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Deja-vu across the water: Pervert abortionist

British Abortion Practitioner Jailed for Four Years in Sexual Harassment Cases
Benjamin Deodhar a 63 year-old physician born in India had been practicing medicine in Grimsby, England since 1990. ....

In one case of a 41 year-old woman who came to him for an abortion, Deodhar rubbed and fondled her breasts during an examination. The woman testified that he drove to her home to talk to her a few days later.

She said he also acted physically inappropriately during the abortion and avoided talking to him when he came to her house.

We ended up putting a whole chapter about this sort of thing into Lime 5.

We had Lawson Akpolonu. We'd given Diane Sawyer a heads-up that a nurse had complained that he'd lock himself in the procedure room alone with patients (among other wrongdoing). Sawyer dismissed Akpolonu as "a non-story." Then all hell broke loose:
A.A. awoke to find respondent raping her; he had penetrated her vagina with his penis. Respondent gave patient A.A. a shot and she went back to sleep. When patient A.A. woke up a second time, she saw respondent next to her. She saw his erect penis out of his pants. She tried to push him away. ... Respondent then gave her another shot and she went back to sleep. When patient A.A. awoke for a third time, she found her sweater had been removed and her bra partially pulled down exposing her right breast. Respondent was caressing patient A.A.'s body. ...when patient A.A. tried to scream, respondent placed his hand over her mouth. Respondent told patient A.A. she had a beautiful body. He said she was a very nice girl and a very sexy girl while he continued rubbing her inside her blouse and bra. He kissed her right breast. He then placed his business card inside her bra and said she could call him anytime. (Verbatim from California Medical Board Accusation No. 17-95-46707)

A non-story.
T.O. said that she had an abortion by Akpulonu on November 9, 1992. The anesthetic injection was supposed to induce sleep but only made her drowsy. Akpulonu ordered the nurse to leave the room and performed the abortion. "[Akpulonu] began to massage patient T.O.'s vagina with his hand. Patient began to cry. [Akpulonu] also began to rub her thighs and buttocks and he fondled her breasts through her blouse. ... [T.O.] could feel him rub his groin up against her exposed vagina. He had his pants on at the time. Patient T.O. continued to cry. She asked respondent what he was doing and pushed his hand away." Akpulonu then left the room and the nurse returned and gave T.O. follow-up instructions. (California Medical Board Accusation No. 17-95-46707)

Other patients came forward with more complaints against Akpolonu. The medical board also found dangerous and unsanitary conditions in Akpolonu's clinic.

There's Dr. Phillip S. Alberts. Alberts was investigated by Oregon Board of Medical Examiners after two women alleged he tried to sexually stimulate them during exams. Two other women allege he tried to sexually stimulate them and used explicitly sexual language while examining them. The Oregonian reported that 21 additional women contacted them to report similar incidents. (The Oregonian 9-22-94)

Then there's Dr. Brian Finkel In October of 2001, he was charged with sixteen counts of sexual abuse, and one of sexual assault, involving nine abortion patients. The patients said that Finkel had touched them inappropriately, singing silly songs, fondling their breasts, rubbing their clitorises, and staring between their legs. Finkel’s lawyer said, "I think the complaints are rooted in expectations and perceptions of women who go to the clinic expecting Marcus Welby and get Rodney Dangerfield instead." News reports of the initial charges brought forth 70 additional women with complaints for assaults going back as long as 17 years. Seven of Finkel’s past and current staff said they knew about the abuse but remained silent for fear of losing their jobs. Click here for a reprint of a strangely laudatory prochoice article on Finkel.

There's Dr. Nabil Ghali, a real piece of work. Last I heard of him was when I prepared a dossier for Ohio law-enforcement staff who were trying to keep him locked up after he'd been caught performing abortions while unlicensed and raping his patients. Anybody who knows Ghali's whereabouts, let me know, though he's been quiet for so long I'm beginning to think he must be dead.

