Friday, December 29, 2006

Call to prayer: Dr. Kristin Neuhaus

Dr. Kristin Neuhaus is an ex-abortionist, not because she came to her senses but because she'd gotten in so much trouble with the Kansas Medical Board that even that crew of inDUHviduals decided it wasn't safe to let her near a uterus with a canula in her hand.

She made up for the lost income by setting up a clever arrangement with George Tiller. He would give her space in his clinic once a week and would provide her with his late-abortion patients and their checkbooks and credit cards and cold cash. Neuhaus would certify that indeed, every single one of them did need a post-viability abortion for pressing "health" reasons. (Just examine the logic of the idea of delaying the termination of a pregnancy for three days, just to get a dead fetus, because the mother's health is in danger, and you can see through this transparent ploy. But it fit the letter of the law, drafted to stand under Roe.)

However, for whatever reason, Neuhaus has stepped forward and indicated that she's willing to turn state's evidence and testify against Teflon Tiller, should the late-abortion charges ever make it to court.

Now, you and I know that Tiller's as likely to ever end up in a courtroom over his malfesiance as Fluffikins is to be taken to task by other cats for eating canaries. But Neuhaus can still go public, outside the courtroom, and blow the lid off the whole thing -- not just Tiller's illegal activities, but the fairly obvious corruption of officials he's managed to purchase. And Tiller is not a rogue abortionist that the rest of the abortion lobby can throw to the wolves. If he goes down, he may well decide to turn on his fellows. This can become a serious chink in the abortion lobby's armor. If Neuhaus speaks out.

Let's get praying, people!

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