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2004: Chemical abortion kills California woman

Twenty-two-year-old Chanelle Bryant was given the drugs for a safe and legal chemical abortion at a Family Planning Associates Medical Group facility in California, owned by the notorious Edward "Fast Eddie" Allred. Allred got his nickname because he's usually identified as the pioneer of abortion efficiency, cutting down doctor/patient contact to the bare minimum. He told the San Diego Union, "Very commonly we hear patients say they feel like they're on an assembly line. We tell them they're right. It is an assemble line, but that isn't necessarily bad." A colleague said that Allred "did for abortion what Ray Kroc did for hamburgers."

So this is the man who owned and was ultimately responsible for the facility where Chanelle trusted them with her life. A man whose attitude toward patient care was that they were to be processed efficiently, in and out as quickly as possible.

At the time of her visit, Chanelle was 9 weeks pregnant. The staff instructed her to use the prostaglandin as a suppository, rather than take an oral prostaglandin. This off-label use is being investigated by the CDC and FDA after Chanelle and four other US women died of infection after RU-486 abortions.

Chanelle suffered terrible pain four days after self-administering the medication. She sought emergency care at Huntington Memorial Hospital. Her condition deteriorated, and she wtas transferred to the intensive care unit at 1:20 PM. At 4:11 she went into cardiac arrest. She was taken into surgery at 5:27 to try to identify the source of her problems. Ten minutes into surgery she went into cardiac arrest again. She was pronounced dead at 5:51. The coroner's report attributed her death, January 14, 2004, to "sepsis and pneumonia due to Endomyometritis with abcess formation due to Termination of Pregnancy."

Thus Chanelle joined the sad ranks of women known to have died after FPA abortions: Denise Holmes, Mary Pena, Josefina Garcia, Lanice Dorsey, Joyce Ortenzio, Tami Suematsu, Christina Mora, Susan Levy, Patricia Chacon, Kimberly Neil, and Deanna Bell.

FPA is a member of the National Abortion Federation, an organization that ostensibly ensures that abortions are done safely.

Chanelle had been perfectly healthy before her abortion, according to her mother, Lynn Bryant. She told reporters that it was vital for medical professionals to be educated about the dangers of chemical abortions to prevent further maternal deaths.

Other women who have died after using the abortion cocktail include Holly Patterson, Cherish Roe, Tara Roe, Wanda Roe, Oriane Shevin, Vivian Tran, and Brenda Vise.

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