some sleezebag she met in a bar.

No, in our modern world it's not the illicit sex women are ashamed of. They're proud of that. It shows that they're "hot" and "desirable" and "sexy" -- the three things we seem to value most in women anymore. It's not killing their children that they're ashamed of. They buy t-shirts and attend rallies to boast of that. It shows that they're "progressive" and "modern" and "irreverent", unsaddled by convention or traditions.

No, it's the fact that their bodies functioned as they were designed to do, be it by Mother Nature or by God, that they're ashamed of.

That's not a pretty picture.

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Brownback-Kennedy Bill killed in Senate

HT: causa nostrae laetitiae

Kennedy-Brownback bill dies in Senate spending showdown

A bill aimed at providing accurate and comprehensive information to parents who receive a diagnosis of a disability for their child, either prenatally or after birth, died today in a massive Senate showdown over federal spending.

Well, the good news is that the bill wasn't killed because of opposition to the principles behind it. Nobody seems to object to a federal requirement that doctors and genetic counselors stop trying to terrify parents into aborting children with disabilities. And further good news is the amount of education that has gone on as groups and individuals have lobbied for the bill.

So, where do we go from here?

If anybody wants to start that discussion, I'll pick it up when I get home from work.

1987: Reagan orders the "Koop Report"

On July 30, 1987, then-President Ronald Reagan directed his Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, to prepare a report on the effects of abortion on women. Prolife and prochoice groups disagree about what the results of that request were. Prolife activists say that Koop never wrote a report, but instead sent a letter to Reagan saying that there were no "unassailable" studies. Prochoice activists say that there was a Koop report that said abortion is perfectly safe. Which side is telling the truth? Both are -- if you know the inside story.

How can that be? The story is complex, and getting to the bottom of it took many hours in Library of Congress, digging through Congressional record. Follow this carefully.

Koop didn't want to write the report, for an assortment of personal and professional reasons. He tried repeatedly to beg off, but Reagan kept pestering him. Koop foisted the task off on his staff. The research and preparations for the planned report evidently became largely the task of one George Walter.

Walter listed a lot of folks he "consulted" about research into the effects of abortion women. Superficially, it looks as though Walter had a crew of mostly prochoice researchers, with token prolife researchers, bring forth their evidence. But what really happened is that Walter contacted the prochoice researchers at the Centers for Disease Control, and they forwarded a list of 250 research articles to him.

These staffers were not neutral public servants without an agenda. They were abortion's cheerleaders, people for whom abortion was the answer to a multitude of sociological and public health problems -- if only practitioners could work the bugs out. Carl Tyler, for example, had agitated during the pre-Roe period for a federal law legalizing abortion on demand, with the full expectation that the surge in the number of abortions would mean a surge in maternal deaths. Tyler felt that these deaths would be worthwhile in the long run, because he believed that legalized abortion on demand would "eliminate child abuse in a single generation." Tyler and his colleagues were people with an agenda. Therefore the articles they selected were the 250 articles that CDC staff had written or that their friends had written, that painted abortion in the best possible light.

After the meetings and the literature review, Koop felt satisfied that his staff had gone through sufficient motions to satisfy Reagan. Koop then drafted and sent a letter to the President, concluding that there had been no unassailable studies of the long-term impact of abortion.

Koop directed his staff to drop the project on January 10, 1989, hoping Reagan would be content with the letter and would drop the subject. Nevertheless, George Walter proceeded to re-write the report, submitting it to Koop on January 17. Walter's cover letter said, "This document was reviewed and concurred with by our unofficial consulting group. It represents a balanced, well-written document which is directed to the general public. Its underpinning is scientifically sound and presents a solid, common sense approach to this important public health problem."

However, the report was not concurred with by many scientists studying abortion, such as Thomas Hilgers, Wanda Franz, Matthew Bulfin, Leonard Aaro, and Thomas McDonald. How then could it be a balanced report? It would seem so only to those who already had a strong pro-abortion bias. For example, the report says that problems such as infertility, miscarriage, and ectopic pregnancy "are no more frequent among women who experienced abortion than they are among the general population of women."

Koop instructed Walter to shelve the draft, and not to release any report about abortion from his office. Instead, Walter released the draft under Koop's name. Koop didn't even read the final report until he was brought before a Congressional committee. During his testimony, he repeatedly tried to distance himself from the report with vague statements about not having read it.

Walter said that the bulk of the consulting was with Carol Hogue at the CDC and with Jackie Forrest of the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which is the research arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. (To give you some perspective, Carol Hogue tries to claim that abortion enhances fertility by pre-stretching the uterus, like you'd stretch a balloon before you blow it up.) Walter admits that he elected to not study the impact of abortion on rape or incest victims, or those aborting for fetal abnormalities. In other words, he deliberately excluded from their study the women already known to be at highest risk for both physical and emotional sequelae.

Jackie Forrest told Congress, "I met with Dr. Koop and his staff members twice during the course of his review of research on the health effects of abortion. The first meeting was the initial group meeting held by Dr. Koop, in fall of 1987. The second was with other representatives of the Alan Guttmacher Institute in the summer of 1988. In addition, I was asked to meet and consult with Dr. Koop's staff to provide more detailed information about pertinent research by AGI and to present findings from studies that were in process in 1987 and 1988." She said that she wished "that Dr. Koop and his staff had issued a full report on their research review," and that she wanted "to commend them for undertaking the project in a very professional manner." This is akin to getting a glowing review of a report of the health effects of smoking from R.J. Reynolds. Notice also that Ms. Forrest said lamented that Koop and his staff had not issued "a full report." In speaking to Congress, Ms. Forrest recognized that there was no officially released Koop report, merely the draft she had helped to prepare.

When noted abortionist/abortion promoter Jaroslav Hulka was "asked to present the complications of legal abortion to the Surgeon General," he instead "organized a literature review around the following question: Why did the United States legalize abortions?" Hulka evidently never presented to Koop any evidence of legal abortion complications, despite the existence of such evidence in research performed by abortion advocates such as William Brenner and Philip Stubblefield. Clearly, Hulka treated the proposed report as an opportunity to propagandize in favor of legalized abortion rather than as an opportunity to have existing research reviewed by the Surgeon General.

