Thursday, July 22, 2010


From JJ, a post I'd summarize as "He's nasty, but at least he kills babies."

Abortions are down in Michigan. Maybe this will free up a less rude abortionist for the clinic JJ posted about.

A tip of the hat to Big Blue Wave for this one: A guy who feels compelled to defend women who have the audacity to give birth to children other people think should have been aborted. How soon a "right to abort" begins morphing into a duty to abort.

Jill Stanek points out the bizarre spectacle of young people getting fired up in favor of an organization that would have gladly killed them just a few years earlier. Which is sort of like Zionist Jews becoming fans of the Third Reich after they escape to the Holy Land.


OperationCounterstrike said...

Lots of docs are rude, especially procedure-docs, who are judged largely on how quickly they can work. They have no time to waste on civility. They learn to comport themselves in a way which discourages others from engaging with them. If you try to ask a question, they interrupt with the answer rather than wait for you to finish the question.

This is a common personality trait among docs who do procedures. It's not specific to abortion by any means.

Christina Dunigan said...

OC, the point wasn't that rudeness was unique to abortion docs. The point was how bizarre it is that a willingness to dismember children is considered a redeeming quality. That's a sad commentary on what our society has descended into.

Ladybug said...

Yeah, usually douchebag, rude doctors are shunned by their peers, but instead this guy is "tolerated" because there aren't enough abortion providers. It sounds like they've chosen to prioritize protecting the abortion provider over the quality of care their patients recieve. But here's something for them to think about: How would an abortion experience where a patient already in an emtionally vulnerable state was treated rudely, yelled at, and belitted by her docter affect that patient's emotion wellbeing later on? And why should women have to submit themselves to doctors who treat them like crap or pieces of meat in order to obtain an abortion? Don't those women, the patients entrusting themselves to their care deserve better?

OperationCounterstrike said...

Rachel, no, rude procedure-docs are NOT usually shunned by their peers. Their peers (unlike you) understand the factors which cause them to be rude.

I know you WISH rude docs were shunned by their peers, but in the real world, it doesn't happen.

Ladybug said...

OC, tell it to these doctors and nurses