Friday, July 24, 2015

The Mary Gatter Planned Parenthood "Sting" - Follow the Money?

UPDATE: I have modified this post because I was presented with an anaysis that I think makes more sense. I have concluded that I was being overly charitable toward Dr. Gatter, though I stand by my analysis of the Deborah Nucotela video.

First, a recap of what I wrote about the Nucotela video:

The Full Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Video provides the unedited video of the entire lunch meeting with Dr. Deborah Nucolela, along with a timeline indicating what is discussed at what points in the video. This enables the reader to verify what I am asserting.

The Shameful Edit of the Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Video examines the allegation that Dr. Nucotela uses partial-birth abortions to harvest the organs and tissues of aborted babies. I compare the edited video, which makes Dr. Nucotela look guilty, with the unedited video, which reveals that she said nothing that can honestly be construed as an admission of perpetrating partial-birth abortions.

Did She Really Say Planned Parenthood Sells Aborted Baby Parts does the same with the allegation that Dr. Nucotela admitted that Planned Parenthood profiteers from the tissues and organs of aborted babies.

Planned Parenthood Derangement Syndrome examines the prolife community's knee-jerk willingness to believe any allegations of evil committed by Planned Parenthood, and the tendency to cling to those allegations of evil even in the light of evidence to the contrary.

Now, to move on to the second video, recording a lunch meeting with Dr. Mary Gatter, President of the Medical Directions' Council of Planned Parenthood, and Laurel Felczer,  Senior Director of Medical Services of Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley. You can refer to the full, unedited video of that meeting and the transcript of that meeting.

Here is the video:

This second video is more damning than the first, and not only because Dr. Nucotela doesn't engage in the sort of haggling we seem to be seeing Dr. Gatter engaging in. Dr. Gatter is also jarringly flippant. And yes, she does appear very much to be haggling over the prices of fetal remains.

I must give credit to Josh Brahm, who summed it up thus:
It basically comes down to what is the most plausible explanation of the events. Obviously we want to be charitable, but there's a danger of being too charitable if we end up with a less plausible explanation of the events. I think if Dr. Gatter really wanted to make sure the clinics don't profit, then she would have responded to the negotiation very differently. She would have said something like, "You're thinking about this the wrong way. You want me to agree to a number when all we want is to be fairly reimbursed for our time/expenses and NOT A PENNY MORE. Those reimbursements will vary based on the clinic and other factors like whether your people are the ones collecting the parts in the path room or us, etc. Stop with the negotiation tactics. Negotiations only make sense if both parties are trying to get the best possible deal. We don't want a good deal. We just want to be reimbursed."
I can't argue with that. I think that after feeling punked over the Nucotela video, I was being overly cautious in looking at the Dr. Gatter video.

Click to enlarge.

I really think that there's nothing to add to what Josh said. His analysis is far more plausible than mine, and thus I am taking mine down. I will just share the relevant sections of the transcript of the unedited video.

This said, I must add that as for Dr. Gatter's quip that she wants a Lamborghini, I think she was just being callous and flippant. She wasn't actually trying to talk the procurement company into giving her enough money to purchase a high-end luxury automobile. The money wouldn't, after all, go directly into her pocket. Still, between the Lamborghini comment and the "less crunchy" abortion technique, Gatter doesn't give the impression that she's working at Planned Parenthood because she is a decent but misguided human being, as I believe Dr. Nucotela to be.

Thanks, Josh, for setting me straight. And yeah: In Dr. Gatter's case, follow the money.

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