Touting his "over 9 years" in the Abortion Surveillance Branch of the CDC, abortionist David Grimes claimed, "The medical evidence concerning the safety of induced abortion in the United States is clear and incontrovertible." As proof of legal abortion's safety, he points to the Joint Programs for the Study of Abortion (JPSA, pronounced "GYP-sah"), which got all of its information from abortionists' records. One of the participating facilities was later discovered to have charted a dead patient as "pink, alert, responsive", which gives you an idea how accurate their data must be.

Grimes had met with Koop to convince him that the data was indeed conclusive -- that abortion is quite safe. He claimed that the risk of death from legal abortion is "less than the risk of death from an injection of penicillin," and cites as his source the 1982-83 CDC Abortion Surveillance Summary, which never mentions penicillin. He also asserted, "Legal abortion has not been found to impair a woman's ability to have children in the future," citing Willard Cates, Carol Hogue, and Christopher Tietze.

First, this constitutes incestuous citing, basing his conclusions on the biased research of some of the most avid proponents of abortion. Second, this assertion is patently false, since many acknowledged abortion complications impede future childbearing capability. Third, even Hogue, et al., admit the effects of multiple abortions are not even remotely known -- and nearly half of all abortions are repeat abortions.(Family Planning Perpsectives J/A 1996, p. 143) Fourth, second-trimester abortions have been shown to at least potentially affect future childbearing unfavorably even if no complications are noted at the time. So Grimes is lying on at least 4 counts with this single statement.

Grimes also makes the obviously false blanket statement that "the risk from pregnancy and childbirth is about seven times higher than that from induced abortion." At that time, it was known that by 16 weeks, abortion was at least as dangerous as childbirth, and that the risks increased exponentially after 16 weeks. No blanket statements can be made comparing the risks of abortion to the risks of childbirth, even if one assumes that current data are reliable, because there is no single "abortion" risk to compare to a single "childbirth" risk. Abortion risks vary widely depending upon the woman's health, the stage of pregnancy, the skill of the practitioner, and the method chosen. Childbirth risks vary according to many factors as well, including how much prenatal care is provided.

Others that Koop met with included the American Public Health Association, the American College of Obestetricians and Gynecologists, and Planned Parenthood Federation of America -- notoriously pro-abortion groups. (This is akin to asking tobacco growers and cigarette companies to prepare a report on the health effects of smoking.) Koop and Walter met with no pro-life medical groups, despite the number of respected and notable professionals in these groups. The few pro-life professionals consulted were treated as individuals speaking for themselves rather than as representative of a large number of their colleagues. His input from those opposed to abortion was almost exclusively limited to religious groups. Is it any wonder his data were skewed?

Koop made the ridiculous statement that "...obstetricians and gynecologists have long since concluded that the physical sequelae of abortion were no different than those found in women who carried pregnancy to term or who had never been pregnant." First of all, only a few obstetricians and gynecologists have concluded any such thing -- most notably Jaroslav Hulka and David Grimes. Second of all, it is absurd on its face. Is Koop claiming that a woman who has never been pregnant -- some nun in a convent -- is going to develop a utero-colonic fistula (a hole between her uterus and colon) spontaneously? That her cervix will just spontaneously drop off? That her empty uterus will rupture all by itself? This assertion is straight from George Walter's unauthorized report, which we have already established was written and approved by people who make absurdly broad and insupportable statements about abortion's safety. Clearly, Koop's mind had been muddled by his contact with these people, both on his staff and in consultation.

The "Surgeon General's Report" or "Koop Report" on abortion is non-existent. There exist only the Koop letter and the unauthorized report prepared by George Walter in consultation with some of the most avid and enthusiastic promoters of legal abortion. Many scientists and physicians would vehemently disagree with the tone and content of the report. Therefore, any presentations of the report as reflecting Koop's independent conclusions, or accepted scientific knowledge, are at best based on colossal ignorance, and at worst are a deliberate attempt to deceive. Any statements by Koop on the safety of abortion are based on what appear to be a concerted effort by abortion advocates to turn the Surgeon General into an abortion industry spokesman.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Searchs: deaths, septic shock, and more

  • dangers saline abortions: Here's history and an overview. The technique had been abandoned in Sweden, the Soviet Union, and Japan due to the risks to maternal health and life, long before abortion was legalized in the US. But American abortionists used it anyway. Here you can see what this carelessness cost in women's lives just in New York between legalization there and the Roe vs. Wade inviting abortionists nationwide to do likewise to women all over the country. The dead continued to pile up until the method fell out of favor, largely due to the problem of the dreaded live birth.

  • Baby Claire: The only Baby Claire I know of survived an abortion -- minus an arm, which was torn off during the procedure. She was adopted by the daughter of prolife activist Jean Garton. This photo shows her with her older sister, Clarissa.

  • Harold Walba: One of the people who signed the Planned Parenthood petition trying to shut down prolife pregnancy centers. Walba said "Although we often differ on political issues, I hope we are on the same side when it comes to deception of woman." Actually, Harold, you and PP are not on the same side, if you disapprove of deceiving women. Considering how they lied to you to get you to sign the petition, how much do you think you can trust them to be honest with the women they depend upon for their rich influx of tax dollars?

  • Death after a surgical abortion: I have far too many to list here. I suggest going through the deaths here and seeing which were surgical abortions. If you need additional help, let me know.

  • Septic shock after abortion: Fatal.

  • Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 85-504476: An odd search! But here it is, a lawsuit against Alberto Hodari for a botched abortion at Womancare of Lakewood.
  • 1988: Embolism kills mother during abortion

    Dawn Mendoza underwent a safe, legal abortion at the hands of Edward Rubin at Women's Medical Pavilion in Dobbs Ferry, New York, on June 29, 1988.

    Rubin did a D&C abortion on Dawn, a 28-year-old mother of two, who then started screaming and gasping for breath. Staff tried unsuccessfully to revive her, but she died without ever being transferred to a hospital.

