Tuesday, October 31, 2023

October 31, 1921: Abortionist Accused by Dead Woman's Mother

 During the inquest into the 1923 abortion death of Lydia Nelson, Emma Sales of South Morgan Street, Chicago, jumped to her feet and struck Dr. Charles Klinetop in the face. Mrs. Sales said that the death of her daughter, Harriet Grimm, was due to an abortion Klinetop had perpetrated.

Harriet Ida Grimm, wife of Edward Grimm, had died at Chicago's Lakeside Hospital on October 31, 1921.

I've been unable to find any documentation on the cause of Harriet's death. She doesn't even show up on the Homicide in Chicago Interactive Database. All I can find is confirmation of her death at age 20.

Watch Did Dr. Klinetop Kill Harriet Grimm? on YouTube.

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