Monday, July 11, 2011

Steve Brigham's petition on behalf of women everywhere for the "right" to unlicensed nurses in abortion facilities

Brigham doesn't exactly own or operate the abortion mills in question, the way a puppeteer doesn't exactly move a puppet. After all, it's the strings that move the puppet, right?

Here's a choice (Ha!) snippet from Brigham's attempts to weasel out of responsibility (Evidently he has to first share the state's complaint before he can whine back that it's unfair.):

On October 11, 2006, AMA hired an office manager for its Pittsburgh office named Mary Grover who held herself out to be a licensed practical nurse (LPN), and indicated that she held a Pennsylvania license. She provided AMA with a license number that belonged to a different person named “Mary Grace Glover”. While employed by AMA, she assisted a physician on occasion when he performed abortions and administered anesthesia; she occasionally worked in the recovery room and oversaw the patients in the recovery room including monitoring their color, pulse, and blood pressure; and she prepared notes that she signed as the recovery room nurse. Mary Grover tendered her resignation to AMA in January of 2007. The improper health care services provided by Mary Grover were not reported to either the appropriate licensure board or any patients as required by the Settlement Agreement.

In short, they hired an RN who was no longer licensed and who was passing herself off as a licensed LPN by using the license number of a woman with a similar name. This unlicensed person was assisting with abortions, administering anesthesia, monitoring patients in recovery, and signing off as a nurse. Brigham's complaint, as near as I can decipher it, is that it's unfair to smack him down for hiring a woman who was using another nurse's license because "the Department was engaging in selective enforcement of its regulatory authority because they were abortion providers, in violation of their rights and the rights of women seeking abortions."

Got that? Smacking down Brigham for having an unqualified person acting as a nurse is "a violation of ... the rights of women seeking abortions."

I'd like to meet the women who really argue that they have a right to have unlicensed nurses assisting in their abortions. Show of hands, people?

Note, also, that the woman hired as an office manager was assisting with abortions and overseeing the recovery room.

By the way, am I the only person to think that Brigham has a bit of a Ted Bundy thing going? And if you can't tell which one is Brigham and which one is Bundy, I think I've made my point.

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