    The medical examiner determined that she had died from amniotic fluid embolism, as evidenced by particles of placenta and amniotic fluid in her lungs.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    1949: Fatal referral

    On July 29, 1949, on the basis of a third-party referral, Dorothy to the home of P.D. Beigun for an abortion. Beigun was not a physician or qualified to practice medicine. Dorothy, with the assistance of a man named Virgil Echols, had visited Beigun a few days earlier to make the arrangements.

    Beigun took Dorothy into a bedroom while Echols waited in the living room. About 15 or 20 minutes later, Echols heard a sound described as a "slump," and Beigun called for him to come and help. Beigun went into the other room and found Beigun supporting an unconscious Dorothy by the waist. Dorothy made a gurgling sound.

    Echols helped Beigun lay Dorothy on the bed, and the men picked up her panties off the floor and put them back on her.

    Echols tried to revive Dorothy, and asked Beigun what happened. Beigun indicated that he'd packed Dorothy's uterus with gauze. The men summoned police and an ambulance. While they waited, Beigun instructed Echols on what story they were to tell. They were to say that they'd been sitting in the living room with Dorothy when she'd felt faint and asked for a glass of water. Then, they'd say, Dorothy fainted and they moved her to the bed. Beigun warned Echols that he'd be in just as much trouble as Beigun himself unless he stuck with the story.

    When the police arrived, Dorothy was dead. A toxicologist, who later participated in the autopsy, said that when he arrived at Beigun's home to remove Dorothy's body, he'd found her with her slip bloody and rolled up around her waist, but that there'd been no blood on the panties.

    The next day the toxicologist and a physician performed an autopsy. They found that Dorothy's cervix had been dilated, discolored, and abraded, and that her injury must have been very painful. They believed that gauze had been forced into Dorothy's uterus, even though no gauze was present at autopsy, because her injuries were consistent with this scenario. They also concluded that Dorothy had gone into shock and died within a few minutes of her injury. Dorothy had been in good health, with no abnormalities of her heart, lungs, or kidneys and no history of fainting.

    The fetus appeared to be about three to four months of gestation. It was removed at autopsy, along with Dorothy's damaged uterus, and placed in a glass jar to be presented as evidence of Dorothy's pregnancy, gestational state, and injuries.

    Three days after Dorothy's death, medical supplies and broken packages of gauze bandages were found in Beigun's home and collected as evidence.

    In trial, it came out that Echols had previously brought his own wife to Beigun for an abortion. That abortion took place in June, 1948. Echols paid Beigun $65. Echols had dropped his wife off for the abortion and picked her up later to take her home. She became sick with nausea and pain, and Echols pulled a 6-inch rubber tube and about 60 feet of gauze out of his wife's uterus. Her pain became so great that Echols called a doctor, who had the sick woman brought to a hospital. Her temperature was 104 degrees. She was provided with penicillin and a blood transfusion. Beigun visited her at the hospital, asking why she'd not returned to him for treatment rather than going to somebody else. Documents don't reveal why Echols, whose own wife had very nearly died under Beigun's care, brought another woman to the same man for his dubious services.

    Dorothy's abortion was unusual in that it was performed by an amateur, rather than by a doctor, as was the case with perhaps 90% of criminal abortions.

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    1985: Clinic, hospital fail to diagnose ectopic, with fatal results

    Twenty-six-year-old Yvette Poteat had an abortion performed by Dr. Marion D. Dorn Jr. at The Ladies Clinic in Charleston, South Carolina on July 16, 1985.

    A lawsuit filed by her surviving mother and sister says that Dorn did not examine the tissue he removed from Yvette's uterus, and did not notify Yvette that the lab report showed no fetal or placental tissue in the specimen.

    On July 27, Yvette experienced "sudden, sharp, constant lower abdominal pains," and was taken to a hospital by her fiancee.

    Yvette was admitted to the emergency room, where she informed the doctors about the abortion. She was mistakenly diagnosed as having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, was given medication, and was discharged after several hours with instructions to seek follow-up care in two days.

    Throughout July 28, Yvette experienced continued pain. She called the hospital but "was instructed not to return but to give the medication a chance to work."

    Early in the morning of July 29, Yvette collapsed at home. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She went into cardiac arrest due to a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that both Dorn and the hospital staff had failed to diagnose, and was pronounced dead 6:15 a.m.

    The lawsuit noted that Yvette's mother "suffered the loss of the financial support of her daughter, extreme mental shock and suffering, wounded feelings, extreme grief and sorrow, has lost the love and affection and companionship of a loving and wonderful daughter, has been deprived of the use and comfort of her society."

    The suit against Dorn, the clinic, the hospital and hospital doctors won a small $23,000 plaintiff verdict in 1987.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Have a happy abortion!

    What Makes for a Good Abortion? asks the question, "So how can you help the women you love to have positive memories of their abortions?"

    You can't make this shit up.

    Why not just start a scrapbooking club? A picture of the ultrasound: "It's a boy! And you can see his little fingers!" Then a picture of what's in the specimen container: "And here we can see the fingernails on Junior's tiny little hand! His face got ripped in half, but you can see both eyes." Your appointment slip. Your aftercare instructions. Gosh, the possibilities are endless! Be sure to include flowers and champaign at your post-abortion party.

    I'm sorry, but even if you think abortion is beneficial, the idea of a "good abortion" or "positive memories of the abortion" is revolting. You're having your baby put to death. And you want the people around you to help you build happy memories of it? Grow up. And next time, pick on somebody your own size.

    1989: Young mother killed by legal abortion

    Charisse Ards is one of the women Life Dynamics lists on the Blackmun Wall of women killed by safe and legal abortion. Life Dynamics indicates that Charisse was 20 years old, single, and a mother of one. According to Life Dynamics, Charisse died July 28, 1989, from a pelvic infection after a legal abortion.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    1990: Abortion leaves five children motherless

    Thirty-two-year-old Mary Ann Dancy was a mother of five when she went to Fleming Center in North Raleigh, North Carolina for a safe and legal abortion on July 27, 1990. The abortion was performed by Clarence J. Washington. He documented no complications. After Mary Ann went home, she bled heavily, and the next day, July 28, she was taken to Halifax Memorial Hospital. She died that night during emergency surgery from hemorrhage due to a lacerated cervix.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Yum! Some of my favorite foods coming to America!

