Thursday, October 28, 2004

Abortionist Richard Ragsdale dead

Illinois abortionist Richard Ragsdale died Saturday, October 23, from cancer.

Read this piece for an overview of Ragsdale's life and career, that included child pornography involving his own three-year-old foster daughter, along with numerous allegations of abortion malpractice.

Ragsdale was instrumental in doing damage control for the abortion industry in Illinois after the Chicago Sun-Times did their "The Abortion Profiteers" expose in the late 1970s. He successfully blocked efforts to ensure oversight of abortion practice in the state, including blocking a provision that would have required a positive pregnancy test prior to selling women abortions.


Anonymous said...

Did you never meet Dr. Ragsdale. Did you ever sit down and talk to him face to face? Did you ever look into his loving and caring eyes? He loved his patients and medicine. He loved his wife and children more than anything in this world. He was a great man and doctor.

Christina Dunigan said...

If by "loving" your patients you mean killing their children, and if you mean by "loving" medicine that you use your healing arts to kill, then I suppose you're right.

And if by "loving" your family you mean processing the pornographic pictures your wife took of your three-year-old in black lace panties, then I suppose you're right.

We just seem to have very, very different definitions of "love", you and I.