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Pervy Abortionist Still Running Clinic While Prochoice Investigate Pregnancy Help Centers

State suspends Lathrup Village abortion clinic license after failed health inspection

According to the Michigan Attorney General’s Office, the state has suspended the license of a local clinic where abortions are performed after authorities discovered several health code violations. .... According to a document sent to the facility by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the center failed to maintain a sterile facility and inform a patient of risks, consent or complications of a procedure. Workers allegedly were performing charting improperly, and did not have adequate supplies and tools, among other things.

A snapshot of a smiling, gray-haired man wearing a suit and tie
Jacob Kalo
Dr. Jacob Kalo owns the facility. He has an unsavory history. He was investigated in 1998 after two patients reported sexual abuse. The first patient said he groped her breast during the counseling session,  then when she was in the stirrups for her abortion he performed oral sex on her. She was unable to move or protest because she had been paralyzed by drugs Kalo had injected. 

An excerpt from a police report, in which a patient describes in detail Dr. Jacob Kalo's use of his fingers and tongue on her clitoris when she was paralyzed with drugs and unable to protest or resist
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When a police officer interviewed staff at the clinic, one assistant said that a female employee would be in the room during the procedure -- but also that Kalo would go into the room with the patient first and would press a buzzer to summon the assistant when he was ready for her to come into the procedure room. Several days later, when interviewed at the police station, this employee stated that Kalo was "rarely" alone in the room with a patient.

Kalo admitted to manipulating the patient's breast, but claimed that he only did it because he was unable to determine by ultrasound if the patient was pregnant, so he was checking her breast to see if it showed signs of being stimulated by pregnancy hormones. He denied licking the patient's genitals but said that he often sniffed the patient's vagina to smell for signs of infection. 

An excerpt from a police report in which a patient explicitly describes Dr. Jacob Kalo stimulating her clitoris with his fingers while she was on the procedure table for an abortion
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During the investigation another patient came forward with allegations that while she was on the procedure table the female assistant left the room and Kalo began rubbing her clitoris with his fingers. She sat up and told him to stop. The female assistant returned to the room. Kalo insisted that he had merely been cleaning the patient's genitals. The patient was so outraged and distressed that she immediately dressed and refused to lay back down.

Kalo was never arrested because authorities dismissed the women's complaints as being due to being under the influence of medications and being confused about the nature of the acts being performed by Kalo. Though it is difficult to understand how sexually experienced women could possibly be unable to distinguish between gynecological care and sexual activity.

Here's a question that's never been adequately answered: Abortion-rights group devote massive efforts to investigating prolife pregnancy centers and demanding that state authorities watch them like a hawk. Why do they have no interest in keeping a close eye on abortion facilities where patients are sexually abused? Whose interests are they really protecting?

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