Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is it boredom or love?

I have a troll -- perhaps two trolls, but I'm assuming it's just SoMG, who swears it's not him -- who is here in perpetuity, endlessly letting me know how boring my blog is by reloading posts and voting that they're very boring or bogus. He came in twice to let me know that "A lesson in basic statistical analysis" is boring or bogus. Here's the count for other posts:

An even dozen each for "A happy anniversary", "1983: Teen loses three-month battle for her life after abortion punctures her bowel", "2004: Abortion arranged by abuser's sister fatal for teen", "1984: Fatal abortion in Rhode Island".

Thirteen reloads to let me know he thinks "1901: Abortion by midwife proves fatal" is boring or bogus.

He revisited "Today's questions" and "1923: Midwife's efforts prove fatal for Chicago woman", THIRTY THREE TIMES EACH to tell me how boring and bogus they are!

And "1988: Abortionist tries to cure hemorrhage with soup" brought him back THIRTY SEVEN TIMES!

"1930: Mystery abortion kills Chicago woman" - THIRTY EIGHT visits.

"Historic abortion death added to Cemetery of Choice" - 43!

He just can't stay away.

Maybe this is his way of throwing snowballs at Susie Durkins, if you get my drift. Maybe he's starting to turn into a Weird Al song:

OR --

Maybe this guy's mom's basement is so boring, and his life so empty and devoid of anything else to fill his time, that he's left with noting to do but read and re-read blog posts so he can complain about how boring they are.

Maybe it's both.

Come to think of it, it's probably both. Otherwise he'd be finding some Star Trek blog to get into and argue the finer points of the Klingon language.

Regardless, I'm not impressed. And I'm probably feeding into his obsession by paying this much attention to him. But this is one case where you've gotta share the joke.

In closing, O Stalker of Mine:


Anonymous said...

Grannygrump, its love and the need to a deeper understanding of the issue.

Don't take it to heart.


GrannyGrump said...

I'm not "taking it to heart"; I'm just annoyed that the polling system I installed to try to get an idea of whether or not people get what they're actually looking for when they come here is being used instead by a troll. I'm not getting the information I want.

People who come in from searches aren't using the poll at all.

John said...


What's "SoMG"? Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

"SoMG" = Spirit of Martin Gardner.

Anonymous said...

Why assume the "comment rater" is a male? No male has paid attention to you since when, the 80's? That seems unlikely to change, ever.

GrannyGrump said...

*falls down laughing*

You don't know me very well, do you?