    The Next Sushi

    Well, I hate sushi, but...

    1. Mongolian Hot Pot, sounds like a variation of shabu-shabu, which I snarked down at every opportunity the last time I was in Korea. The Korean version ends with a porridge or sort of fried rice made in the pot with the last of the broth. And I like Mongolian food (which I ate in Mongolia, of all places), so a Mongolian invasion of America cuisine would tickle me pink.

    2. Dosas. Well, any increase in the availability of Indian food is fine by me. I live in the sticks and just hope it makes it here.

    3. Bibimbap is tasty and satisfying. It's served with a fried egg and hot pepper paste, and the leftovers are easily turned into fried rice for tomorrow's lunch.

    4. Mongosteen. The yummiest fruit ever. And since it's got Oprah plugging it, you know it'll be available wherever women are found.

    1884: Doctor implicated in abortion death

    Twenty-five-year-old Lizzie Cook, a farmer's daughter, died suddenly on July 27, 1884, in Lockport, New York. The newspaper noted that "the secrecy in getting her body removed to her home created suspicion. Lizzie's body was exhumed for an examination, which showed that she had died from an abortion.

    Dr. Ira T. Richmond was arrested. Richmond had come to Lockport a year earlier and opened a sanitarium, "which died for want of patronage."

    Lizzie's abortion was typical of pre-legalization abortions in that it was attributed to a physician.

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    1985: Abortion by former back-alley butcher proves fatal for South Dakota teen

    On July 27, 1985, 18-year-old Yvonne Corrie Mesteth became the second of two patients to die of infection after safe and legal abortions by South Dakota abortionist Benjamin Munson, member of the National Abortion Federation. (The other was Linda Padfield.)

    Yvonne was in the second trimester of her pregnancy. The abortion was performed in Munson's office in Rapid City. Yvonne developed an infection, kidney failure, and finally the adult respiratory distress syndrome that was the final, fatal blow.

    Munson is the third former criminal abortionist I've learned of who had a clean record -- no patient deaths -- as a criminal abortionist, only to go on to kill two patients in his legal practice. The others are Milan Vuitch (Georgianna English and Wilma Harris) and Jesse Ketchum (Margaret Smith and Carole Schaner).

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Saturday, July 26, 2008

    Greasing the wheels

    Ashli's due date post for 2008 includes an excerpt from an email by a grieving father:

    Reading that page ... brought back (as seems to happen annually, when the temperature and sunlight are just about the same of that fateful day) the day I walked with my then girlfriend, now wife of 15 years, to planned parenthood, in 1990. There were no opposition groups, no alternative thoughts on it, abortion was clearly the way out of an unexpected/unwanted pregnancy.
    Well, needlessly to say, that day haunts me every time I sit back and think about our other two children and their murdered older brother or sister. It still brings me to a sudden outburst of weeping grief and heartbreak (which I just typed through) every time I think of our children.
    .... It's difficult to work through the selfishness of that younger time, but I also understand that we were vulnerable, and I honestly think we were prayed upon by the 'system' that was in place.

    I understand the way the wheels are greased to get the woman, the couple if necessary, into the abortion clinic, to get the woman onto the table. There's an abortion machine and it'll chew you up and spit you out and never give you a second thought. I got my own leg caught in the machinery but managed, by the grace of God, to escape with my children intact -- no thanks to the abortion lobby and its syncopants. Oh yes, I know. It's why I do what I do.

    Who was greasing the wheels? In my case:

  • My sex ed prof, and whoever was responsible for the appalling textbook for the class.
  • An ob/gyn and her nurse I'd gone to for a rubella vaccine, and the friendly staff at the local "family planning" clinic.
  • The woman at the welfare office, and a receptionist at a midwives' clinic.

    I was robbed of the joy of my pregnancy with my son by the way I believed the propaganda for abortion I'd been fed -- about how unplanned pregnancies always result in unwanted, unloved babies; about how poor women need abortions; about how abortion is the responsible thing to do. I was nearly robbed of my son as well. Had my husband made a different friend in basic training, my son could have just as easily ended up in a pathology lab instead of where he is now, aboard a submarine in the US Navy.

    What really is staggering is the impersonal nature of the whole thing. It wasn't even that anybody hated my child and wanted him dead, or hated me and wanted me deprived of my child. Christina and her child never entered into the equation for the purveyors of abortion and their toadies. No living woman or her child ever does.

    To quote Douglas Adams:

    It was cold, not like ice is cold, but like a wall is cold. It was impersonal, not as a randomly flung fist in a crowd is impersonal, but like a computer-issued parking summons is impersonal. And it was deadly - again, not like a bullet or a knife is deadly, but like a brick wall across a motorway is deadly.

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  • Searches: Tiller and more

  • Robyn Furse: One of the people who signed a Planned Parenthood petition, based on a hoax of lies and distortions. Whether Ms. Furse is part of the deliberate deception or just made the mistake of trusting Planned Parenthood I can not know. Ms. Furse added an additional comment: "Stop this false advertising that intimidates and decieve women when they are in a vulnerable state. It's like psychological rape." How about the actual rapes by Lawson Akpolunu in his abortion practice? The rapes Diane Sawyer considered "a non-story"? Or how about the deception Planned Parenthood pulled on the people who signed the petition?

  • Milan Chepko: Seedy abortionist and kiddie-porn swapper. He's the "Diaper Dump" guy. And disgustingly, Jaroslav "Jerry" Hulka, considered a very respectable fellow among researchers at the CDC and, at one point, at least one researcher in the Surgeon General's office, published a paper with Chepko. Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! Could you pick professional associates who don't crap in their pants and smear themselves with it while watching child pornography?

  • Dr. Robert Meger: I have three malpractice cases against him in my files, including one for punching a hole in a patient's uterus and gouging out a section of her colon.

