Saturday, December 02, 2006

An old story, but new to me

I was browsing all things Korean on Wikipedia, when I stumbled across the Sampoong Department Store collapse. It was the deadliest building collapse in modern history.

While I was looking for more on the collapse, I learned about another needless tragedy in my home away from home: the Sealand Youth Training Center fire.

I can't get my mind off the children in room 301. Burned to death in a cargo container. Because of bribery. Because of greed.

Corruption, like the bribery that led to the Sampoong and Sealand disasters, is why the largest Korean bill in circulation is the 10,000 won -- roughly $10 U.S.

I can't say that it's working. Not to judge by the results. Korea remans the most dangerous developed nation in the world.

My home away from home.

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