Friday, March 04, 2016

A 1974 Death I Just Discovered

While doing online research about the death of Chloe Colt, I ran across the name Gina Gardner for the first time and was able to add her to the Cemetery of Choice.

Gina Lea Gardner, age 17, died July 27, 1974 after an abortion performed by Dr. James R. Lund in West Pasco, Florida

Gina, a cheerleader at Gulf Comprehensive High School in West Pasco, went into convulsions almost immediately after Lund administered the local anesthetic Lidocaine for the fourth time while Gina was still under the effects of an initial dose of Demerol. Gina was hospitalized but died the following day.

Gina's mother, Patricia Kennedy, had to wrangle to even bring the case to court because of a recently-passed Florida law regarding medical malpractice cases.

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