  • Dr. Tiller's legacy: Traumatized women, a brain-damaged and blind child, a dead developmentally disabled rape victim, and, of course, quite a number of dead babies. Gosh, how can you top a legacy like that?

  • chiropractor kills patient: I've got Frank Parchen, who killed Martha Anderson in 1939.
  • Wanted to beg, borrow, or buy!

    Abortion in the United States. A Conference Sponsored by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America

    I lent my copy to somebody and never got it back. And I can not find a copy available on any of the standard sources.

    Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a copy? I will need it for a couple of weeks.

    Two abortion deaths, 53 years apart

    On July 26, 1877, Mrs. John Boschen was found dead in the Chicago office of Dr. Muleck from complications of an illegal abortion. Dr. Muleck fled to avoid arrest.

    Evelyn Dellorto, age 20, died on July 26, 1930, from complications of an abortion believed to have been performed July 16 at the Chicago office of Dr. Frank Psota. On August 1, Psota was booked for murder by abortion. The coroner's verdict was "undetermined." Psota was indicted, and held on $10,000 bond by Judge Lyle. On December 10, he was acquitted of the murder charge for reasons the source does not state.

    Both of these abortions were typical of illegal abortions in that they were attributed to physicians.

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    Friday, July 25, 2008

    Another ectopic survivor

    Add this little fellow to the list. Valdir Gabriel was born in Brazil three months after his mother was diagnosed with an abdominal pregnancy, the type of ectopic pregnancy most likely to result in a live birth.

    Here are others that I know about:

  • Rare baby survives outside womb: Montreal doctor, CBC News Tuesday, August 12, 2003: Dionne Grant, a Jamaican tourist, was in Montreal when she had to go to Sacré-Coeur Hospital for an emergency c-section, performed by Dr. Robert Sabbah, head of obstetrics and gynecology. He said, "When I opened the cavity I quickly discovered that the uterus was not like it was supposed to be. As soon as I explored the abdominal cavity I noticed there were feet in the cavity just floating around. So as fast as I could I took out the baby." The placenta had attached to the top of Dionne's uterus, this providing a good blood supply to the baby.

  • Here is an old medical journal article, ADVANCED EXTRAUTERINE PREGNANCY, Bulletin of the Hong Kong Medical Association, vol. 22, 1970. Case 1 was a 32-year-old mother of one, in 1956. "The extrauterine pregnancy was not diagnosed until 38th week when foetal movements could clearly be seen transmitted through the thin abdominal wall." She had no other symptoms that anything was amiss with her pregnancy. An X-ray showed that the baby was oddly situated, with an abnormally curved spine. She was immediately admitted to the hospital, where a 3,430 gram baby girl was delivered. The omentum (apron of fat covering the intestines) was covering the pregnancy, which seemed to have arisen in the right fallopian tube. There were only minor adhesions within the mother's abdomen. The mother recovered well, and had a successful normal pregnancy the following year. The baby was perfectly healthy.

    Case 2 was a 41-year-old mother of two, who had slight bleeding at 16 weeks, and intermittent pain for four months. She was admitted to the hospital at 27 weeks. Her pain subsided after a week of hospitalization. The fetus could be easily felt through the woman's abdominal wall, as could the empty uterus. The patient refused immediate surgery, hoping to perserve her child's life. She remained hospitalized. At 32 weeks she experienced sudden, acute abdominal pain. She was delivered of a 2,010 gram infant. The placenta had attached to the back wall of her pelvic cavity and the right broad ligament. The sac, placenta, and right fallopian tube and ovary were removed, with minimal blood loss. the mother recovered well. The baby had some facial asymmetry due to the unusual pressures placed on her from being gestated outside the womb.

    Case 3
    was a 33-year-old mother of four, admitted to the hospital at 36 1/2 weeks because of recurring abdominal pain. The fetus was in breach presentation, but attempts to turn the baby by maniuplating it through the abdominal wall were unsuccessful. An X-ray revealed that the baby was lying transversely. The doctors decided to perform a c-section, whereupon they learned that the baby was actually behind the mother's uterus.The baby weighed 2,920 grams. The placenta had attached to the back of the mother's reproductive organs, which were removed. The mother recovered well and the baby was healthy.

    Case 4 wasa 43-year-old mother of 8 who had been having abdominal pain since 12 weeks, and was admitted to the hospital at 26 weeks. Her uterus was displaced by the fetus, which was in her abdomen. Two days after she was admitted, she experienced sudden acute abdominal pain, so doctors performed surgery to remove the baby, a girl weighing 1,040 grams. Blood loss was minimal. The mother recovered well, and the baby had no problems other than prematurity. Sadly, she developed a respiratory infection and died at age 34 days.
  • Evil man, stupid woman, dead family

    'Spam King' Shoots Wife, Daughter in Apparent Murder-Suicide

    Cue Tammy Wynette? "Spam King" Edward "Eddie" Davidson escaped from a minimum-security prison with the help of his wife. He thanked her by shooting her and their 3-year-old daughter dead before turning the gun on himself.

    Again and again we see tragedies that were perpetrated by the man, yes -- but only after a woman was stupid enough to stick with him even after he'd proven himself to be nothing but trouble.

    This attitude that having a man, even an evil man, is better than being alone costs women and children their lives again and again.

    A woman should be more than a wo-wo-wo on a man, as Dr. Laura says.

    Thursday, July 24, 2008

    No surprise: Abortion doc pleads not guilty in patient death

    Dr. Rapin Osathanondh (O-SATH-an-on) pleaded innocent today on a charge of manslaughter in the death of 22-year-old Laura Hope Smith. Laura was declared dead September 13, 2007 at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis after going into cardio-respiratory arrest during a safe, legal abortion procedure performed at Osathanondh's office, which he called Women’s Health Center, in Hyannis. Osathanondh was released on his own recognizance after surrendering his passport.

    Osathanondh has already surrendered his license to practice medicine in order to halt -- and prevent public disclosure about -- a medical board investigation into Laura's death. Osathanondh had Laura under general anesthesia for her abortion, but was assisted only by a medically-untrained receptionist.

