Tuesday, May 31, 2022

May 31, 1986: Death in Dallas

Dr. Robert Prince (pictured) has claimed that before Roe vs. Wade, he saw a lot of women suffering from the effects of illegal abortions. Rather than help his patients to address the real problems they faced, once abortion was legalized Prince became an abortionist himself and performed the fatal abortion on 37-year-old Dorothy Bryant.

A lawsuit filed by Dorothy's family asserts that Prince failed to perform a proper pre-operative evaluation before performing an abortion at Dallas Medical Ladies Clinic on May 27, 1986.

Dorothy hemorrhaged during the procedure. Her family said that Prince was negligent in his administration of drugs, anesthesia, and a blood transfusion.

Dorothy was transferred to a hospital, where she died of pulmonary fibrosis four days later, on May 31.

Would Prince stop perpetrating abortions if they were recriminalized? It's difficult to say. I've found no evidence that he was a criminal abortionist before Roe,  and he does not appear to be flagrantly breaking the law now, so he's not a likely candidate for taking up a life of crime. However, abortion has become his livelihood, so recriminalization would leave him in dire financial straights, as well as with an enormous void in his life. This is something we need to prepare for when legal protection is restored to the unborn and their vulnerable mothers. Fortunately, many abortionists are up in years (Prince himself graduated from medical school in 1960), so retirement will be a tempting option and might be enough to take many of them out of circulation. 

Dallas County District Court #88-1842

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