Monday, August 15, 2011

The Ballistic Bully

Warning: Extreme foul language:

1. Clearly this guy's problem wasn't that his kid might see the picture. If his concern had been about the kid seeing the picture, he would have just driven by. The kid probably wouldn't have ever seen it. But this guy made a point of dragging his kid out of the car and shoving him right up into the picture. There was ZERO concern about his child being traumatized. In fact, he himself made a point of traumatizing his child as much as possible. That kid was extremely upset by his father's behavior, and really didn't seem to even care about the picture, just about his father screaming and ranting and frightening him. It looks as if the man was deliberately terrorizing his own child in order to punish the prolifers for being there.

2. The prolifers handled the situation admirably. They did nothing to escalate the situation. They remained calm and non-confrontational. They didn't try to reason with somebody who clearly was beyond the reach of reason. They kept documenting what was happening.

3. Clearly it strikes a nerve with people when you show them the reality of what abortion is. If they didn't at heart know that it was wrong, they'd not be upset. Opponents of PETA, after all, don't leap out of their cars and scream obscenities at PETA people. We roll our eyes and return to munching our hamburgers.

4. I suppose it's a good sign, then, that the guy at least has enough of a conscience to hurt that badly when reminded of what abortion is. It means he's not dead inside.

5. How does exacting revenge on the prolifers by terrorizing a child -- his own child -- in front of them help the situation?


kitty said...

...perhaps the child had a sibling who fared even worse. When people feel guilty, they respond with rage.

John said...

Wow, talk about unhinged. This man is really out of control. I commend the pro-lifers who didn't escalate the situation. If I'd been there, I think I would've been afraid he would have done violence! Very sad.