    Laura's mother, Eileen Smith, told Operation Rescue West that a Sheriff's Deputy from another county provided Osathanondh and his staff with CPR training after Laura's death, then backdated the session to a date prior to Laura's death, with the full knowledge that someone had recently died at the facility. Osathanondh and his staff had been not been certified in CPR at the time of Laura's fatal abortion. Eileen has filed a complaint in Bristol County against the deputy. Laura's family have also filed a lawsuit against Osathanondh in order to bring to light the truth about Laura's death.

    Osathanondh is not the first abortionist to have untrained staff assisting with patients under general anesthesia:

  • Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health (medical director David Gluck) had nobody on staff qualified to administer general anesthesia, resulting in death of "Kelly".
  • Hanan Rotem had a receptionist with no medical training administering general anesthesia; I have been unable to determine if this was a factor in the death of Gloria Aponte. Rotem was a member of the National Abortion Federation.

  • Joe Bills Reynolds had the janitor administering general anesthesia in his facility, where Gaylene Golden underwent her fatal abortion.

    He is also not the first abortionist to face charges in the death of a legal abortion patient:

  • Dr. Robert Sherman was charged with murder in the 1975 abortion death of Rita McDowell.

  • Frank Robinson was charged with murder in the 1982 abortion death of Jennifer Suddeth.

  • David Benjamin was indicted for murder in the 1993 abortion death of Guadalupe Negron.

  • Bruce Steir (rhymes with "fear") was charged with murder in the 1996 abortion death of Sharon Hamplton (pictured, with son Curtis).

  • John Biskind was charged with homicide in the 1998 abortion death of Lou Ann Herron.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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  • 1929: Teen dies after abortion by doctor

    On July 24, 1929, 19-year-old Emmy Anderson died of complications of an abortion that had been performed by Dr. Swen Windrow of Chicago on July 16.

    Dr. Windrow was held by the coroner on July 25. Jacqu Lagrave, age 67, was held as an accessory. Windrow was indicted February 6, 1929 for felony murder.

    Emmy's abortion was typical of illegal abortions in that it was performed by a physician.

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    Wednesday, July 23, 2008


  • Abortion infection: I have 73 fatal cases listed here. A sample: Marla Cardamone (pictured, left) was browbeaten into an unwanted abortion by a social worker at Magee Women's Hospital. Betty Damato was given a trash bag, and instructions to collect whatever she expelled in the bag and bring it to her abortion provider. Edrica Goode (pictured, right) died on Valentine's Day of 2007, after a nurse at Planned Parenthood ignored a vaginal infection and inserted laminaria anyway. Carolina Gutierrez (pictured, left) suffered multiple amputations before finally dying of sepsis from her safe and legal abortion. Yvonne Mesteth was the second of two patients to die of infection after abortions by erstwhile criminal abortionist Benjamin Munson -- who later became a member of the National Abortion Federation.

  • Dr. Leo Kenneally: Owner/operator of Her Medical Clinic in California. He performed the fatal abortion on Lilliana Cortez. Also dead at his mill were Michelle Thames, Donna Heim, and Maria Soto. Her Medical Clinic faced a formal complaint filed by local emergency room doctors due to the large number of abortion-injured women who were arriving by ambulance from Her. Keneally also botched abortions at Inglewood Women's Clinic. (Scroll to the bottom.)

  • Abortion/suicide link: David Reardon's research.

  • EMW Women's Clinic: Not the most savory of places. EMW's abortionist botched an abortion on a 16-year-old Indiana girl that Planned Parenthood brought across state lines to evade parental consent laws.

  • Abortion without death: Called "failed abortion" or "The Dreaded Complication", depending on whether it happens early or late in the pregnancy. These ought to satisfy whoever was looking for "abortion miracles" as well.

  • Delta Women's Clinic of Baton Rouge: one of three independently operated facilities under same ownership. The others were in Gulfport, MS and New Orleans LA. The Baton Rouge facility was gutted by fire in 2001. The fire was ruled accidental, due to an electrical problem. Ingar Weber died after an abortion at Delta in 1990. Sheila Hebert died after an abortion there in 1984.Delta's abortionist, James Whitmore III, lost his license to practice medicine in 2002.

  • Saline abortion deaths: In the United States, we can start with the New York carnage in the years before Roe. California was not to be outdone. And the deaths continued after Roe. The technique fell out of favor so it isn't nearly as often deadly for women. The most recent maternal death I know of is Linda Boom in 1995.

  • Dr. Tyrone Malloy: I really know very little about this guy. The Georgia medical board site notes that there is a public board order on Malloy, but at this time it can't be accessed. His Physician Profile page, however, indicates that he was fined and reprimanded for "unprofessional conduct." Malloy allowed his Maryland license to expire in 1981.

  • 20 week fetus
  • 1961: Mother's life ended by "life saving" abortion

    Erika Peterson, age 28, died July 23, 1961 during a legal abortion at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, California. At this time, abortion was only legal in California if it was done with the intention of saving the life of the mother.

    Erika had entered the hospital on July 11, 1961 during the first trimester of pregnancy, because of problems breathing. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and placed in a tank respirator. Her physicians made the decision to abort her child as soon as she was well enough to undergo the abortion. On July 21st, Erika's condition was improved, and her husband signed the consent form for the abortion, which was scheduled to take place two days later.

    Erika went into cardiac arrest during the abortion and was unable to be resuscitated. The abortion that was intended to save her life ended her life instead.

    After autopsy, it was believed that Erika's original illness was caused by a hereditary disease that was exacerbated by the medications she was taking for her schizophrenia.

    Erika's was not the only tragic death caused by doctors who recommended (or excused) abortion as a life-saving or health-preserving option for the mother:

    • Allegra Roseberry was pushed into an abortion in order to obtain experimental cancer treatment.
    • Anjelica Duarte sought an abortion on the advice of her physician, and ended up dying under the care of a quack.
    • Barbara Hoppert died after an abortion recommended due to a congenital heart problem.
    • Christin Gilbert (pictured) died after an abortion George Tiller holds was justified on grounds of maternal health.
    • "Molly" Roe died in 1975 when her doctors made the dubious decision to perform a saline abortion to improve her chances of surviving a lupus crisis.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Silence equals death

    Christians Have Serious Problems With My Position on Abortion

    OhDaughterofZio provides a fairly thoughtful post, but one that also demonstrates how shallow the discourse on abortion evidently is within the church as well as society.

