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January 2, 1971: Liberalized Law in New York

 "Amy" was 35 years old when she took advantage of New York's new law allowing outpatient abortion-on-demand, somewhere in the state of New York on December 24, 1970. She was 14 weeks pregnant. 

During the abortion, Amy suffered from a massive pulmonary embolism. Efforts to save her life finally failed, and she died on January 2, 1971, leaving behind two children.

The 1970 liberalization of abortion had made New York an abortion mecca until the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court ruling that abortionists could legally set up shop in any state of the union. In addition to "Amy," these are the women I know of who had the dubious benefit of dying from the newfangled safe-and-legal kind of abortion in pre-Roe New York:

  • Pearl, July 1970, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • Carmen, July 1970, salt solution intended to kill the fetus accidentally injected into her bloodstream
  • Barbara, July 1970, sickle-cell crisis triggered by abortion recommended by doctor due to her sickle cell disease
  • "Amanda", September 1970, sent back to her home in Indiana with an untreated hole poked in her uterus
  • Maria, October 1970 fetus shoved through her uterus into her pelvic cavity then left there
  • "Kimberly", December 1970, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • "Andrea", January 1971, massive infection
  • "Sandra", April 1971, committed suicide due to post-abortion remorse
  • "Anita", May 1971, bled to death in her home during process of outpatient saline abortion
  • Margaret, June 1971, hemorrhage from multiple lacerations during outpatient hysterotomy abortion
  • "Annie", June 1971, cardiac arrest during anesthesia
  • "Audrey", July 1971, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • "Vicki", August 1971, post-abortion infection
  • "April", August 1971, injected with saline for outpatient abortion, went into shock and died
  • "Barbara", September 1971, cardiac arrest after saline injection for abortion
  • "Tammy", October 1971, massive post-abortion infection
  • Carole, October 1971, hemorrhage from multiple lacerations during outpatient hysterotomy abortion
  • "Beth", December 1971, saline injection meant to kill fetus accidentally injected into her bloodstream
  • "Roseann", February 1971, vomiting with seizures causing pneumonia after saline abortion
  • "Connie", March 1972, cardiac arrest during abortion
  • "Julie", April 1972, holes torn in her uterus and bowel
  • "Robin", May 1972, lingering abortion complications
  • "Roxanne", May 1972, given overdose of abortion sedatives
  • "Danielle", May 1972, air in her bloodstream
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