Sunday, August 08, 2021

August 8: Abortifacient Proves Fatal

Norman Schaeffer, a 40-year-old railroad worker, was arrested on allegations that he had provided abortifacients to 20-year-old Jennie L. Young of Washington, PA. Jennie had made a formal deathbed statement to that effect a few days before she died on August 8, 1905. During her final days she was attended by Dr. Crawford and Dr. Dunning.

Jennie's father, Franklin Young, testified at the inquest that Jennie had told him that Schaeffer had gotten him the drugs. A neighbor, Mary Snultz, testified that Jennie had indicated that she was about four months pregnant and that a man had provided her with abortifacient drugs.

  • "Charged With Abortion," Lancaster (PA) Inquirer, August 12, 1905

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