Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Very non-Christian perspectives on abortion

Thanks to Kathy who posted these links on the RealChoice FaceBook page:

A Spiritual Feminist Ethic on Abortion & Conception:
Woman is Shakti

The Sword Was Not With The Goddess


Katie said...


Rupert said...

Citing waffle from fringe groups - how desperate!
Do you fully believe in and follow their faiths?

Christina Dunigan said...

Ruper's Rule: You are not allowed to find anything interesting or noteworthy unless you 100% agree with it!

So why are you here, Rupert?

Kathy said...

Yeah, like, nobody does yoga, dude. There's, like, probably only a couple hundred people in the world that follow the various heathen religions. Yoga and paganism -- yeah, totally fringe.

Ladybug said...

Hey Christina, just wanted to drop in and say that I'm digging your new blog look, it's very easy on the eyes and peaceful :)

Katie said...

I can't even do anything but laugh at Rupert's inane comment. Talk about desperate! The whole point was to show some alternative viewpoints from the standard Christian one.

Yoga and paganism are NOT fringe, what world do you live in, Rupert?