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2004: Abortion arranged by abuser's sister fatal for teen

Tamiia RussellAs 2004 got started, 15-year-old Tamiia Russell was pregnant as a result of statutory rape. Her "boyfriend" was 24 years old. He recruited his sister to get rid of his problem. She took Tamiia to five different Detroit area abortion facilities, which turned her away because of how advanced the pregnancy was. One even offered the girl prenatal care and vitamins. But the abuser's sister hit pay dirt on January 7 at Womancare Clinic in Lanthrup Village, a National Abortion Federation member.

Staff at Womancare Clinic inserted laminaria to dilate Tamiia's cervix and prepare her for the actual abortion to be performed the following day.

Upon returning home, Tamiia told her mother and aunt what was happening. They contacted WomanCare, asking to have the laminaria removed because Tamiia did not want the abortion. Staff lied, telling the family that removing the laminaria would kill the girl. So, the next day, Tamiia went through with the procedure, performed by Dr. Alberto Hodari (pictured).

Tamiia bled heavily after coming home froom the abortion on January 8. She bled so heavily that the blood soaked a mattress. Her family called WomanCare, and were reassured that Tamiia's bleeding was normal. But rather than take their advice and do nothing, Tamiia's family called an ambulance. She was dead on arrival at the hospital despite paramedics' attempts to save her.

Dr. Leigh Hlavaty, who performed the autopsy on Tamiia, attributed her death to "uterine infarction with sepsis due to status second trimester abortion." Hlavaty said, "I ruled it normal because these complications are expected with this type of abortion."

Hodari was also implicated in the death of Chivon Williams. Dr. Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, reports that there have been 23 lawsuits in the past 20 years against WomanCare facilities and Alberto Hodari, for abortion injuries including complications resuting on hysterectomies on 19, 22, and 23-year-old women. All were dismissed, with many referring to undisclosed settlements.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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Egli Ha said...

Here's an interesting case: The boyfriend wants the baby, the girl wants to abort, so the boyfriend arsons the doc's office.

GrannyGrump said...

We don't leave men who don't want their child to die with many options, do we? How about not slating the children for death in the first place?

You set up death camps, and some people are going to try to rescue their children from them. Is it something we want people to do? No. But what CHOICE do we give them?


Egli Ha said...


Good line. I'll try that one next time I want to get someone to put out for me. If it doesn't work, I go on to "Take off your clothes or I'll arson your office!"

GrannyGrump said...

You don't get the part about how somebody was GOIN G TO KILL HIS CHILD.

He wasn't upset that his favorite TV show had been pre-empted. Or that a girl turned him down for a date. Or that his steak was undercooked. SOMEBODY WAS GOING TO KILL HIS CHILD.

And with the enthusiastic approval of millions of his fellow citizens.

ANY man who would just shrug that off with, "Oh, well. Better luck next time" doesn't deserve to be called a man, any more than a woman who actually WANTS to climb on the abortion table and have her child killed deserves to be called a woman.

We don't have the proper vocabulary to describe people who are keen on killing their own children. It's an insult to real men and real women to apply the words to people who kill their own children simply because they want to. But that's just a flaw in the English language.

There was a time we tolerated slavery. There was a time that rape and pillage were just perks of being soldiers. And one day there will be a time when we look back on abortion with the same horror and loathing with which we now view what was considered "normal" when those practices were embraced.

If you don't want people to hate you for killing their children, STOP THE KILLING. It's really very simple. It's too bad that too many people are too fucked up to grasp that killing babies is just wrong.

Egli Ha said...

We don't mind being hated; we object to being arsoned.

Something being "wrong" is not by itself a good enough reason to ban it.

GrannyGrump said...


The question ought not to be "Why did this guy do this?" but "Why aren't fathers all over the country standing up in defense of their children?"

The harpies of the Left have castrated American men. It's about time they grew some balls and started saying, "Anybody who wants to kill my child has to do it over my dead body."

And it's about time the NORMAL women rose up and said that the babykilling harpies do NOT speak for normal women. Then need to refuse to choose.

When BOTH parents say, "Enough is enough! Nothing in this world is worth buying at the cost of my child's life!"

And the doctors need to grow a set as well. What kind of quack performs surgery on a patient who self-refers, based on what she heard from her friends or read in magazines or just decided on her own?

If I walked into an ENT's office and said, "My friend's kids had their tonsils out and it cleared up their sinus problems. So I want you to take my tonsils out," and he actually set up an appointment and yanked my tonsils, he'd be rightly censured for quackery. If somebody walked into an oncologist's office and said, "I think this lump in my breast is cancer; I want you to do a mastectomy" and he just lopped the breast off, he'd rightly be censured for quackery. But four thousand women a day self-refer for abortions, based on conversations with friends and family, stuff they read on the internet, things they heard from activists, etc.

And this is applauded by people like you.

Anonymous said...

Can we back up a bit please and realise that we don't have all the details for this case. Whatever it is, it doesn't sound like they were a stable happy couple in which a young child might flourish - do they?

If father felt the only way he could stop her abortion was to torch the place rather then ask her to wait while they looked at all the options, leads me to believe that he was a touch violent.

Grannygrump knows I don't think that death is the worst thing that could happen to anyone so I wonder what happened to that baby in the end?


Anonymous said...

Also, about Tammiia's story - something just doesn't gell for me. Why didn't she talk to her mother and Aunt before the abortion? If she was so far along in her pregnancy, didn't anyone pick it up and call the police on statutory rape?

Dows that not strike you as odd?


GrannyGrump said...

Lilliput, I'm not saying the guy is a paragon. There's a LOT we don't know. I'm saying we need to ask how the hell we got to the point where a man trying to SAVE HIS CHILD FROM DEATH is looked at as a freak at best. The man who looks the other way, who doesn't care if his child is put to death, the man who actively wants the child put to death, THOSE are the men who should be looked at askance. We should be asking first what's wrong with them, that they're abdicating the role of protecting their families.

What that guy did is a symptom of a sick, sick, sick society, and our reaction to him is even more evidence of the sickness.

As to what happened to the baby, I'd like to know why "We don't know that all would have been peachy" comes to mean, "So it's probably best if somebody just snuffed him." When a fireman pulls somebody out of a burning building, we don't get in the fireman's face about how that person will fare at the burn center, how much rehabilitation he might need, etc. Nobody lambastes firemen for pulling people out of burning buildings even though we also know that burn injuries typically mean hideous pain, often nasty disfigurement, and frequently disability.

I agree that death isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. That'd be damnation. And there are a buttload of other horrible things that can befall people. But we have to ask what kind of a sick society have we built, where it's considered normal for a mother to be killing her child and abnormal for the father to protect the child.

GrannyGrump said...

Lilliput, I don't know why Tamiia didn't go to her family. Was she afraid her "boyfriend" would hurt her, hurt them, leave her? We can't ask her. We can only look at other girls in similar situations and we can see that there are a variety of scenarios.

Teens can be good at hiding pregnancies. And every abortion facility the abuser's sister took her to failed to report the statutory rape. Why? Good question.

Nothing about Tamiia's story strikes me as odd. It's all too typical. It's like the stories of drunk drivers, or women who move in with men who abuse their kids, or so on. People do things that are crazy, stupid, and/or evil. And what went on with Tamiia is unusual only in that we know names and dates.