Friday, December 04, 2015

The Second of Three Deaths at the Hands of Dr. George Fosberg

News clipping showing 3/4 profile headshot of an elderly white man with short hair
Fosberg at age 79
On December 4, 1916, 23-year-old Pauline Hill died at Chicago's Post Graduate Hospital from complications of an abortion. She made a deathbed statement that Dr. George E. Fosberg had perpetrated the abortion at his office on November 27.

Pauline, who had been married about a year, had confessed the abortion to her husband before implicating Fosberg.

Even though Fosberg had a history of abortion allegations, including admitting to having perpetrated a fatal abortion on Mrs. John Orme in 1906, the case regarding Pauline's death never went to trial. Fosberg was sent to prison for bank fraud and lost his license. Upon his release, he opened a boarding home where he perpetrated a fatal abortion on Geraldine Schuyler in 1944.

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