Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Bush did for women

The Left has a total fixation on abortion being the greatest good for women, ever, under any circumstances. If you're not out there promoting abortion, you are just terrible for women. So, by Leftie standards, Bush was a horrible President, because he just furthered the horrible oppression of women. After all, what does every woman in the world supposedly want? Abortion.

How about this woman, and all the women like her, enfranchised for the first time? Think of the millions of Iraqi women, recognized for the first time as full citizens with full rights. Before Bush and his supposedly unholy "invasion" they were not only disenfranchised -- they were property. They couldn't go out in public without being tented in clothing that kept you from seeing even their eyes. They couldn't go out without a male family member to accompany them. They were not permitted to be educated. How much did Bush do for them, compared to the National Abortion Rights Action League and all the other Lefties? This woman is free now, for the first time in her life. Her fellow female Iraqis are free now, for the first time in their lives. They're citizens, not chattel. But because the package didn't include a promise of free and unfettered abortions, somehow they're not free? Bush is oppressing them? Ask them. I think they'd beg to differ.

And what about these women, and other women like them in Africa? Bush has done more for Africa than any other US President, targeting poverty, AIDS, and genocide. What do you think the women of Africa want more -- safe drinking water for their children, or cheap abortions?

I have to leave for work now so I don't have time to blog more on this, but it's a point worth pressing. There are other kinds of women in the world besides those for whom "abortion rights" is the be-all do-all end-all of their existence. And a heck of a lot of them have a lot of very good reasons to thank President Bush.


Anonymous said...

Grannygrump, its a little early to say what the future for Iraqi women holds - they are still in a war zone I believe, and we have yet to see if and how a new Iraqi government will treat its women. It could be someone that makes Sadaam look like a Saint, so I wouldn't write these things yet if I was you because I wouldn't like to have to eat my words later.

For me it seems that the more reigious a country is the less human rights there are for women.
I'll try to find something to back it up.


Amy said...

For me it seems that the more reigious a country is the less human rights there are for women.

It depends on your definition of "human rights", Lilliput.

Note that abortion is not a human right because it takes human lives.