Wednesday, August 03, 2022

August 3: An Obsolete and Fatal Approach

Dr. Youl Choi
Angel Dardie, age 22, left two children motherless when she died on August 3, 1982, of disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (a clotting disorder) after a safe, legal saline abortion performed by Youl Choi at Plymouth General Hospital near Detroit. 

Choi performed this highly risky procedure even though three countries -- Japan, Sweden, and the USSR -- had entirely abandoned it due to the risk of serious injury and death to the mothers.

Angel's mother sued, but was awarded a meager settlement of $6000 from Choi and $2500 from the hospital, roughly half of which was eaten up by legal fees and funeral expenses. Choi was also sued on behalf of two abortion patients who had been left incapacitated by their injures and on behalf of a baby who had been born alive then left in a bucket, delaying medical care until after she had suffered serious injuries.

Choi also performed the abortion that left Nina Gaston comatose for 16 years before her death in 2004.

Wayne County, MI, Circuit Court Case No. 84 423 794-NM

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