Wednesday, November 25, 2020

An Honest Biden or Another Hidin' Biden?

Since corruption among state officials is a hot topic right now, I thought I'd do a video for The Sisyphean Journal about the corruption that was rife in the Pennsylvania cover-up and enabling of Kermit Gosnell's deplorable abortion clinic in Philadelphia. Let me share some of the first of my blog posts that I found:

Attorney General to Probe Second Gosnell Abortion Center The National Abortion Federation facility that employed Kermit Gosnell, and let him start at least six of his illegal late abortions there, isn't getting glossed over. It's getting investigated:
Late Thursday, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden said his office will launch a “wide-ranging” investigation of Gosnell and probe his work at the Delaware abortion facility given the vast problems at his Pennsylvania abortion center. “Like most of us, I’m disturbed by the allegations that were handed up by the grand jury in Philadelphia,” said Biden, according to the News Journal newspaper. He said the probe will focus on “a range of issues and we want to get to the bottom of it.”
“It is under way and has been under way,” Biden said of the probe, and he indicated staff from his office and Delaware investigators have already met with officials from Pennsylvania to determine if any criminal acts of violations of state health and safety standards occurred in Delaware or by those associated with Gosnell in the state. The announcement of the probe come on the same day members of Delaware Right to Life and national pro-life groups called for investigations into whether Atlantic and the two other abortion clinics that operate in Delaware are following state laws.

Wait! Biden? Beau Biden? Joe Biden's other son? Hunter Biden's brother? Was this an honest Biden who was really trying to get to the bottom of what that National Abortion Federation clinic was up to? Or was this another example of "If the name is Biden, there's something he's hidin'"?

I did a little searching for preliminaries and found this:

  • "Gosnell Abortion Ctr May Have Faked Delaware Abortion Report," This article looks at whether the Delaware clinic where Gosnell worked one day a week was falsifying its reports on the number of abortions it was doing. Bogus and questionable numbers? The Biden name? Do tell!
  • "Abortion foes want probe of clinic in Del. where Gosnell worked,"  The Philadelphia Inquirer: The Delaware Family Policy Council asked Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden to investigate the goings-on at the Delaware clinic where Kermit Gosnell initiated at least six illegal third-trimester abortions, including the one that culminated in the murder of Baby Boy A.
  • "Gosnell-Associated Abortion Practitioners in Delaware Suspended," Beau Biden had asked the medical board to yank the licenses doctors associated with the National Abortion Federation clinic where Gosnell worked one day a week for their failure to report Gosnell's nefarious goings-on to the state. They did suspend the license of Dr. Albert Dworkin. However, the only action they took against Dr. Arturo Apolinario was to revoke his permission to prescribe controlled substances.
I've put in a call to the Delaware Family Policy Council to find out if Beau Biden was conducting an honest and transparent investigation or if he was just going through the motions in the hopes that eventually the story would go away.

Per my promise in the video about this story, here's a link to the very disturbing and graphic photo of Baby Boy A.

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