Saturday, October 30, 2004

October Abortion Deaths

Legal, illegal, professional, and amateur, abortion has claimed far too many women's lives over the years. Here are the women I know of whose deaths occurred in October:

Brenda Banks, Diane Boyd, Alice Corbett, Arlin della Cruz, Katherine DiDonato, Erna Fisher, Christina Goesswein, Barbara Hanson, Eleanor Haynes, L'Echelle Head, Rosie Jiminez, Giseline Lafontant, Harriet Lichtenberg, Maria Lira, Natalie Meyers, Maria Ortega, Catherine Pierce, "Tammy" Roe, Sharonda Rowe, Angela Satterfield, Carole Schaner, Deloris Smith, and Jane Ward.

Keep in mind that these are just abortion deaths where I had enough information to write up at least a sentence or two about the woman, and I could veryify that she died in October. This is not a comprehensive list of all women who lost their lives to abortion in the month of October.

For more abortion deaths, visit the Cemetery of Choice:

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