Thursday, May 29, 2008

1988: NAF member kills teen in third-trimester abortion

Denise Montoya was fifteen years old when her parents brought her to Women's Pavillion in Houston for an abortion on May 13, 1988. Denise was 25 weeks pregnant. The abortion was performed by Douglas Karpen, an osteopath. Denise suffered severe bleeding, and was admitted to Ben Taub hospital. Her condition deteriorated, and she died on May 29, 1988.

Her parents filed suit against Karpen and the clinic, saying that they had faied to adequately explain the risks of the procedure, and had not provided consent forms, or had the parents sign any informed consent document, prior to the fatal abortion.

According to their 1991 Annual Report, Women's Pavillion was a National Abortion Federation member, and they remain a member to this day.

I myself heard a tape of Karpen at a National Abortion Federation meeting complaining that prolifers were interfering with his late-abortion business by helping women who changed their minds get the laminaria removed so they could continue their pregnancies. Instead of suggesting that he improve his counseling techniques so that he wouldn't be initiating abortions on women who were uncertain, his fellows suggested that he have his patients sign papers promising to continue the abortions even if they changed their minds.

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