Monday, September 25, 2017

An Open Letter to Penn Jillette

Dear Mr. Jillette:

I want to pound through your thick skull the level of betrayal being imposed on the women and girls of America by people I get the feeling you're dumb enough to trust because they share your love of all things sexually licentious as long as it's consensual. (Though they're not nearly as picky about the consensual part of that as you probably are.) I want you to get as pissed off as I am that these people are getting away with this betrayal. Not just getting away with it, but being applauded as champions of honesty and professionalism and respect for individual rights.

They're as devious as any Three-Card Monte hustler, and more dangerous because people only trust the con artists with their money. Women are trusting these bullshit artists with their bodies and their lives.

I'm flat out challenging you: How big are your balls? Are they big enough for you to really look at what kind of shit the National Abortion Federation really does, and to call them out on it? Or are you a pussy who only pays lip service to honesty and basic human decency? Are you willing to give them a pass because they facilitate sexual licentiousness?

You present yourself as curious, as wanting to learn new things all the time. Learn something you most certainly do NOT want to know. Take twenty minutes of your life to watch this documentary (linke here, embedded below) and one hour of your life to watch this follow-up (link here, embed below) and ask youself, "What kind of scum bucket would refer women to that place?" Then wrap your head around this fact: Not only did National Abortion Federation members refer women to Dr. Kermit Gosnell, one clinic actually had him start abortions on their patients in their clinic, then finish them in his Philadelphia "house of horrors."

And ask what else they're willing to turn a blind eye to.

Are you willing to call bullshit on people that you want to think well of?

People will listen to you. You can speak out and be heard. Or you can just write off the women NAF betrays as so much grist for the abortion mill. Your choice. Stay silent and I'll know that the biggest bullshitter of all is you.

Christina Dunigan

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Put it in a gift bag

This undercover video of an abortion clinic owner lamenting the problem of disposing of all those dead fetuses is very educational.

For all the callousness of her "put it in a gift bag" comment, I would be totally behind making disposition of fetal remains the mother's problem. If she takes abortion drugs and expels the fetus at home, it's her problem. What do they do with the remains? Flush them? Bury them in the back yard? Bring them back to the clinic? Is there a disposal fee if they bring the fetus back to the clinic for disposal?

Here's an article regarding a study done in the UK regarding women's thoughts and experiences relating to what happens to the aborted baby's body: Q&A: Disposal of fetal tissue after abortion.