Saturday, September 05, 2020

Newly Discovered: The Deadly Work of Dr. Earll

While searching for new information on the Mary Ann Faulkner case, which will be posted on August 20, I found an article that mentioned Dr. Thomas Cream's cellmate: Dr. Charles Earll. Earll, like Cream, was being tried for an abortion death. I'll be doing complete write-ups of each woman's death on the anniversary. Here's a quick timeline on Earll.

Earll was incarcerated at Joliet on August 8, 1874 for one of his crimes. He was sentenced again on December 31, 1880 for the August 27, 1880 death of Etta Carll and released in February of 1885. At the time of his release he was nearly 70 years of age.

Earll was found dead in his office at 767 West Van Buren Street on the morning of March 15, 1892. He had likely died of heart disease.


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