    As far as I'm concerned, we can't legislate away the fact that there has been a serious twisted depravity that's taken the place of a heart that was created by the living God to be intrinsically nurturing and protective of the life that grows underneath said heart...

    When a woman's very first instinct is so marred and hardened into the desire to stop the beating heart of her own child, no law is going to remove that sentiment.

    I will concede that in many cases, there is a twisted depravity in the heart of many a woman procuring an abortion. You can read their stories on hardcore feminist blogs. Their attitude is, "Yeah, it's a baby. And I didn't invited it. And somebody owes it to me to kill the little parasite. Because I am god of my own life. Period. Paragraph."

    But this isn't what's bringing the typical woman into an abortion clinic. "I have no choice!" is a fairly typical cry of the woman on the abortion table. She's not there because she wants her baby to die. She's there because she feels trapped and sees abortion as her only way out. As Frederica Mathewes-Green poignantly wrote:

    A woman doesn’t want an abortion as she wants an ice-cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap, wants to gnaw off its own leg.

    There may be force or coercion involved as well.

    Another factor that is ignored in public discourse is the ambivalence that is normal in early pregnancy. Alec Bourne, the ob/gyn who successfully challenged the abortion law in the UK, wrote:

    Those who plead for an extensive relaxation of the law [against abortion] have no idea of the very many cases where a woman who, during the first three months, makes a most impassioned appeal for her pregnancy to be 'finished,' later, when the baby is born, is thankful indeed that it was not killed while still an embryo. During my long years in practice I have had many a letter of the deepest gratitude for refusing to accede to an early appeal.

    Women are not told at any point that ambivalence and even rejection of the pregnancy are normal and self-limiting. They don't hear it in sex-ed, and they're certainly not hearing it when they're in the abortion facility, signing the death warrant for babies that they'd be perfectly happy to give birth to, if only they were given the chance to work through the normal psychological tasks of pregnancy.

    There is also another misapprehension in OhDaughterofZio's post: the assumption that the woman getting on the abortion table knows that her unborn child has a beating heart. One common thread in many sad abortion stories is the lies women are told to get them to consent to abortions:

    One patient told the clinic owner that she had concerns about hurting "the baby". The owner told her, "What baby? There's no baby. There's just two periods there that will be cleaned out... Oh, you're pregnant. But there is no baby there. Get that out of your head. You know how much blood there is on the pad during your period? That little bit? Well, this will be twice as much. Two periods. And some water."

    One of the things that got me off the fence was my babysitter's lamentation about how the Planned Parenthood counselor's response to her questions about "the baby" was that there was nothing but some cells, "like a blood clot".

    The law can't address the hardened heart of a mother who knows it's a baby and wants it to die. But the law can address the fraudulent and deplorable behavior of counselors and doctors who lie to women, or omit vital information.

    OhDaughterofZio goes on to say:

    I feel that we can attempt to stop abortion, but that abortion is the symptom of a much deeper problem.

    Very true. But that doesn't mean that we don't address the symptom. After all, fever is a symptom of an underlying problem. That doesn't mean that we don't do everything in our power to bring the fever down. Yes, abortion is symptomatic of a variety of ills in society, the church, the family, and the individual heart. But the same is true of rape, murder, child abuse, poverty, and a myriad other ills. We still address those evils head-on, even as we work toward healing the underlying problems. If you saw a woman beating her toddler in the park, would you simply pray that she find peace in Christ, or would you intervene to prevent injury to the child, then witness to the woman? Aside from the immediate need to protect the child, there is also the fact that failure to intervene does a spiritual harm to the woman, by allowing her sin to escalate to where it drives her further from Christ.

    no signs we hold up at clinics will have anywhere near the power that true evangelism rooted in the desire to exemplify the love and the heart of the living God.

    But a loving presence at the clinic can be a blessing, and in and of itself a form of evangelism:

    Don't all frightened women, thinking they have no way out, deserve the love and help this young mother got? To simply declare yourself "prochoice" and "let her decide" is to abandon her to isolation and despair.

    Make Proverbs 23:11 a reality.

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  • Back alley abortion stories: What are you looking for? Gruesome tales of horrible quackery visited on hapless women? or maybe stories of the classic back alley abortions, performed by doctors letting patients in through the back alley?

  • Scriptures and Abortion: With the help of then-Christian Humor Guide Greg Hartman, I once put together a series of articles on Scriptures and abortion. Exodus 21 and Abortion explores the scripture that gets batted about most by abortion supporters. Scriptures on the Unborn Apply to Abortion looks at specific scriptural references to prenatal life. Assorted Scriptures and Abortion looks at scriptures on justice and on dealing with crises.

  • Eileen Smith abortion: Eileen's daughter, Laura Hope Smith (pictured), died on the abortion table under the dubious care of Rapin Osathanondh this past September.

  • Songs about abortion

  • Self-induced abortion: Don't try this at home.

  • Geri Santoro: literally the poster child for legal abortion advocacy. A photo of her, naked on the motel room floor where her married lover left her to die, is circulated by those who claim that legalizing abortion had put an end to such tragedies. Guess again.

  • 18 week fetus

  • 20 week fetus

  • reviews on emw women's surgical center: It depends on how much you like a place that hires a security chief who uses the clinic as a rape site.
  • 1974: Detroit woman overdosed on Demerol for abortion

    On July 22, 1974, twenty-two-year-old Carole Wingo died of a Demerol overdose during a safe and legal abortion at Mercy General Hospital in Detroit.

    Despite the name, Mercy was not a general hospital. It was an abortion hospital. It was also a hospital in big trouble even before Carole's death. The Michigan Public Department of Health had cited Mercy for 43 violations of nursing standards and 12 violations of physical plant standards in October of 1973, and had withheld their license. Among the violations were that the operating room lacked a cardiac monitor, a resuscitator, and a defibrillator.

