Sunday, January 18, 2009

What just a bit of awareness and care can do

It started with a rock band. It spread to sports teams. Now the Federal government. And they're shooting to get state goverments involved: Give leftover food to the hungry instead of throwing it out.

So simple. No skin off anybody's teeth. But I bet it makes a difference. Wouldn't you rather have food that was prepared for a rock star's dinner, that he didn't feel like eating and gave to you instead, rather than standard soup kitchen food?

And it's great that the food isn't being wasted any more.

Kudos. And pass it along in your own workplace if you ever have leftover food that would otherwise be thrown away.

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Zoe said...

My wedding caterer did this- any food we didn't want to tote home could be given to charity (assuming it was safe to do so, some things wouldn't be safe to eat by the next day).