Thursday, January 14, 2016

One of Brigham's Buddies Caught On Video Abusing Woman

Operation Rescue's headline, "Caught on Video: Abortionist Attacks Girlfriend During Forced Abortion Attempt, " is a bit off-kilter, implying that the video was taken during the attempted forced abortion. But that doesn't hide the reality -- that a cell phone video caught a man attacking a woman. Documents affirm that the boyfriend, abortion doctor Eric Yahav, was abusing the woman and trying to force her into an unwanted abortion.

“I feel like no one will help me. He has all the money, power, and status . . . This man is making a lot of money performing abortions. How can he be trusted to protect a woman who feels forced into abortion when he didn’t respect me, pregnant with his baby, enough not to hurt me,” she wrote in an e-mail to the people who finally gave her guidance and support -- Operation Rescue.

With OR's encouragement and support, she was able to finally, 20 weeks into her pregnancy, get a protection order against the stalwart supporter of women's reproductive health who was trying to force her into an unwanted abortion.

What appears to be a selfie of a smiling, youthful-looking young man with salt-and-pepper hair and beard.
Eric Yahav
Read the police documents, courtesy of Operation Rescue and redacted to protect the woman's privacy, here: Protective Order-Yahav 12112015. Among the contents is her first person account:
Since becoming pregnant Eric Yahav has become verbally & physically abusive because he does not want me to continue pregnancy. He woks as an abortionist & over 6 weeks made 4 appointments for me to have an abortion. Each time when I refused to go he became violent & threatened to kick me & my son out of the house. He threatened if I did not have an abortion he would “make my life hell & I could watch & see what he did to me.”

On 12/4/15 he took his kids to school & returned home & demanded I go to his work to get an abortion. I refused & he attacked me several times. He pushed me down stairs & attempted to drag me out of the house. He slapped & kicked me. I dialed 911 & he grabbed my phone. He left for work. 
He returned at about 2:30 pm with his sister & began to verbally abuse myself &; my son & I called police. I am afraid he will do whatever it takes to make sure I do not have this baby.
He has taken my car & left the house without money & food in effort to make me have an abortion. He took me to his abortion office & had them open after hours, telling the office manager I had a miscarriage &; he needed to perform a D&E on me. I refused. …. He verbally abused & harassed my 8 year old son until he was in tears and hyperventilating.

A balding white man apparently in his late 30s or early 40s, wearing a suit and clutching some papers in front of him, being helped into a car by two uniformed police officers
Brigham under arrest in 2012
Yahav has an unsavory background completely independent of his relationship with the mother of his unborn child. He works for Steven Chase Brigham, an abortion practitioner and entrepreneur whose reputation is so nasty that even abortion-rights folks like RH RealityCheck want to poke him away with a sharp stick.

Here's hoping that more prochoicers catch up with RH Reality Check's jaundiced view of Brigham and his associates -- and that they start noticing that some of the "rogue" practitioners are actually nestled snugly in the bosom of standard American abortion practice.

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