Friday, August 18, 2006

Paper shredder danger!!! Pass it along!!!

WARNING! EXTREMELY DISTURBING CONTENT!!! Household paper shredders can pose a danger to children and pets.

Read it yourself if you must, but if it doesn't leave you absolutely sick you have no heart. Helpless children and pets have been horribly injured by document shredders in the home. It's heartbreaking. Many document shredders have no safety features to keep little fingers, or pets' paws, ears, and tongues from being pulled in and utterly mangled. These shredders are powerful and the damage is permanent. Pets have had to be euthanized. And children have lost fingers. (I really don't recommend that you click the link and read it. I couldn't sleep last night and all this morning I've been scooping my granddaughter up and kissing her little hands. And I'm hard to shock.)

Bring your documents to work and shred them at the office until the manufacturers start putting safeguards on these things!

Pass it on! Even one more child or pet injured, even one more family traumatized, is too many!

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