Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Two abortion deaths to remember

November 2 is the sad anniversary of the abortion deaths of Latachie Veal in 1991, and Karretu Jabbie in 1989.

It's especially important to note that although Latachie's death was discussed by her abortionist at a National Abortion Federation event attended by two CDC employees, the CDC didn't count any abortion deaths among women of Latachie's death and age range for 1991. So much for their vigilance in noting abortion deaths.

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Anonymous said...

I was living in Texas when Latachie Veal died in Houston. I remember how the grief was compounded because I could drive by the abortion clinic in our city where the same abortionist continued to do his worst.

Latachie Veal is probably the only woman who has died from an abortion that I remember by name. I was thinking of her earlier this week. I didn't realize it was the anniversary of her death.