Wednesday, March 26, 2014

BREAKING: 911 Records Show Cleveland Abortion Patient “Not Breathing At All”

Operation Rescue has obtained a 911 tape and transcript from Friday, March 21. Staff at Cleveland's Preterm abortion facility called an ambulance for a 22-year-old patient who had stopped breathing and was being resuscitated.

Video of the woman being loaded into the ambulance does not seem to show any CPR being performed. It is possible that the caller confused "bagging" the patient (assisting with breathing" with CPR (trying to restore a heartbeat), and that this is just a case of respiratory arrest being addressed.

Since three staff followed -- believed to be a nurse, a doctor, and the office manager -- this seems to indicate attempts to retain control of a living patient. The office manager alone would suffice to do damage control for a dead patient.

I'm praying that this young woman is still alive and will recover.


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