Tuesday, January 13, 2009

You, too, can chip in to perpetuate a living hell for a mentally disabled teenager

Dawn Eden is among the many blogging about the way "Neil" at the Abortion Clinic Days blog is trying to get people to pay for an abortion for a mentally disabled black teenager's abortion.

This girl's life is a living hell. Somebody keeps getting her pregnant, but nobody seems to be addressing that. They're just concerned with getting rid of the fetus.

Her mother is overstressed, decompensating, and clearly at the end of her rope. But all anybody can think about is getting rid of the fetus.

This family needs major intervention to address how their lives have become such a train wreck. But Neil and the smug folks at Abortion Clinic Days are content to help keep them in the hell they're in -- sexually abused mentally-disabled teenager, mom with no coping skills, baby living in a house where this sort of thing goes on.

Pray that they go to a CPC where they'll come to the attention of people who will actually see the fact that this situation is not caused by what's going on in that girl's uterus, nor is it going to be fixed by scraping the baby out.

I don't know what's sadder -- the fact that this family is so troubled, or the fact that so many people feel as if scraping the girl out and sending her home for more is something to congratulate themselves for.


Anonymous said...

How do you feel about sterilising her as a solution?

Anonymous said...

That would do no more to protect her than an abortion would.


Sorry google is causing me problems.

sam said...

That wouldn't protect her at all! It would just make it that much easier for whomever is using her to satisfy themselves to not get caught!