Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Non-Connection Between School Shootings and Abortion

While yes, the slaughter of 3,000 innocent unborn children a day is by far a tragedy of greater magnitude than any school shooting, I take exception with the idea that legalization of abortion is part of the why of school shootings.

Psychopaths who want to go out in what they consider a blaze of glory don't gun down convicts on a roadside work crew. They don't target an inner city gang. They don't shoot up a KKK meeting or a rally of skinheads. They go after the people whose deaths will outrage the community the most: children.

We need to recognize that the outrage over school shootings is a hopeful sign, a sign that contrary to the propaganda of hardcore abortion advocates, the vast majority of Americans do not consider children to be vermin. They value children highly and are devastated when children are slaughtered. They just don't make the connection between the visible child in the playground and the invisible child in the womb.

And even among abortion advocates, there is a profound disconnect in their thinking between the unseen fetus in the womb and the smiling cherub face of a child whose family has an album full of photos. During a National Abortion Federation meeting, members of what amounts to an abortionists' guild expressed total bewilderment that prolifers think they don't like children. They make no connection whatsoever between the child-killing that they devote their lives to and the lives of the baby in the stroller or the second-grader on the playground, any more than a Nazi would make a connection between the Jewish grandmother he's shoving into a mass grave and his own grandmother.

So we need to take this real value that they place on the children that they can see and work with it.

Talk about why it's so heinous to kill children. Why? Because those children had their whole lives ahead of them. They were robbed of Little League games and trips to the zoo; they were robbed of getting their drivers' license and going to the prom. They were deprived of falling in love and getting married and having children of their own.

The younger you are when you're murdered, they grasp, the more of life you're being robbed of.

So, isn't it terrible to rob somebody of every single life experience? Of a single moment of being snuggled over her mother's heart? Of a single moment of warm sun shining on his face?. Of the jingling of car keys and the mushy sweetness of that first bite of banana? The child killed in the womb gets denied even the few life experiences those precious schoolchildren had before their lives were horribly cut short.

We need to start with the profound sense people have that killing children is wrong, make them articulate it, and then ask them, at what point is it no longer wrong? At what point are you not depriving somebody of the rest of their life?

Just ask. And let them stew on it.

But don't make the mistake of thinking that AL shot up kids because our society doesn't value them. The truth is quite the contrary.


Unknown said...

Thank you. I shudder when I hear statements that automatically connect abortion to whatever evil of the day; oversimplification of such issues leads to greater alienation. I strongly agree with how you described the issue and bringing it up as discussion.

Lola said...

This is a GREAT post on this recent horror.

Thank you for articulating it so well.