Monday, February 11, 2013

A 1995 Death I Only Just Learned About

When 24-year-old Ta Tanisha Wesson went to Family Planning Associates Medical Group in the Los Angeles area on January 26, 1995 for a safe, legal abortion, she brought a friend with her, Mickey Gaton.

Mickey had been sitting in the waiting room for several hours when she saw an ambulance approach. Though staff knew that Mickey had come with Ta Tanisha, she said, they didn't tell her anything about complications.

Somehow Mickey found out that it was her friend being loaded into the ambulance. She called Ta Tanisha's parents, Lin and Nicole Wesson, who rushed to the facility.

There, Ta Tanisha's father said, they were unable to get any information about their daughter from the staff. "Everything was done in secrecy," he said.

Ta Tanisha was taken to the hospital, never regaining consciousness. She died on February 1, leaving behind a five-year-old son, David, motherless.

Her parents sued, saying that Ta Tanisha was given too much anesthetic. Their attorney said, "We are claiming negligence by the clinic staff who were not present when she began vomiting and ultimately delayed 20-25 minutes before calling for emergency help."

Other women who died from abortions perpetrated at Family Planning Associates include:


Susie Allen said...

where is this place located?

Christina Dunigan said...

Sorry! It was in the Los Angeles area. I added that information.