Then there's our buddy, that most stellar of all National Abortion Federation members, Abu Hahat, "The Butcher of Avenue A." In addition to botching numerous abortions resulting in Sophie McCoy's death and the maiming of Ana Rosa Rodriguez, Hayat got in trouble with the medical board over his treatment of "Patient H." During an abortion follow-up exam October 11, 1991; while H was on the exam table, Hayat "simultaneously placed his fingers in Patient H's anus and vagina, while his other hand was on her buttocks. He then moved the hand, which he had on her buttocks, and tucked it under her breast and left it there." Hayat denied treating H, although his signature is on a prescription for her. (Medical Board Determination and Order)

Dr. Daniel Holschauer was disciplined by the medical board for stalking a patient for sex after performing an abortion on her. Days after the abortion, he showed up at her place of employment and had unprotected intercourse with her. He was a real pill; read the whole article.

Abortionist Dr. Vikram Kaji was suspended from practice for 3 years in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for allegedly having sex with a patient in the birthing room of his office in 1985 and supplying her with steroids. He allegedly knew that the woman suffered severe depression, had been sexually abused as a child, and had a history of psychiatric hospitalization. Two other women alleged improper breast and rectal exams. Kaji reportedly admitted to the allegations because he was tired of legal battles, but another report said Kaji had sex with the woman, a long-term patient since 1976, but "there was no emotional involvement whatsoever. He did not charge for the visit, He had not planned to have intercourse with her, but once they 'started doing something, he got involved with it.'" (Bicks County Intelligencer 10-28-93, Philadelphia Inquirer 10-29-93, Levittown-Bristol Courier Times 3-22-95)

Dr. Joseph Kennedy was arrested in New York on sex charges, and had been accused of performing abortions at Family Planning Clinic for Reproductive Health without a valid Tennessee license. (The Tennessean 6-9-88)

Apparently there's a tradition of perversion among abortionists. A patient of Dr. Harvey Lothringer, who had performed the fatal abortion on Barbara Lofrumento, said she went to Lothringer for an abortion at age 18. She was charged $400 up front. Whe went to Lothringer's office in the evening with her boyfriend, who was not permitted to stay. Lothringer gave her a shot to put her under. She said that as she lost consciousness, saw Lothringer come into the room, stripped to the waist, with a German shepherd. She awoke crying and yelling, being told to shut up. God only knows what he did to her while she was unconscious and alone with him and his dog.

Abortionist/gynecologist Dr. Anthony J. Lund is another piece of work. A. O. came in for her annual exam October 3, 1979; "Without a nurse present ... respondent performed a vaginal examination [and] began manipulating the clitoris and asked the patient to fantasize and move her hips. This conduct caused A.O. physical irritation, mental confusion and emotional distress." After completing the exam, "as A.O. stood up, respondent lifted off A.O.'s examination gown, leaving her nude, and requested that she walk and move her hips; she refused. Respondent indicated to her that she had a nice body and requested that she lift her leg onto the step of the examining table to remove the diaphragm, while she remained nude." (Medical Board No. D-3191) S.S. sought care July 12, 1977; "Without a nurse present ... respondent checked the patient's breasts by manipulating and rubbing them instead of examining them in an appropriate manner" During a vaginal exam, "respondent began manipulating the patient's clitoris and subsequently inserted his erect penis into her vagina. S.S. was frightened, acutely embarrassed and suffered intense feelings of shame and extreme emotional distress as a result." (Medical Board No. D-3191) B.R. sought fitting for a diaphragm for her upcoming marriage November 19, 1982; after the nurse left the room, Lund said he wanted to the check fit of the diaphragm, so B. "resumed her position on the examining table; respondent stated he was going to teach her how to relieve herself and began to manipulate the patient's clitoris with his right hand, with his left hand placed against the pubic area. Upon the patient's protest, respondent took the patient's hand, placed it over her clitoris, placed his hand over hers and began to rub back and forth. While the patient was standing in the room after the examination, respondent put his hand inside her vagina and stated that 'this is what it will feel like...' while pushing on the inside of her vagina and manipulating her clitoris." (Medical Board No. D-3191)

I'm only up the the letter L and I'm already disgusted. That's enough for one day.

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