    Carole's mother filed suit against the facility and doctors David Northcross, Chuk Nwokedi, and Robert Wolf.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Monday, July 21, 2008

    1923: Mystery abortion in Chicago proves fatal

    On July 21, 1923, 28-year-old Mrs. Mary Federowicz died at Chicago's St. Mary's Hospital from complications performed that day. Mrs. Anna Mithnewicz, whose profession was not given, was identified by the coroner as the person responsible, but no arrest was made.

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    Sunday, July 20, 2008

    1970: Yet another victim of New York's new abortion law

    "Sheryl" was 23 years old when she decided to take advantage of the fact that safe, legal abortion had been made available in New York just recently. She had a history of sickle cell anemia and three live births.

    She was in her first trimester of pregnancy when she underwent the abortion on July 11, 1970. Nine days later, July 20, she died from sickle cell crisis. The other women I've identified as dying from sickle cell crisis triggered by an abortion are Margaret Davis and Betty Hines.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    Saturday, July 19, 2008

    1970: New York abortion law claims another victim

    "Alice" was 31 years old and 14 weeks pregnant when she chose to undergo a safe and legal abortion in New York City. She had a history of rheumatic heart disease and two previous live births. After saline was injected into her uterus to kill the fetus, Alice developed acute pulmonary edema (excess fluid in the lungs) and died on July 19, 1970.

    New York had just legalized abortion on demand, effective July 1, 1970. Alice is the first woman known to have died specifically from a saline abortion under the new law. But she was not the first death: "Judy" has that dubious distinction. She had died on July 12 from complications of an abortion performed six days earlier.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    1971: Abortion triggers fatal sickle-cell crisis

    Betty Hines was 21 years old when she was checked into Doctors Hospital in California for a safe, legal abortion to be performed by Dr. A. Mitchell on July 19, 1971. Mitchell had been her physician for three or four years. Betty was eight weeks pregnant.

    There didn't seem to be anything wrong during the procedure. Betty was transferred to the recovery room, when she suddenly went into cardio-respiratory arrest. Mitchell theorized that perhaps Betty had died because of a bad vial of Inovar, because the next patient who was injected from that vial also went into cardiac arrest but was successfully resuscitated.

    Betty's autopsy, however, found no trave of Inovar in her system. A toxicology check was also done on the vial of medication, and found nothing wrong with the Inovar. Betty's death was attributed to massive intravascular sickling due to underlying sickle cell disorder.

    Other women who died of sickle cell crisis triggered by abortion include Margaret Davis and Sheryl Roe.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    1925: New York abortion death

    Very little is on record about the death of 17-year-old Gertrude Wynants. According to the New York Times, Gertrude died on July 19, 1925, of a criminal abortion. Mrs. Margaret Shott Higgens, age 23, was indicted for manslaughter in Gertrude's death.

    For more on pre-legalization abortion, see The Bad Old Days of Abortion

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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    But isn't that the whole point? That they're just medical waste?

    California Woman Settles Lawsuit Over Disposal of Baby After Abortion

    A woman has settled her lawsuit with Los Angeles County after officials said the body of her baby after an abortion had been disposed of along with medical waste. Yolanda Garnett filed the suit saying she was prevented from receiving her baby's body afterwards for a more proper burial.

    Garnett, who is 36, had an abortion in February 2006 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at 19 weeks into the pregnancy.

    Because the baby was killed in an abortion and not by other causes, Los Angeles County could not issue a death certificate nor could it give Garnett a burial or cremation permit.

    Upset that she couldn't bury her baby, Garnett filed a negligence lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court last September. Officials said her baby girl's body was deemed bio-medical waste and thrown out.

    "Under those circumstances the remains could not be released to the next of kin, so the fetal remains were disposed of as a specimen per Department of Coroner policy," the county's court papers say, according to KTLA.

    Let me get this straight:

    It's okay to kill the fetus, because after all it's not a baby; it's just a blob of disposable non-viable tissue. But it's not okay to send the disposable non-viable tissue to the incinerator, because it's a baby that deserves a decent burial.

    Look Yolanda -- If you dehumanize your baby so you can kill her, you have no business turning around and re-humanizing her so you can have a nice funeral. Either she really is a baby -- in which case you have no right to kill her -- or she really is just medical waste -- in which case you would have to be certifiably insane to want to have a funeral.

    The idea that you have a right to kill somebody then hold their funeral is absurd, akin to a guy who shoots a convenience store clerk dead bitching that the family of his victim didn't consult with him about funeral arrangements.

    1979: Gas gangrene kills teen abortion patient

    Twenty-year-old Gail Ann Vroman had a safe and legal abortion performed on July 14, 1979, by New York abortionist Taskin Ratharathorn at Ft. Wayne Women's Health Organization. Within two hours, Gail was transferred to a nearby hospital. Gail died of massive infection on July 18. The coroner ruled that the death was caused by clostridium perfringens, or "gas gangrene."

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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    1979: Mom bleeds to death after abortion

    Geneva Calton, age 21, mother of two, underwent an abortion at Northside Family Planning Service in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 18, 1979. On the drive back home she was in pain, but she figured that this was just the cramping the clinic had told her to expect.

    At 8:30 that evening, Geneva was admitted to a hospital, with no vital signs detected. Doctors attempted to resuscitate her, to no avail. She was pronounced dead. The autopsy found that Geneva's uterus had been perforated. She had bled to death -- something that the vehemently pro-abortion Centers for Disease Control said simply should not happen in a safe, legal abortion, given all the tools the doctors have to detect and treat bleeding in abortion patients.

    Northside was eventually sued by their malpractice insurer because they'd allowed one of their abortionists to continue to perform surgery even though his manual dexterity had deteriorated due to multiple sclerosis. The suit by the insurer also alleged failure to meet state health standards, failure to have enough nurses on duty, failure to have proper on-call procedures, and lack of a professional director of medical services.

    The clinic where Geneva's fatal abortion was performed seems to be the same clinic where Catherine Pierce underwent her fatal abortion in 1989.

    For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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