Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Three illegal anniversaries

Today marks the anniversary of another of the string of Oklahoma City illegal abortion deaths. April 25, 1932, 17-year-old Mrs. Frank Lee, a University of Oklahoma co-ed, lost her life. Richard E. Thacker, a surgeon, was charged with the death.


In January of 1902, Abraham Conheim promised marriage to 19-year-old Harriet Larocque. According to her father, Harriet was "previously chaste and of good reputation." With the promise of marriage, Harriet became sexually involved with Conheim.

In April of 1902, Harriet discovered that she was pregnant. Conheim reneged on his promise of marriage, and instead arranged a criminal abortion for her. Harriet took ill after the abortion, dying on April 25.

Harriet‘s father sued Conheim for seducing and debauching his daughter, impregnanting her, and causing her death.


On April 25, 1899, Sarah Messinger died in St. Luke's Hospital in Chicago from an abortion performed by Marie Kampfer. Sarah died at the crime scene on the day the abortion was performed. Kampfer was held for $5,000 bond by Coroner's Jury.

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