Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Two Very Different Responses to Docs Killing Patients

I have found a lot of information on both women whose deaths we commemorate today. Click on each woman's name to learn more about her story.

On March 1, 1928 Dr. Amante (or Amenti) Rongetti was sentenced to die after being convicted of murder in the November 16, 1927 abortion death of 19-year-old Loretta Enders. Many factors disclosed in court helped to seal the jury's verdict, including that Rongetti refused to provide Loretta with follow-up care because she had no money to pay him, and that the baby had been born alive and left to die unattended before being thrown in a furnace.

Rongetti's lawyer successfully got a new trial for his client who, while free, was implicated in the criminal abortion death of Elizabeth Palumbo, who died May 23 after an abortion performed May 10. Rongetti was tried again for Loretta's death in December of 1929. Rongetti found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to Joliet.

In more recent times, we see that abortionists are not slapped down quite so hard for recklessness that kills their patients.

On November 16, 2002, Dr. Mi Yong Kim, who had already lost her privileges at Fairfax Hospital in 1999, and voluntarily surrendered her license in the state of New York in 2000, massively overdosed 26-year-old "
Adelle," and failed to notice glaring signs that her patient had gone into cardiac arrest for lack of oxygen. She called an ambulance, but did nothing to resuscitate her patient, who was declared dead on arrival at the hospital. not only was Kim not subject to any criminal charges for her reckless, fatal carelessness, but the medical board also did not suspend or yank Kim's license, instead noting that she was making improvements in her quality of care. She was instead placed under stipulations regarding her use of anesthesia in her office and her record-keeping.

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