Thursday, December 01, 2011

Another One Bit the Dust

While looking for a photo to go with today's blog post about the death of Suzanne Logan, I found one -- with the obituary of the ... individual ... who killed her: Gideon M. Kioko, MD.

Kioko went to meet his maker on May 1, 2010, aged 70 years, 5 months, 10 days. Both of his victims, Suzanne Logan and Debra Gray, died at his hands at the age of 34.

Thanks to Kathy and Kitty, I've been able to figure out how to upload the PDF files from the Medical Board about this... character. And heeeeere they are!

1991 -- Documents relating to surrender of license
1995 -- Asks for his license back, is told to go pound sand
May 1997 -- Asks again, seems really sorry, so they say, "Okay, as long as you promise to be a good boy."
October 1997 -- "Stop doing outpatient abortions after 18 weeks, dude!"
1999 -- "Okay, you've been a good boy. You're fully reinstated as a totally okay doctor as far as we're concerned."
2005 -- Reiterating his Maryland badness, then smacking him down and suspending his license for being a quacky dipshit in the District of Columbia as well as in Maryland. I'll do a write up later on his escapades.
2006 -- Reiterating his badness and yanking his license.

Evidently he thought better of trying to get his license back this time and just enjoyed his money until he assumed room temperature. Thank God for that, anyway.


Kathy said...

When I clicked on the link for the medical board site, it just went to the "disclaimer" page, and I couldn't see how to access the particular documents.

I'm not sure how I'd do it, because it may depend on how they're available; but what I think I'd do (at least, if there is not an easier way), is to take a screenshot of each page, save it as an image; and using OpenOffice (available as a free download), I'd paste/insert each image on its own separate page, and then save the whole document as a PDF, and upload it to something like Google Docs and/or Blogger, if it has that function.

kitty said...

It's totally not showing anything besides a disclaimer- but I'm pretty tech-saavy and know a lot of places to host documents. If you can get me a link to get in, I might well be able to save them.

Christina Dunigan said...

Thanks, ladies! Just pulling my thoughts together to answer you seemed to have unlocked my brain.

Let's see if this works:

Kioko 1991 Medical Board Documents